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  1. I grabbed YPAA purely out of venomous spite since SRC completely botched their release and I haven't been able to grab one until now. Also because this album rips, bought a clear green real fast.
  2. Was holding off until I saw the DD link AND a promo code. I'm in now whether I like it or not
  3. Agreed x2, I also ended up paying like $33 in shipping for the 3 separate orders. The releases were so oddly timed too—Adz shipped right immediately after purchase, EYR is out for delivery now, and this isn't TOO far behind and right on the heels of Reflections.
  4. It looks like Sufjan is finally putting out a new LP that isn't just piano compositions (no hate, I love those records too) – Hurrah! The record is called Javelin, and Asthmatic Kitty currently has 2 variants: - Seaweed blue (AKR exclusive) - Black https://store.asthmatickitty.com/products/sufjan-stevens-javelin $10 for shipping is rough, but fanbois abide -- More from Asthmatic Kitty: Over the course of his career, Sufjan Stevens has blurred distinctions between the major and the minor, between the details that color our existence and the big events that frame our lives. He has turned historical footnotes of States into kaleidoscopic pop, and rendered the immeasurable grief of loss with intimacy and grace. His new album Javelin—Sufjan’s first solo album of songs since 2020’s The Ascension and his first in full solo singer-songwriter mode since 2015’s Carrie & Lowell—bridges all these approaches. Sufjan uses the quietness of a solitary confession to ask universal questions in songs we can share communally. Where The Ascension, lauded by The New York Times as “a cry of despair and prayer for redemption,” used ornate but urgent electronics to square up to its moment, Javelin begins more like a self-portrait, detailed yet plain. Yet whether listened to individually or as an album, these 10 songs become something much bigger, the entire experience of Sufjan’s 25-year career expressed in four-minute bursts. Choral, orchestral, and electric wonder: it all shows in Javelin, all of it animating these songs as full spectacles. In each song we hear the vulnerability and candor of quiet starts, then Sufjan raising the stakes. At times, Javelin has the feel of a big team album production—but it is decidedly not: almost every sound here is the result of Sufjan at home, building by himself what sometimes feels like a testament to classic ’70s Los Angeles studio recording sessions. There are indispensable contributions from a close circle of friends; the harmonies of five singers who afford Javelin so much frisson: adrienne maree brown, Hannah Cohen, Pauline Delassus, Megan Lui, and Nedelle Torrisi. Bryce Dessner plays acoustic and electric guitar on “Shit Talk.” And, of course, Neil Young wrote the tender and mystic closer, “There’s a World.” And speaking of the world: there is a permeable sense of world-building imbued in every corner of Javelin, especially in the 48-page book of art and essays that accompanies the album. With a series of meticulous collages, cut-up catalog fantasies, puff-paint word clouds, and iterative color fields, Sufjan builds order from seeming chaos and vice versa. And toward the middle of it all are 10 short essays by Sufjan, another window into the process that informed Javelin. On Javelin, Sufjan returns as we may know him best, offering vulnerable reflections on love and relationships, so that in listening we may see ourselves more fully.
  5. Just got my shipping confirmation today as well, very much looking forward to spinning this when it comes in.
  6. Good lookin' out - thanks for the share!
  7. Based on the single I am really looking forward this album - I got giddy when I saw the Bandcamp email and snagged a pink copy (I really like the look too). Also amped on seeing them tour this material — this band never disappoints live.
  8. Way more amped on this release - I've all but worn my OG copy to dust (the jacket at least) and I dig the new color. Purchased.
  9. It looks like Asthmatic Kitty is re-releasing Enjoy Your Rabbit for the first time since 2014 on vinyl. I didn't see a thread on this so let me know if I'm double-posting! Asthmatic Kitty Shop https://store.asthmatickitty.com/products/enjoy-your-rabbit Ships 08/01/2023 -- From Asthmatic Kitty: We’re releasing a special Year of the Rabbit Edition of Sufjan’s Enjoy Your Rabbit! In 2001, we released the album on CD, then released a vinyl pressing in 2014. The album’s fourteen songs (one for each sign of the Chinese Zodiac, plus two for good luck, ie. “Year of the Asthmatic Cat” – that’s us!) are distinctly Sufjan. Sufjan may be better known as a singer-songwriter and folk artist, but Enjoy Your Rabbit demonstrates that Sufjan has never obeyed the laws of genre; many of the electronic riffs on this record tease hooks that appear later on Michigan, Illinois, Age of Adz, and The Ascension. Enjoy Your Rabbit has lived its own long and prosperous life. The Osso String Quartet’s Run Rabbit Run album recreated the album in arrangements for live, acoustic chamber ensemble. And choreographer Justin Peck has collaborated with Sufjan over half a dozen times, including the recently debuted Illinois production at the Fisher Center at Bard, but Justin’s first collaboration with Sufjan was to choreograph the songs on Enjoy Your Rabbit for Year of the Rabbit, which premiered at the New York City Ballet in 2012. It’s now 2023, a year of the rabbit, one predicted to be full of harmony, longevity, and prosperity – making it a perfect time for a Year of the Rabbit Special Edition vinyl of this double LP. Since Sufjan was born under the rabbit, we wanted to wait until his birthday to unveil this for his fans. This 2xLP is pressed in a calming deep blue vinyl, punctuated by a subtle rabbit-fur cloudy white. We hope it brings you harmony and good fortune.You can pre-order the Year of the Rabbit special edition of the 2xLP here (ships August 1st). -- I've got the OG pressing but this looks much, much nicer and I'm a Sufjan fanboi so I can't help myself.
  10. Looking for a nice-playing copy of any pressing - I put buying this record off for too long and now I’m trying to make up for my sins. I’d be down for a trade as well if that sparks your fancy.
  11. Looking forward to this album, I have slowly gotten really into this band—I dig the singles.
  12. I’ve got Hidden Arithmetic and the S/T 12”, but still needed this one. Happily grabbed an orange.
  13. Yeah I am super into 2020 and that's about it - I haven't given the new songs a fair listen but wasn't into what I heard.
  14. Thank you for the correction - that's what I get for sending out a fevered ISO thread too quickly. Pitty not Philly!
  15. Title says it all, I somehow slept on this Pittsburgh gem but I'm looking to get a copy of 2020 by Shin Guard. I'll take any variant, will pay fairly, and if you're more in the mood for a trade take a peek at my collection: https://www.discogs.com/user/bluethumb/collection
  16. Nice sluethin' kid! For real I had no idea but that would make sense—I hope they find a way to do it, it's getting up there in price on Discogs
  17. It's so odd too—you can get a copy of just about everything Asthmatic Kitty has ever put out, but not Age of Adz. I've wanted a new copy forever just because I've played mine SO many times and it looks it. AoA slowly became my favorite Sufjan album, but I was not originally into it when it was released.
  18. Damn, the deluxe is already sold out on Bandcamp
  19. Just got the hot goss on the latest Sufjan release. It looks like there is a standard and deluxe version which comes with a copy of Decalogue and a reflections slipmat. I'm a fanboi so I jumped in without looking but looking forward to hearing this! BANDCAMP: https://music.sufjan.com/album/reflections From Bandcamp: “I'm constantly thinking about bodies moving through space when I'm writing for ballet – that is what has informed this music, first and foremost,” says Sufjan Stevens on Reflections, his latest collaboration with choreographer Justin Peck. Originally commissioned and performed by Houston Ballet in 2019, Reflections was written for two pianos and eleven dancers. A studio recording of the seven movements is now available; engineered, mixed and mastered by Ryan Streber with performances by pianists Timo Andres and Conor Hanick. Released via Asthmatic Kitty Records, Reflections is, in Stevens words, about “energy, light and duality.” This piece follows on from several scores Stevens has created with Peck, including Year of the Rabbit (2012) Everywhere We Go (2014), In the Countenance of Kings (2016), The Decalogue (2017) and Principia (2019). “We have been working together for many years now,” says Stevens. “We respect and trust each other's work.” Peck and Stevens are currently collaborating on a dance theater piece based on Stevens’ songs from the acclaimed album, Illinois, to premiere at Fisher Center at Bard in June of 2023.
  20. I surprisingly didn't see a thread on this release but What It Is to Burn is getting a 20th anniversary treatment with two nice looking splatter represses. Kind of a quiet release - I may be out of the loop but I just stumbled on this from the Parting Gift/Take This to Heart records instagram account. https://www.takethistoheartrecords.com/products/740521-finch-what-it-is-to-burn First Press: 800: Half/Half (Coke Bottle Clear + White) w/ Black Splatter 1200: Color in Color (Black + Ruby ) w/ Tangerine Splatter Second Press: NOT ON SALE YET 2000: Color in Color (Ruby & Black) w/ Tangerine Splatter I gladly snagged a clear/white copy to add this gem to my collection. $42 shipped in the US with medial mail.
  21. I'm sorry best of luck to you both! Nice collection, a couple two tree gems in there for sure

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