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  1. Damn. During the game of thrones finale? My gf is going to dump me.
  2. Got an evacuation notice. Shit is getting real now.
  3. What the hell does Gus Bradley have to do to get fired??
  4. Yeah way too many. That Mohamed's radio cover was sick tho
  5. that Lynyrd Skynyrd episode was so good. Really hope this doesn't get canceled.
  6. i'm against more than one per position this year. If that's something we wanna do for next year i'm down.
  7. To me he's one of the biggest question marks coming into the season aside from the pass rush. Interceptions need to come down.
  8. Jaguars are going to the playoffs. Calling it right now. They stole the draft. Jalen at 5?! Myles Jack was a steal in the 2nd and Yannick ngakoue is going to be a beast. Killed in free agency too. while the rest of the afc south continues to self inflict their woes, Jags are doing their best to build a super bowl team or die trying.