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  1. I listened to my brown copy on my brother's turntable when I was visiting him today, and flipped it over and got excited because I hadn't noticed that there were some white spots on it. So, I actually did get a swirl. Nope, I guess his turntable was just really dusty. The white spots wiped off. haha.
  2. So, will this only apply to stores that have yet to get them, or will the stores that already have them but haven't put them out know that its okay to start selling them?
  3. It's really not that bad of a deal, for everything you get. If you don't want to spend $100, just get the record for $15 or wait for No Idea. The $20 t-shirt/record bundle is a pretty good deal.
  4. I hope so. I haven't listened to this in a long time, but it's a good album. I'll keep an eye out for updates.
  5. that's too bad. I would love to own this album on vinyl.
  6. Backordered but I took a shot. Two bucks, who cares. It's a good album. I already have it and ordered another. Can't pass up an extra for $2.
  7. So, are there all the western states they will get them, period? Waiting for Utah, but I imagine they would get them from the same distribution as California.
  8. If they open the same time as last year, I will be hitting the university area Graywhale in SLC, because it opened the earliest, and then stopping by Randy's Records to hopefully get what I've missed, since they open later.
  9. I don't think the first pressing sounds bad at all (it sounds good, in fact). But I will still be buying the new one too. It looks awesome.
  10. These looks very awesome Travis. So, the only stores getting them early will be in California, or is it just kind of random? Can't wait to see this in person.
  11. Didn't they say they the artwork was going to be redone a little for each 7"? That look nice either way. Excited to get it.
  12. That is a steal. I bought this for $35 or so a while ago, and I think it was worth that much. So for $15 is a great deal. My favorite Neil Young album.
  13. On deadformat and such, a bad reputation meaning that people here are really stupid.
  14. Man, everyone is pretty testy here. Everyone can do whatever they want; buy things to flip, buy things to help out friends, buy things just for yourself. Who cares? They're just records and concert tickets. @patrickemmons I didn't mean to be offensive if I was with what I said earlier. I understand selling on ebay to pay the bills or whatever. It was more of an observation than a judgement. I'd agree though, people on here are seem to be pretty retarded. I'm pretty new here; I've always been hesitant to join this board because the bad reputation it has. The bad reputation that it correctly has, I should add.
  15. It kind of seemed funny to me how upset people get on here about people ordering multiple copies of an album (like TAITA or whatever) to flip them, but seem to have no problem with someone who is involved with pressing an album doing the exact same thing. Like with the test presses of this album. The ETR guy is selling all of the test presses at a pretty pricey cost, or using them to trade for hard to find albums. Isn't that same thing as flipping, except he didn't have to go through the trouble of buying them before everyone else. He already had all of them. And I guess he pressed the album, so he could be afforded some leniency, but it seems the same to me. Oh well.
  16. Yeah, was this kind of a one time sale, or do they just put random albums on sale off and on?
  17. Unfortunately that wont be the case as for whatever reason vheissu is much more sought after and goes for as much as 200+ on ebay whilst TAITA usually barely breaks 100, and far less vheissus end up on ebay, as before these repressed were even thought of/started, just from my bids on oop copies its like a 1 to 4 ratio. Well, seeing as there will be multiple pressings of 1000 for the new version, I think it will be the case. Many, many copies will be on eBay, for not much more to buy a new copy.
  18. Awesome price. Just ordered, along with Queen's Night at the Opera. $21 total.
  19. It would probably be cheaper through this thrill jockey store, than through BCD, right? It seems like BCD is kind of expensive, on shipping and what not.
  20. If anyone gets a chance to pick up an extra Nirvana - Nevermind, I'd be interested. Thanks. Cost plus shipping.
  21. That's true. For anyone worrying about not being able to get a copy when they go up for sale, there will pretty much instantly be hundreds of copies up on ebay, selling for about the same price as HT.com (or maybe a few dollars more).
  22. With the end of that first sentence, I can't tell if the latter sentence is sarcastic or not...

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