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  1. the target exclusive ended up being 10 bucks cheaper than the blue or silver variant but I'm also a red card member too
  2. nothing just ass options I only stick with CT for the yearly vinyl
  3. I had no idea what it was either but I wasn’t expecting new nothing music or a thing haha it’s not the end of the world and yeah it is funny
  4. The description of “thought experiment” didn’t tip you off? I don’t think they mis led anyone I just think most people lack comprehension
  5. LOL at people thinking they were bamboozled by the band - come on - it's says this on the production page: "In 2020, to commemorate a decade of Nothing, Domenic Palermo and the group travelled to Rhode Island studio Machines with Magnets to fulfill a two part thought experiment with producer Seth Manchester. The vision was to capture the sound of nothing on both a sonic and subsonic level. On the surface of the 180 gram vinyl you experience the recordings of the live room setting of Nothing with meticulously placed mics, tuned drums and guitars, amplifiers, pre-amps, EQs and compressors set. With the help of legendary vinyl cutter Paul Brekus, a methodical double grooved b side hides the second more cerebral part of the vision. Manchester takes a page from Alvin Lucier’s “I Am Sitting in a Room" projecting the 2010 Nothing demo through the live room speakers repeatedly until the song dissolved into the tonal sound of room resonances that seem to span infinitely." at worst the band took advantage of collector's FOMO but it was never presented as anything else than what it was.
  6. Still sealed but not because I’m gonna sell it - just because I have no intention of playing - I bought it only for my collection - it’s like owning the national sorrow set but on a smaller scale
  7. He essentially writes everything anyways - I think he wrote mostly everything for dismal
  8. figured we get a walmart exclusive with all the other exclusives they've put out over the past year
  9. probably the whole vinyl production issue stuff - same reason why the new Infant Island record isn't out yet
  10. I just need them to travel to the Midwest - I know they won't come to my city specifically but I'll drive to Chicago for sure
  11. I’m traveling to Portland OR this week / what stores do I need to check out?
  12. One of my local shops teasing a surprise for Monday https://www.instagram.com/p/Cj-hjsir48_/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= im guessing signed CDs like the last few
  13. blink 182 has always made shitty pop punk songs and I'm glad they continue to - song is fun and catchy and the video is goofy I'm all in
  14. I still think the title will be Hard at Work anyways I bought one cuz I’m an idiot

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