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  1. Do we think the pink from the DCfC and the indie exclusive are different? They seem like they should be. Galaxy vs. standard pink is my guess.
  2. Usually the end of the quarter. I would guess sometime in June/early July.
  3. Looks like from the news email they sent out, the only promotion they are doing is 10% off at the Nashville, Detroit, London stores with a receipt from a local record store from RSD, which would be the first RSD or BF RSD they haven’t had a release for since becoming a label in 2009 I believe.
  4. I was at the show last night. I try to get a poster at every Jack White related show that I go to, have been doing so for 19 years. This was the first time I didn’t see uptake on an item like this. There was the regular /300 poster that sold for $50, then this which was /200 for $333. I only saw one person with one at the show. I suspect there are many leftover. It also probably didn’t help that they didn’t display them at all, so you couldn’t see what you were getting without asking to have one brought up to visualize.
  5. Don’t worry there. Alchemy box was shipped like a tank. Bubble wrapped inside a thick cardboard pizza style box. Was very very well packed when it arrived for me.
  6. Was hoping there would be a tri-color of “Love is Selfish” sold this past weekend in Nashville and Detroit as I was visiting my folks who live only a few hours away from either place. No luck this time.
  7. It was a St. Paul and the Broken Bones record, “The Alien Coast” on neon green. I don’t recall how much it was exactly. Want to say $13-14.
  8. Didn’t want to start a new thread, but “Reincarnation Rose” is available on a pretty cool splatter here: https://holymountainprinting.com/collections/boris/products/boris-reincarnation-rose-vinyl-record No mention of how many are being pressed.
  9. Just got my TMR Vault editions. NO is maroon with black splatter, Flood is the wispy blue in clear. Also just got an email from Third Man indicating there was a mix up and it was possible I had received the wrong item. The email also offered a return shipping label and a “mystery color 7” in return for the trouble of returning it for the appropriate product.
  10. I have thought this as well. I have wondered if they are making them in a “limited to amount preordered” way.
  11. Just wait for the “Taylor’s Version.” Shouldn’t be too much longer probably.
  12. There is also a “Yellow” album listed on the Bandcamp also slated for release in August, gives no explanation whatsoever as to what it is about.
  13. My copy from Brooklyn Vegan is currently on its way to Massachusetts via Florida. I don’t have real high hopes for it being in great shape, especially with the report that other copies are arriving warped.
  14. There are a couple items in the Vault store folks here might be interested in. Boris “Live at Third Man” in pink/blue split and Jerry Lee Lewis “Live at Third Man”black/blue split are both up and available right now.

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