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  1. Don’t know if any of you saw the next 2 releases as well on this link. May: Eminem “The Slim Shady LP” June: Helmet “Betty”
  2. Agreed on the shipping, $9. With tax and shipping $35 ends up $47.
  3. Anyone have any experience on when I need to cancel by so as to not get charged for another month?
  4. There are also silver ($450) and solid gold ($inquire) versions. The gold version is 8 ounces of 24k gold. Spot prices for gold are currently $2034 an ounce.
  5. As an aside, if you have not picked up either of Jack White’s albums from last year, you can get both on splatter vinyl with the “Live from Marshall Street” EP in a pretty good looking box set from Rough Trade, currently on sale for $38. https://www.roughtrade.com/en-us/product/jack-white/fear-of-the-dawn-entering-heaven-alive-and-live-from-marshall-st-2
  6. Received Cherry Tree Volume 5 yesterday. Won’t spoil it for those who are awaiting their’s still, but I will say, again, very well done. Would love if they offered the download like they did last year.
  7. I can sympathize with you here. Despite owning the peach tour variant and the grey online variant from the last pressing, I am also rather butthurt about not obtaining this variant as well.
  8. Sold out now, lasted longer than I thought. I guess they ultimately sold 3500 copies of a record that has been readily available on vinyl for awhile, but makes you wonder if $49 shipped for records is starting to put a dent in demand…
  9. This is a quite famous (infamous?) White Stripes record. It was originally recorded as a promo white label distributed amongst radio personnel. I remember being at Third Man Records in Nashville for the tri-color release of the Jack White “Fly Farm Blues” and seeing this on the wall and the guy in front of me buying it. This was August 2009 and I believe it was $300 or $350. I was in no position as a college student to drop that kind of money for something like this, but I will say that it kind of feels like it slipped through my hands that day. So I understand what you are saying here. Very excited to see this because I figured this would elude me forever.
  10. Picked up what is being called a record release variant last night in Boston. Looks pretty cool, the cover is the same, but is in black and white with a translucent yellow cover to give a similar look to regular cover. I love when bands do special things like this. Based on the band’s Instagram page, these will be available at all of the upcoming shows.
  11. To anyone that has been to a show on this tour so far, are they selling a tour variant? Wondering if I should go with the indie yellow or wait until I see them on tour. Thanks in advance.
  12. I would be curious to know how this looks when compared to the Target exclusive lavender.

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