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  1. Fountains of Wayne is listed as In Stock at Luna, which somebody mentioned earlier -- not sure if this is one of those stores that sells & then cancels orders but here's the link: https://shop.lunamusic.net/Fountains-of-Wayne-p/848064011316.htm
  2. is the Brandi Carlile release available anywhere online? i've checked all the sites I know and it's either not on sale yet or sold out...
  3. So I finally got around to playing mine (purple Lps) for the first time...there are a few skips during Reach Down...I figured it could be my turntable but I played the song over and it skipped at the same parts...anybody else have any skipping issues with theirs?
  4. This system is so hit or miss- reading all these horror stories makes me think I was quite lucky to get my single copies of S/T, Blue and OOTV in the mail perfectly with no issues...
  5. I think the Pledge Music involvement was just their method of doing pre-orders, since the album is already done...as someone said above
  6. If anybody here cares, 311 announced their new album and corresponding Pledge drive..signed vinyl & such http://www.examiner.com/article/311-announces-new-album-stereolithic-due-out-on-3-11-pre-order-details
  7. ugh, I didn't know it was so hard to find Ursa Major in LP by itself now...anybody know if it's available anywhere online? The usual sites are all out of stock and there's nothing on Ebay that I can find...
  8. holy hell, so the band is seriously going to end up shipping out box sets to people that cancelled orders? That's quite a mess, wow
  9. oops, should have clarified - I'm referring to the single LPs, bought S/T/Blue and OOTV right when they went on sale separately
  10. Oh boy...via Failure's FB page (https://www.facebook.com/Failureband/posts/268029976681342)
  11. Anybody else *not* get a shipping email yet? Said it'd ship out this week, I believe...still no emails and it says 'unfulfilled' on the site
  12. So nobody knows if the new individual LPs have any kind of limited run, right?
  13. I wonder if the individual ones are limited in quantities or anything...as much as I want s/t, Blue and OOTV I don't know if I should dump $125 for the three of them shipped right this instant...
  14. that's what I'm hoping. Should that happen, though, I hope the individual ones won't be set at like $45 each

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