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  1. I also have a clear MOV pressing of W&T that I'll sell to whomever is interested. also a white variant of material control too if anyone wants
  2. Went with the /2000 bundle cuz those variants are cooler
  3. Got the deluxe split variant - will never trust a black and silver merge no matter how limited haha
  4. Yeah my BV variant of the new drain record took forever to ship with zero communication until I sent them an email about it funny enough I ordered Pain of Truth and Magnitude exclusives through them and got them within a week of ordering makes very little sense - I usually avoid ordering from project m these days
  5. got the jockey variant - this record is truly incredible. I loved the debut and I feel like this is a step up from that.
  6. Yeah target is stocked the brims with it and all my local shops have the blue green and pink variants
  7. my uninformed guess is Edging was the first song they finished recording and wanted to have at least one new song before their tour
  8. hell yeah - I don't buy 7" records anymore but this is fucking exciting news
  9. Anyone who’s been collecting for 20 years should’ve known what a black pink and yellow merge/swirl was gonna end up looking like lol
  10. the band didn't love how they recorded it and it's been bothering them for a long time so they wanted to have Brad and Emily Lazar remix and remaster it - it definitely sounds a lot clearer and packs a bit more punch in certain songs and moments (specially Kerosine and DNA for me)
  11. Third song might be even better than these two first songs
  12. I'm excited to see all the different variants - I think I got the Dirge one
  13. 11 AM EST tomorrow - tomb mold pre-order https://www.instagram.com/p/CxLejkcr7h-/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==

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