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  1. I appreciate the link but I was looking for the original one that had pressing numbers and such for the tests and early titles Victory put out. Used to have it on my old PC and can't seem to find a current link for it. Appreciate the help though.
  2. Anyone still have a copy of this spreadsheet or has access to one?
  3. Your right, I do get how this works and have had plenty of horror stories of getting records in bubble mailers or like mentioned before pizza boxes. That was part of the game back in the day, nothing you could do but it accept for what it is. It just seems a lot of these issues could be avoided nowadays with the innovation on record mailers and such. I’m glad you guys are okay with getting records like that but when I know it could be avoided it’s just a little frustrating. I really do appreciate your posts on this board Derek, even if they’re at my expense. One of the only reasons to come here anymore. That’s it from me, should probably go back to work.
  4. So honestly you bring up some great points. A lot of times when buying from a label the only option is Media Mail. It really doesn’t matter what shipping service you choose if the record isn’t packaged securely it’s going to get damaged if really doesn’t matter if it gets to me in 2 days or 10 days. Obviously the longer it’s in transit the more opportunities it has to take on more damage I get that. I also send everything Media Mail when selling records and have never had an issue in 15 years. Honestly it’s all about how you package a record. Also, if you think this is the reason labels are charging around $40.00 for single LP’s then I don’t know what to tell you.
  5. Thankfully you have all that extra free time to comb the boards to try and come up with something funny or snarky to say to get those 3 likes from a board that is practically dead at this point. I do miss OG Derek though, he was a fun guy to have around the boards
  6. I totally get that, and deal with it all the time. I have been buying for a long ass time and I know how this goes. It’s just frustrating when your business is literally selling records yet you don’t know how to ship them. If I was a label I would do everything in my power to get someone the product they purchased in the best possible condition so I would avoid any extra costs on my end to make up for whatever the issue may be. Maybe that’s just me
  7. Classic Derek post, glad I could be cemented in the Derek Hall of Fame. Keep up the good work!
  8. So do you think that this issue could have been avoided if the record would have been shipped better? Also who are you to say what is and isn’t grounds for a replacement? I’m glad you went through my post history to see what I have posted. I have been buying records for over 15 years and have been on this board since the beginning but hardly ever post. I have 1,000’s of records and the majority of the stuff I have received has been in good shape. If labels are worried about cost margin find ways to get records to customers without damage. I have been doing it for that same amount of time and have never had one person tell me they received a record damaged from me. I’m glad your okay with receiving something like that but when I know the issue could be avoided it’s a bit frustrating for me. I’ll continue not posting on the board anymore which is fine by me.
  9. I’m guessing the pictures are large on a PC, they’re small on my phone. I’ll just delete them. Wanted to give a heads up for anyone else who might be waiting on a sleeve.
  10. You were right, no extra sleeves. If the seam split was tiny I would deal with it but these are on both sides and really long. Almost looks like it’s about to rip through. Really tired of receiving damaged records when it could be avoided. How do we get all the labels in a room together and show them how to mail a record? Would save them all a ton of money in the long run
  11. I got my replacement sleeve in the mail yesterday sent in an old school mailer, unsealed with no poly sleeve, with one piece of cardboard protecting it. Needless to say it was damaged. Reached out over Instagram so I guess we will see what happens
  12. Got my copy in the mail yesterday in a whiplash mailer (which I appreciate) but with nothing else in there. Needless to say the record was bouncing up and down so there are two huge seam splits on top of the sleeve. Doubt they have any replacement jackets but I’ll reach out. Still don’t understand how labels struggle to mail out records these days?
  13. The art on these DC pressings have been rough. I would normally buy Aquaman and this one, but that art is making me not want to pull the trigger
  14. I ordered a Yellow and mine came unnumbered as well. I haven’t opened it yet to verify if it’s Yellow or not. I contacted them on Instagram but haven’t heard back yet. There are definitely more than 10-15 of them not numbered.
  15. Anyone have a lead where I still can get a copy of the Indie Exclusive? I ordered from a few different shops in town and struck out with both.
  16. I didn’t buy this album but the downloads for Pure Noise releases are usually 192 kbps which sucks.
  17. Does anyone have a good contact or phone number for Mondo other that the generic customer service email listed on the site? I am dealing with a non vinyl customer service issue and the person I am talking to is pretty much doing nothing for me. If anyone has one please send me a PM. Thanks!
  18. Before I drop $30.00 on this does anyone know of any Looney Tunes coupon codes floating around out there? Really getting tired of paying $7-8 for Media Mail shipping when it should never cost over $4.00.
  19. There’s gotta be a 300 variant coming out right? Make it an even 1500 copies
  20. Hold the Black one up to the light and I bet it’s the Clear Dark Green with Black Swirl. Mine looked Black coming out of the Inner Sleeve but it was definitely Clear Dark Green.
  21. I could be wrong as I haven't looked at sites like Vinyl Digital in awhile but I think most bootlegs are still fairly cheap to buy (around $20.00). The problem is finding those sites that are overseas that have these in stock and the cost of shipping to the states keeps most of these boots around the $40.00+ mark. I am assuming these U.S. sites are paying close to that number (unless they're getting a nice discount in price and shipping by buying in bulk) and only making $8.00-$10.00 per record in markup. That $8.00-$10.00 markup is almost a convenience fee for not having to hunt these down or worry about the terrible international packing and shipping.
  22. I got mine in today as well. This thing was packed like a pro and even sent in a Frustration Free mailer. This thing came in immaculate shape. Haven't had a chance to listen to it yet but it looks like there is two different color combos out there for it. Looks like one set are both the Lime Green color and the ones I got are Clear Lime Green With Dark Green Swirl And Clear Dark Green With Black Swirl. Would have preferred both the same color but not that big of a deal. Pretty nice package for being an unofficial release.
  23. Not sure if anyone picked up The Good Life/Pauses - Split but it came out on three different colors. I ended up with two Coke Bottle Clears and like a Clear Green With a Red Swirl. If anyone has the other color and wants to trade it for my extra Coke Bottle please let me know. Thanks!
  24. I think I ended up with an extra copy of Tegan And Sara - Tonight In The Dark We're Seeing Colors (Purple Splatter LP) so I will sell it for what I paid $25.03 (after tax) and $4.00 shipping = $29.03. If anyone needs it let me know. Thanks!

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