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  1. No Sleep was also burned by Awesome Distro so that’s probably why
  2. They’ve been contacting Awesome Distro for months and getting the run around - they just found out about this also if it gets backed you will get the item you pledged for - they are “selling” everything in their archive
  3. I pledged. This label means a lot to me and I'm sure it means a lot of a bunch of people too.
  4. SHAMELESS PLUG: https://chorus.fm/features/interviews/mike-york-of-pianos-become-the-teeth/
  5. so a few weeks ago I laid out all my mwY records to take a discography collections picture and I realized that my untitled deluxe clear/split variant actually also includes one "space" variant (white blob in clear) as the C/D disc - anyone else's copies also like this? I remember the pre-order of this being forever I just figured they all came like this lol https://www.instagram.com/p/Cgh_fU-pwaO/
  6. ordered a copy of this via amazon and was expecting it to be like white/gold galaxy variant but turns out it's clear - I can't find any information on this - I'm not bothered by it but just curious. Any idea @IanRees ? second pressing variant?
  7. I have no beef with it either - lord knows I have hundreds of splatter variants - it’s just funny to me
  8. nah we definitely got the right one - there is purple around the center label - it's just what happens when you smash 3 colors together and one of them is black haha here's the black/red mix https://www.discogs.com/release/23649290-Converge-BloodmoonI
  9. Expectations vs reality lol (tbh I was expecting this once I remembered what variant I ordered)