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  1. I may be interested in selling. PM me an offer
  2. Price sucks... but id rather pay 28 now and ensure that i own it. I know id regret it later when its going for 50 on the bay.
  3. Lol. And he's from great mills, md. The worst part of southern Maryland.
  4. Is it bad that I've given up on the season after 2 weeks? (I'm a Pirates fan by the way)
  5. This definitely grew on me... Glad I ordered the 8 dollar Best Buy deal. Should be getting it today. I can't deny the catchiness of most of this album. I even like the title track.
  6. damn! missed out. Good dude for selling at cost.
  7. In for Drive Soundtrack... This would be monumental.
  8. Into it over it - twelve towns On sale at hot topic for 5 bucks so it was worth the gamble. Love that album now.
  9. I'm very weary of buying HT Presses now. After the Thursday - WATT fuckup and the art for Finch - WIITB. I've been striking out alot lately with my HT purchases.
  10. PM'd Would love to own this. Very cool of the OP
  11. I really enjoyed this. Much better than This Addiction Love the closing track.
  12. People buy physical media for the music as well as the artwork. If it was just the music then people would download shitty itunes files.
  13. Am I the only one who appreciates the title? I'm picturing the OP looking like Tobias yelling about his FIRE SALE