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  1. so glad i didn't buy this set from saddle creek last week, it saved me $46. Didn't have any of these records on wax, and they are some of my favorite.
  2. Damn. C Gak is such a great drummer, it sucks to see him not playing or recording with them. While this band has progressively gotten better and tighter with every new record, i do miss the horns and will definitely miss C Gak.
  3. Really liking this album and find myself humming black honey. Oh man saw he tour press and want one. Someone help me.
  4. owen - ghosts https://www.polyvinylrecords.com/iheartvinyl 224l48y4zqg streetlight manifesto - the hand that theives http://www.victorymerch.com/download vr614f1eebc7ab5 http://deathwishinc.com/downloadvinyl touche amore bbc 1 182-78rf371xi give up the ghost demos? 20-17041vuoih code orange kids ? 200-994d3nu1xy aeges southern comfort https://aeges.bandcamp.com/yum hwb9-32vy kishi bashi 151a joyfulnoiserecordings.com/digital oftgl3qx
  5. Damn, the only thing i want is that MWY/Circa split. The rest seems uninteresting.
  6. Anyone know how to clone pokemon in x/y/oras? i have a couple of nieces who missed the mew event.
  7. Got back into pokemon since red/blue with pokemon x and was able to get all 720. The whole global trading system and breeding made it pretty easy to get the ones i needed.
  8. Damn, sad i missed this. That's 51 copies that will end up back on ebay.
  9. Yeah really wanted the test for Margot but was at work with really bad reception. $200 isn't bad considering some of the proceeds actually go to the band. Hopefully I can snag a test of tell me more about evil when it goes up, but it's unlikely cuz I'll be working with the same bad reception.
  10. I meant the expanded editions http://www.sigur-ros.co.uk/#agaetis-reissue
  11. are there gonna be extended editions of this or Takk? i put in an order for both but if an extended edition happens id rather have those.
  12. Wait, i need to know what crappy record you are now stuck with.
  13. God, i'm so happy i could order this tonight and not have to try while i'm at work. Probably the only band i'd consider collecting variants, as i kind of want to order the regular set as well.

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