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  1. oh man, I would definitely be in for a TA guitar pedal.
  2. Bummer, missed the blue version, but I'm excited to get those collab songs. I'll pick up a black copy from my local store.
  3. Also, I asked Mike, mwY’s manager, on twitter if they were planning on releasing all of their albums in this 2LP 45rpm format, and he said, “that’s the plan.”
  4. I just got through listening to the deluxe Brother, Sister and man, it sounds really good. Awesome set.
  5. My local store shows that it has it in stock (if I’m looking at the correct Weeknd release) supposedly they were listing their stuff online as of 2 minutes ago, but it doesn’t give you the option to buy it yet. But, it should soon? https://www.graywhaleslc.com/p/21173695/the-weeknd-my-dear-melancholy-rsd-exclusive-ltd-3-000
  6. I really like the 2 new songs. Definitely a lot more synth-y than anything he’s done recently. I’m excited to hear more about the new album.
  7. I have everything in that box set as well, but it looks pretty awesome, so it’ll be hard to turn down. Will get the new album for sure though.
  8. I haven’t listened to the new song yet, but seeing as it’s the album closer, I’ll probably hold off. I’m very excited for the album though, and ordered the clear+zine copy because I’m a sucker. I’m pretty hyper after reading the recent interview with Chino as well. It’s cool to see the band so happy with that album.
  9. I really like the song, but I’ve always thought that the guitar solo seemed really out of place for a Deftones song, and it would be better without it.
  10. Love these guys! I’m super excited for this. I went in for the most deluxe package, but I would happily just donate that much to anything Bazan related without getting anything in return, so the price doesn’t bother me. I would guess there would be a standard version that you could get later once it’s been released for a more standard price.
  11. I would love to see this happen. Also, Ferraby Lionheart's discography.
  12. Just checked out with media mail shipping. I’m excited to get this. I haven’t listened to it in forever, but really liked it back in the day.