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  1. I really enjoyed today's entry and looking forward to the interview with Daryl in the next one. Keep up the great writing!
  2. Just pre-ordered! Sammy is a great dude, hope this does well.
  3. They have a few things on Spotify released after the first album. 2 EP's, a mixtape, and this new album, which is excellent.
  4. here's something else... http://www.waxtraxfilms.com/about/ True stories of... Pailhead (a collaboration with Ian Mackaye of Minor Threat and Eric Spicer of Naked Raygun)
  5. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/foo-fighters-rock-chicago-in-sonic-highways-premiere-236999/ Like Sonic Highways, Grohl’s own musical journey begins in Chicago: While on a family vacation to visit cousins in his early-teens, Grohl was taken to Wrigleyville’s the Cubby Bear – a Cubs bar by day, a punk venue by night – to see his first punk rock show: Chicago’s Naked Raygun. “It just turned my world upside,” Grohl says of the experience. “That night changed everything I knew about music.” His early teens would have been around the same time as Wax Trax, so I think it's feasible he would have been well aware of them also. I realize this is a stretch... but maybe at least explains the connection.
  6. can confirm, the one i bought in store yesterday is bowled. seems to play fine though.
  7. has anyone found this in-store? I came up empty in 2 stores that were supposed to have it in stock.
  8. 100th Window is a VMP member exclusive this month at $55 big ones. https://app.vinylmeplease.com/products/new-noteworthy/massive-attack-100th-window
  9. yeah, the back of the insert says to run it at 45rpm, and watch through the camera on your phone under a bright light. I tried that, and still couldn't get it to work :-/
  10. I just got these yesterday from recordstore.co.uk. Took about 2 weeks for delivery. Glad to finally own these. Anyone know where to find Trick on vinyl for a decent price?
  11. I just got back from Paris today! Here are my 2 cents... The Bastille district is a cool area. My wife and I found ourselves in that neighborhood several times throughout our visit. Lots of cool shops, bars, etc, and less touristy and less expensive. I also recommend Born Bad records like others have mentioned. There's a "cat cafe" named Cafe de Chats where you can eat and drink while cats roam around for you to play with and pet. There's also The Moonshiner which is a speakeasy behind a pizza shop that makes great cocktails and has friendly bartenders. Lastly, The Bataclan is nearby if you're lucky to catch a show. Another must-visit in my opinion is Walrus Records. It has a great selection, and also a cafe in front of the store, so if your wife doesn't care so much for vinyl shopping, she can have a coffee or beer while you shop! If you really want to see the touristy stuff, spend the extra money on a "skip the line" tour. You'll have to follow a tour guide, but it will save you tons of time from waiting in the general admission lines. We used Fat Tire Tours, and thought the guides were really good and informative.
  12. I'm just here to add NIN song/album titles that are relevant to this conversation. It's amazing how well these work! Sin That's What I Get Things Falling Apart Somewhat Damaged The Fragile Broken Fixed Gave Up I Do Not Want This The Mark Has Been Made Complication The Collector Disappointed And All That Could Have Been
  13. The digital download from the LP had the album split into 2 sides, A1-7 and B1-7. That would make Above the Bridge either #6 or #13, depending on how it's numbered...