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  1. Heck yis, instant order on any El Ten Eleven album.
  2. As much as I appreciate being called a dick, I asked for a replacement because the C side had a divot in it so large it was unplayable and the seller promptly refunded my money on their own accord.
  3. Word - I looked there first, but based on the catalogue number (861260000302) I didn't see anything that totally fit the bill. Just curious if others had similar colors.
  4. Yes I am aware. Wondering if others have had a specific mix of black and a random color for Blond.
  5. Hey y'all, I'm hoping one of you more experienced Frank collectors can help me out with the copy of Blond I just received. Bought it off of eBay so it's anyone's guess how legit something is, but I didn't really care what pressing it was I just want it to listen. The press I received has one black record (A/B) and one translucent pink record (C/D). I most assuredly know it's not legit (so bootleg) after opening but I am wondering if others have received similar color combos? Or maybe someone can just help me identify if this is some BS half/half mix of pressings. Note: Seller immediately refunded me the full value without question - they definitely knew it was bogus and just headed off a deeper inquiry. lilsvinyls on eBay if anyone sees them around - maybe a fluke but I wanted to share.
  6. Purchased. This was a nice surprise to stumble on - I'd normally bock at that price tag but I love me some Chinese Football.
  7. Goddam this post just made my day - snagged a bundle, love that shirt too!
  8. Yuuup, in for this one. I haven't listened to the singles just yet but as others have mentioned it has been long enough since new PR music to make this an impulse buy. I'll have to check out the new tracks tonight, plus in for the signed print (because why not).
  9. After 10 long years, the wonderful eponymous Girlfriends album is finally being pressed on vinyl for the first time – 15 tracks of noodley, mathy, posty goodness. I was waiting to post this until it had enough support, and it has recently surpassed its support goal on Qrates so grab one for yourself. Pre-order: https://qrates.com/projects/19522-girlfriends-s-t Stream: https://girlfriends.bandcamp.com
  10. This is sick, reminds me just a bit of Hot Cross at parts for some reason. I want to buy but the links look dead atm.
  11. Saw them last night in Beverly - I was lucky enough to be 3 rows back and overwhelmed with how incredible it was. Pre-ordered Circles real quick after the show.
  12. I feel like you just sold me on buying a new U-turn... and I'm not even looking for a new table, ha! And just to play devil's advocate, you can get a Debut (even the III I have now) sounding pretty good with a few upgrades. A possible third option would be to go for the 2M Blue. This will set you back roughly $220, but I've been super happy with mine for almost five years now and although I've never owned one, a quick search seems to favor the blue greatly over the red... I'd bet it gives the U-turn a run for it's money but you'd have the Debut maxed out - purchasing a "better" cart than the Blue would be a bit wasted on that table.
  13. If you really want to be sure you can always grab a cheapo scale (tracking force gauge) from Amazon to double-check https://www.amazon.com/s?k=force+gauge&i=mi&ref=nb_sb_noss_1
  14. If your stylus rested perfectly on the same plane as your media then you'd have an effective tracking weight of 0 (or pretty darn close). Considering that the balance point is way back by the opposite end of the tonearm, it makes sense that you'd see a bit of a dip passed the platter since you are purposefully front-loading 1.5g of force on the stylus end. Just to be sure - it was unclear to me from your description whether you set the tracking force or actual tonearm counterweight to a value of "1.5g". You used a tracking force gauge or other type of scale on top of your platter to measure the 1.5g under the stylus, correct?
  15. That's true with no modifications whatsoever, but it's not too difficult to imagine a layer of comparative processing either by catalog number, artist/album title, or even something more intuitive such as a web/page scrape to find keywords like "repress" or "reissue." We're talking pie in the sky wishlist functionality so I'd still like something like this. In all honesty I live in a collection of mostly smaller labels that don't do a ton of reissues so I hadn't thought of that - your point is totally valid though.
  16. Here's a wild one for you - this would sell me in half of a heartbeat: Keeping up with new releases can be daunting. I subscribe to many label email lists and things like VC/Reddit help, but I still miss releases fairly often. If your app could aggregate all of the record labels I have in my existing collection and provide a feed of new/upcoming records being released (maybe something like Discogs's "New Releases" feed, but personalized to the labels I have in my collection), I would fawn over that feature .
  17. Bringing this thread back to life, solely because a batch of these 7"s just popped up on Discogs and I snagged one. This little record has some serious jams on it.
  18. Submitted. As a UX designer myself I know it can be hard to get candid feedback form the appropriate demographic - happy to help and good luck.
  19. Snagged one of the Emerald LPs, I love me some FQ so I'm really looking forward to this album based on the single. I've felt like Hop Along has been getting more and more straightforward - nothing wrong with that, I still love them - so I'm hoping this gets back to some of the raw-ness of (her) HAQA album or Hop Along's S/T. Plus you just can't hate on that free shipping, Saddle Creek is so legit.