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  1. The self-titled first full length from The Moth & The Flame is being pressed on vinyl. These guys were a local Utah band to me for a long time, but are now based out of LA. My favorite album of theirs. I don't think this album has ever been available on any streaming platforms, but that is going to change soon apparently. Check it out. http://mothandtheflame.limitedrun.com/products/655180-the-moth-and-the-flame-vinyl
  2. It sounds like those are download only tracks, but I’m excited nonetheless.
  3. Haha, thanks. The most obvious place I should’ve checked.
  4. Source on the tours? I haven’t been able to find any info.
  5. I ordered the colored version, but got an email saying they oversold it and I would be getting a black copy. 😢. Oh well...
  6. Thanks for the heads up. Just ordered a copy. I was disappointed to find out earlier today that, after having sold my black RSD copy yesterday because I had a red copy on the way, I went to check my order status for said red copy only to find out that I must have not submitted the order. What a dope.
  7. I wish they would announce that upfront. I’m guessing there will be one too, but since they haven’t announced anything yet, I’m tempted to pick one of the other variants. But I should just wait it out.
  8. Where are these shipping from? I have something showing up in my USPS as well, and hope this is it.
  9. "Important Note: The Screen Printed Cover is not autographed, the vinyl itself will be autographed." Uh, what?
  10. Wait, was this included in the deluxe set? I’m pretty sure I downloaded what came with it, but I don’t remember anything that long.