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  1. It took a few listens to get into this, but I’m really liking it. Very cool album.
  2. That’s awesome. I’ll have to pick up a new copy of a few of those. I’m assuming the phrasing “nearly all of our back catalogue” and the fact that Antenna is missing from the picture means that it won’t be included. Which is a bummer because that’s the only one I don’t have. It makes sense though, being on a major and all. Oh well. I’m excited to see what a new album will sound like as well.
  3. Oh wow, another album already? I thought Ricky Music was solid. I haven’t returned to it as much as the previous two, but I still enjoyed it. Looking forward to this new one.
  4. This album is actually pretty solid. A bit all over the place, but it has some enjoyable songs. I haven’t really revisited their last couple of albums much, but I’ve already listened to this one several times.
  5. I was reading about the Philadelphia/live stream shows for a while and almost completely glossed over the A->B reissue. That's really cool that they already have the black copies in hand.
  6. I'm really excited for the TETA remix. According to the band, it sounds like a completely new album. I picked this up with the slipmat. It's not my favorite album of theirs (the 3 album run of TETA, Potemkin, and Supporting Caste is their best, in my opinion), but this is a super nostalgic album for me. Also, I'm surprised that the colored copies are still available. Didn't the other 25 anniversary colored records sell out pretty quick?
  7. I can't seem to get it apply the 15% coupon. Does anyone know what the coupon code is?

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