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  1. Any chance of a wider pressing of the box set for those of us who don't live in the dot?
  2. I mean you have to just to understand it. If I didn't have to read every post so many times because of the bad grammar id have the time to help you find the sleeves you want, but oh well.
  3. Btw they accidentally released the album to their bandcamp subscribers and I was able to grab it before they took it down. Its fantastic, does not dissapoint
  4. I'm probably an idiot and misread it. Bummed feelings recinded. The new songs have been great so far. Have high hopes for the album
  5. Kinda bummed they put the flexis up since that was supposed to be for supporters only but w.e. Snagged a yellow
  6. I used these dudes for the 12" I put out. It's great quality and they're crazy fast.
  7. They said on Facebook that it's digital only. Hopefully Mike does press it down the line.
  8. Right but the decision to ship out half the bundle with May being a week or so away makes me worry. Especially because they've had Moneen for a month or so.
  9. Mine came today, 4 days after it shipped. Looks and sounds great, not sure it was worth the wait but its great quality. Hopefully them shipping moneen doesnt mean AoF is delayed further.
  10. I was really surprised this wasn't posted already cause this board usually goes nuts over Dikemebe. I grabbed the /100 yesterday
  11. Didn't see this posted. Dikembe's fantastic live LP is getting pressed by Smartpunk. /500 $1 from each record goes to Punk Talks http://smartpunk.com/103237/Dikembe-Live-at-Loosey-s-Punk-Talks-Benefit Link to listen/download the LP https://dikembe.bandcamp.com/album/live-at-looseys-punk-talks-benefit
  12. Dikembe launched a bandcamp subscription. $20 gets all the digital releases, $40 (the one I went with) also gets you a limited flexi and t-shirt
  13. Weatherbox - The Cosmic Drama 2015 repress test press /20 from Topshelf