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  1. Same, although I've never sold any of them because - the hobby. I balked at the price like always but these are pretty nice stripped down versions of the song so take my money.
  2. I want this pretty badly, but trying to justify a second copy. I have the Opposite/Tear double release but TBH the sound is only ok - might roll the dice on this one.
  3. I'm honestly shocked this sold out, granted 1,000 isn't a HUGE amount but I didn't realize it was so in-demand. Good for this little gem of a record.
  4. I am still spinning my Pro-Ject Debut III from 2012 - I may be overdue for an upgrade but I've been happy with the sound - they make quality tables. +1 for the acrylic platter, and the Speed Box makes a nice addition for convenience - it lets you swap between 33 > 45 without removing the platter and supposedly keeps your RPMs more consistent. I've also heard good things about the Sumikos, and I've been really happy with a 2M Blue for the last handful of years.
  5. Late to the game on this one but psyched to grab a copy from their store. $50 shipped isn't ideal but I want it so take my money.
  6. Bought the shit out of this. I have an OG press, I have a problem, help me...
  7. Psyched to grab both Pop Unknown albums, didn't think it would happen but ThirtySomething is killing it with these reissues lately.
  8. Title says it all. I think this album is beautiful and deadly silent but in all reality I won't spin it often enough - someone else will enjoy it more. Opened and spun once. I'd greatly prefer to trade for this so feel free to send me a tradelist or anything Pretend, Mouse on the Keys, and the math/indie/screamo type of noise, but I'll entertain offers if trading is not viable.
  9. Ah damn, you're right - never trust your memory from the before times. Thanks for the correction!
  10. Damn that was fast, I caught them on this tour in Boston at a tiny little venue (Brighton Music Hall) and they were fantastic. Hope to pick this up at some point!
  11. Snagged one of each (LP + 7") REAL quick! Beside just being a shameless Sufjan fanboi, I love when these two team up and have thoroughly enjoyed everything they've put out together so far.
  12. Snagged one of these yesterday, always loved this project—now if they'd just press the S/T (though I'm sure the sampling would be an issue).
  13. Both TOCS and DTGL arrived over the weekend and they look great! I haven't had a chance to spin them yet but they arrived with only one minimal ding in one corner so good on them for doing a nice packing job! This is the kind of plastic that was worth the wait.
  14. Just got shipping confirmation on TOCS/DTGL, very excited to finally own these guys on vinyl. It has been long enough since I purchased these that when they're delivered it will feel like free record day!
  15. I can remember seeing these guys open for BTBAM back when they were touring this album - if anyone is from the New England area it was in the Palladium upstairs, so a pretty small and intense show... it looks like I missed the vinyl (for now) but goddam they put on a good live set.
  16. Looks like the vinyl is delayed a bit (just a week, nbd) but goddam if I'm not looking forward to hearing the full album.
  17. Well shoot - I only realized I bought the second pressing because of your comment, I had to double-check my receipt. Do I lose my fanboi badge now (asking for a friend)?
  18. In for this album, I like the single and I'm really interested to see where this goes. I got way too hyped for the Why? collab and was really disappointed when it was basically a fade-out backtrack of Yoni.
  19. Snagged the vinyl and that sweet yellow mouse shirt - I was taken back to see $14 shipping but I guess I won't complain since it sounds cheaper than some. I'm with some of you on the last few projects being super hit or miss - The Ascension took a little while to grow on me but I'm pretty into it now and feel like the limited clips I've heard from this release already sound WAY more interesting that that Planetarium LP. That thing was a Rothko with no texture.
  20. Alright, missed it 3 more times, cool. Maybe I'll just resign myself to hating this record so I don't have to own it (someone's bitter). I tried adding myself to the email list the first time around and it said "No longer accepting email notify recipients."
  21. Dang, missed out on this — there I go working again instead of lurking the boards. Hopefully as others have said there will be more where this came from down the road a bit.