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  1. Any chance that anyone headed to the Boston show can grab me a copy? I'm not going to be able to make it and have been dying to hear this. Thanks!
  2. It’s literally the first sentence of the post. Shoot me an offer. For the record, I think that mind fuzz was actually yours at one point! lol
  3. agd

    Want to buy - King Gizzard rarities

    Yeah man. Pm me with an offer. I have most of the things on your list.
  4. Bump. For those of you following this thread, there was a Frightened Rabbit record signed by Scott that was for sale for a few weeks now. I have since removed it and will not be selling it any time in the near future. I feel as though it is in very poor taste to sell the record, given his recent passing. RIP Scott. The Midnight Organ Fight will always have a spot on my shelves. Be well.