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  1. My test press copy came in yesterday. I’ve only had a chance to listen to the first side because I have family in town visiting this week, but I liked it a lot.
  2. Maybe this one? https://tkorecords.bigcartel.com/product/rose-of-victory-full-circle-7-single-ltd-red-vinyl
  3. I splurged and ordered the test press yesterday morning. It says it’s supposed to ship soon, so I’m excited to hear it early.
  4. https://www.brooklynvegan.com/sparta-announce-new-album-ft-thursday-members-kayleigh-goldsworthy-more-stream-2-tracks/ Two new songs here. They're...okay, in my opinion.
  5. I thought the BrooklynVegan color turned out nice. Not quite like the mock-up, but it’s a nice blue splatter on clear-ish vinyl. I’m happy with mine.
  6. So, the difference between the “kinetic” version from the cloudshill store and the regular version is the gold foil cover? I’m also not crazy about the newest song. The first two singles were decent, but so far the new album hasn’t been quite what I was hoping for. Oh well.
  7. I saw this this morning but didn’t order because I figured it would be widely available. It should be, right? A 30th anniversary reissue.
  8. Same recording sessions. Supposedly they recorded 50 or so songs during these sessions, so some people are speculating that there may even be another album on the way after this one comes out.
  9. The artwork on the box looks like it's just some placeholder artwork, waiting for the final product to be designed. That's really the final artwork they went with? Mine came in the mail today but I won't be able to see it until I get home from work.
  10. I think I read that it’s going to be self-titled.
  11. Nice, thanks for getting that all set up, Derek.
  12. US: https://dogknightsproductions.com/products/usa-can-only-dk164-gospel-magick-vole-hume-12-lp EU: https://dogknightsproductions.com/products/dk164-gospel-the-magic-volume-12-lp-pre-order The Magic Volume Of Dark Matter Is up for order. 180g White (/200) is sold out in the US store, but the black/white mix (/500) is still available. Both colors are available in the EU store. Digital on bandcamp: https://gospel.bandcamp.com/album/mvdm-the-magical-volumes-vol-1-the-magick-volume-of-dark-madder-or-magic-volume-of-dark-matter-or-just-magic-volume ”Originally written sometime between 2005-2006, MVDM was an ambitious endeavor, originally intended to be one long sprawling track of an album. Creatively, it drained us, and we stalled out somewhere around the 19 minute mark. Despite being “unfinished business”, it became a regular feature of our live performances, and over time the composition took on a life and identity all its own. Close to 20 years later, we are grateful to finally document our weird behemoth thanks to the mastery of Kurt Ballou and Magnus Lindberg, and the amazing support of Dog Knights Productions.”
  13. I’m a sucker for some good pedal steel guitar. I’d buy this if I didn’t already own it.
  14. Got the half and half. I had each of the other versions in my cart by the sold out during checkout. I'm excited to get this. The Full Collapse one turned out great, and WATT is my favorite Thursday album.