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  1. I’m hoping one of my local spots gets it in but I might pre-order that twist anyways haha
  2. this new album is really something special and will probably end up in my top 10 for the year - contains the best parts of The Menzingers and The Wonder Years
  3. yeah going through the subreddit people have been receiving like 20+ copies of the same record shit is wild
  4. Sightless Pit - Grave of a Dog featuring members of Lingua Ignota, Full of Hell, and The Body out on Thrill Jockey 2/21 https://www.thrilljockey.com/products/grave-of-a-dog
  5. It’s hard to judge cuz it’s a review stream so the streaming quality isn’t always very high but I have no qualms with it everything sounds clear and crisp
  6. This record is very fucking good - I haven’t ran through their disco in a while but this is excellent wildblood nostalgist collapser and Ishmael are early favorites
  7. Got this for Christmas - my LP1 is just black and my LP2 is the white/black split - not complaining actually think it’s kind of cool but did anyone else’s set end up like that?