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  1. Bummer, the Robotic Empire clear sold out while I was checking out. Oh well, black for me.
  2. I hadn't heard of this "Small Batch" series before, but that records looks pretty dope.
  3. I'd been waiting around all morning, and almost went for a run when I saw that. Glad I didn't.
  4. I wonder if there is anything different between the merchdirect copies and the other websites. Merchdirect doesn't mention coming with a gatefold sleeve like the others do, and though the pictures look the same, the other sites call it a "180g vinyl" and don't mention it being separated into three separate pieces.
  5. If it ever got to a place where I just had a loading wheel, I'd refresh and try again. It would never seem to advance once I got stuck on the loading wheel during checkout. Then I got a site overload error on the last step of checkout, but then got an email confirmation, so hopefully that's all good.
  6. Yeah, same. Finally got an order to go through. Though, had I known things maybe weren't limited, I would've spent a little more time picking one with colors I liked, instead of just randomly clicking on things as fast as I could. But, excited to have one either way.
  7. Where are you guys seeing this? And do you know where/when it will be available. Probably won’t be able to get one, but I’m definitely going to try.
  8. Picked up the box set yesterday afternoon. Pretty excited to finally have these.
  9. I was intrigued by the description of the album, but not really feeling the single. I'll have to check out the whole album before thinking about buying.
  10. I listened to the 3 new songs, and wasn’t really feeling it. Too bad. I’ll try to check it out once the full album is released.
  11. Nobody’s talking about Guns ‘N Wankers? Quite possibly my favorite Fat release. Ordered that and the NOFX record when they went up.
  12. I received an email yesterday with a dropbox link to the livestream. It says it will be available for 1 week. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet though.

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