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  1. i am looking for the orange variant of the IXORA twin that was released on a vip bundle. if anyone has one willing to sell or trade shoot me a message =]
  2. Looking for the self title split emarosa vinyl message me if willing to sell not crazy eBay prices. Thanks!
  3. i know this is weird, but does anyone have an IN MOTION jacket from the first pressing NON gatefold? i received one in the mail today off of ebay and the jacket is DESTROYED (vinyl is safe tho) let me know =]
  4. this is my girlfriends favorite band and i would love to get her a copy of some of their pressings. if anyone has any don't really care if its open or not just not beat up, PM me i can send you my trade list or an offer
  5. if anyone has this and wants to sell it PM me =]
  6. any one have the following copeland variants that wants to trade or sell? in motion - black (first) in motion - white / brown beneath the medicine tree - green beneath the medicine tree - green / grey message me!
  7. I'm looking for first presses if you have them and want to sell them PM me i need a few variants =]
  8. there has been repress. this is the RSD release on silver blue. not asking for much more than what i paid for it
  9. you are my sunshine - black in motion - black in motion - brown in motion - clear in motion - clear / brown in motion - white / brown eat sleep repeat - black eat sleep repeat - white eat sleep repeat - red eat sleep repeat - smoke beneath the medicine tree - black beneath the medicine tree - white beneath the medicine tree - green beneath the medicine tree - green / grey beneath the medicine tree - green / splatter copeland the pale - split i am willing to trade plus cash or trade pm me for my list
  10. i have a few copies of this i want to move out of my collection. will sell for 35 if anyone is interested
  11. i am look to sell the following records none have been played, some have been opened to verify color each record with $4 shipping will combine as well As cities burn - son i loved you at your darkest / red $85 As cities burn - son i loved you at your darkest / clear $85 brand new - devil and god / clear $65 Circa Survive - juturna / red $45 Circa survive - on letting go / purple $45 copeland - eat sleep repeat / white / black $35 hawk boy - king folly / gold $65 jacks mannequin - people and things $80 jacks mannequin - the glass passenger $80 pierce the veil - a flair for the dramatic / peach $55 mae - destination beautiful / teal $55 mae - destination beautiful / RSD RELEASE $30 one direction - RSD RELEASE $45 linkin park - collision course $30 some prices may seem a little high but I am trying to buy an engagement ring so bare with me please =]