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  1. Bloodflowers by the Cure is on that list! It’s a picture disc, but hopefully that means a regular pressing is coming soon.
  2. I went for the tshirt option because I’m a sucker. But, I’m really excited to hear this album. I was a big fan of their debut.
  3. That's too bad. I actually had pretty good luck that last time they did this sale. Some of mine were pre-orders and a few had different ship dates, but everything worked out fine, and I didn't have to keep approving shipping dates. I got a bunch of Brian Eno records and the Watchman soundtrack LPs for cheap. I went in again this time around and got all of the upcoming Springsteen reissues for 3 for 2.
  4. Got this in the mail today. Hopefully I can find time to listen to it tonight.
  5. Definitely. I really hope that happens. It’s been disappointing that the reissues have seemingly been put on hold.
  6. Got the deluxe signed version in the mail today. It sounds really good and is a pretty nice looking package overall. $125 nice? Probably not. But, I don’t have any regrets about getting it. #13/1000.
  7. Wow, I didn't think they'd ever finish a new album. Picked up the swirl. Bummed I missed the /100, but oh well.
  8. Bummer, missed out on the color. Oh well, I'll pick up the black eventually.
  9. The self-titled first full length from The Moth & The Flame is being pressed on vinyl. These guys were a local Utah band to me for a long time, but are now based out of LA. My favorite album of theirs. I don't think this album has ever been available on any streaming platforms, but that is going to change soon apparently. Check it out. http://mothandtheflame.limitedrun.com/products/655180-the-moth-and-the-flame-vinyl
  10. It sounds like those are download only tracks, but I’m excited nonetheless.