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  1. Where are these shipping from? I have something showing up in my USPS as well, and hope this is it.
  2. "Important Note: The Screen Printed Cover is not autographed, the vinyl itself will be autographed." Uh, what?
  3. Wait, was this included in the deluxe set? I’m pretty sure I downloaded what came with it, but I don’t remember anything that long.
  4. I believe Liam Howe from Sneaker Pimps played on the LA date of the IAMX tour, and then supposedly him and Chris were going to finish the Sneaker Pimps LP4 after the tour. According to the IAMX Facebook.
  5. Does anyone know if all of their recent/upcoming shows are a similar setup with the Q&A and short film and everything? I’m wondering about their show in Philadelphia next week. It doesn’t list any support acts, so I’m hoping it’s that type of show.
  6. Excited for this! I’ll be visiting Philly next week for work and am hoping to catch the show.
  7. I got the Cokie T-shirt bundle to get the alternate cover, but I don’t really want the shirt. Anybody interested in the Cokie T-shirt in a medium? $5 PPD.
  8. Yeah, same, thanks man. I picked up the OG Zozobra Birds of Prey which I missed out on the first go round.