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  1. For the buyer, yes, that's a pretty sweet deal.
  2. Mine still says fulfilling order, so I'm guessing I missed out. Oh well, here's to trying for the next press.
  3. Scratch that, reverse it. I'm hoping that that isn't the reason why my order hasn't shipped yet. Not enough sleep...
  4. Yeah, mine still says "fulfilling order" too (thought I'm not international). I ordered mine pretty late though, so I'm hoping that they haven't fulfilled my order yet because there are no Thrice records left to fulfill it. But, I guess we'll see tomorrow.
  5. That's pretty cool. I didn't know there was a color version, but it's tempting to buy it even though I already have the regular version.
  6. I was getting that error too, but now it says "fulfilling order," but it has a tracking number, so hopefully it will say shipped soon...
  7. So, if you place an order on what is up on their site right now, it will be cancelled, correct? I kind of missed what went on in the last 20 pages, and don't want to go through all of it on my phone.
  8. Yeah, works for me in Safari and Google Chrome, but says sold out...
  9. Do they send the card with your package? I spent over $30 when I bought the DK record and didn't get a coupon or email or anything.
  10. not true, De Stijl was back ordered when i ordered it and i got it in the mail today Yeah, there are a few things on backorder that I'm still waiting for, but the majority of them have shipped within a week or so. But, I'm sure it differs from record to record.
  11. They had a James Brown record, Live at the Apollo I think, that was listed at $7.99 for a while, and then suddenly was $119.99. It seems like someone is just randomly putting prices on things. But, that's just fine with me as long as they keep putting random records at super cheap prices.
  12. So, it's been a while since I've ordered from No Idea. I ordered the new HWM using paypal, and it said that they'll get back to me with when I'm supposed to pay with paypal. But, I've reserved a copy of the record, right?
  13. Just picked up a copy. It looks awesome! I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, but I will compare it to my first pressing tonight. My hot topic ended up having an extra copy that someone had on hold, but then never came to pick it up. Their loss, my gain.
  14. When I called them saturday, they said they were sold out... I'll have to go check again.
  15. I didn't order this, and won't because I don't want to pay that much. But it does look pretty cool I must say.
  16. Any chance for an updated list, Travis? Thanks, and sorry to keep bugging you about it.
  17. Looks like I'll have to try for this online. Yesterday when I called my HT, I got the "we can't put that out until Tuesday". Today I called. "Oh, we're sold out of that." Damn it. Oh well. Hopefully this goes online when its supposed to.

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