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    maxpaul18 got a reaction from Er0ck619 in FS: Motion City Autographed CTTM, blink-182, Wonder Years and more!   
    Sad to see a lot of this go but it's come that time again where I need to pay bills and eat. Shipping included in all prices! Up to hear offers on anything as well.  If you'd like any  pics of anything I'd be more than happy to.
    Motion City Soundtrack Commit This to Memory (AUTOGRAPHED BY THE ENTIRE BAND Clear /500) -- $120
    blink-182 S/T (MTS 1st Press, Pink Green Swirl /500) -- $100
    blink-182 TOYPAJ (SRC Deluxe 1st Press, 180g Black LP with Red, Yellow and Green 7"s + Mark Hoppus forward /2500) -- $80
    Death Cab Live 2012 (180g Black /4000) -- $60
    Weezer Pinkerton (Deluxe 4xLP Edition) -- $45
    Wonder Years Upsides (Clear /500) -- $40
    Wonder Years Suburbia (Orange /600) -- $35
    Wonder Years Sleeping on Trash (Silver /800) -- $20
    Say Anything Track Jacket M -- $20
    Wonder Years Hank Crewneck M -- $20
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    maxpaul18 got a reaction from 213041284s in Post your own mockups for fun!   
    My first attempt
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    maxpaul18 got a reaction from AdventureIsOutThere in Post your own mockups for fun!   
    My first attempt
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    maxpaul18 got a reaction from themightychew in Fall Out Boy - From Under the Cork Tree 2xLP Hot Topic exclusive   
    Shit... Do I buy this just for the bonus tracks? And if I do, do I sell my original pressing?
    Decisions, decisions....
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    maxpaul18 reacted to 000000 in WTB: Arrogant Sons of Bitches ~ Three Cheers For Disappointment   
    Flood should totally repress this, with their recent reunion shows and the surge of people buying records, this would easily sell out another run. Hell, I'd pick up another copy just 'cause I play my copy so much. Best of luck!

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