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  1. Oh, don’t get me wrong, and I agree with you. I think this is a good thing, but for a repress of an album that is not one of their most popular releases, 5000 is a lot. For perspective, the TWO most recent represses of Mare Vitalis total 1500, and The Fleeting Light of Impermanence, a new release for which copies are still readily available has a total pressing amount to date of 2000.
  2. Glad to see it. As much as I am looking forward to this album, pressing 5000 copies for BF RSD is a bold move. These are going to be around for awhile.
  3. Seems like we are likely to get Sagarmatha eventually. I hope so anyway. It is also the only record missing from my collection. On a side note, there are no pressing numbers mentioned for this Peregrine release, makes me wonder if they are testing the waters with interest in the preorder before placing an order at the pressing plant.
  4. It was a signed copy of Colin’s new (middle aged reader, I think?) book and a black and grey marbled LP of “instrumental music to accompany your reading of said book.” Was $50, stated was “extremely limited.”
  5. I saw this last night from the mailing list. Checked back today and it looks like it is gone.
  6. If you send them an email with a photo of the damage, they will send you a replacement. Just do it quickly, I think you only have 7 or 14 days to do so after you receive it. I have had similar situations and gotten replacements easily, but appropriately so.
  7. I didn’t want to create a new thread, but thought there might be some here that would be interested in this: Available on vinyl for the first time, Colin Meloy 's collected EPs covering Morrissey, Shirley Collins, Sam Cooke, and The Kinks. SIDE A - Colin Meloy Sings Morrissey 1 I Know Very Well How I Got My Name 2 Pregnant for the Last Time 3 Jack the Ripper 4 I've Changed My Plea to Guilty 5 Sister I'm a Poet 6 Everyday Is Like Sunday SIDE B - Colin Meloy Sings Shirley Collins 1 Dance to Your Daddy 2 Charlie 3 Barbara Allen 4 Cherry Tree Carol 5 Turpin Hero 6 I Drew My Ship SIDE C - Colin Meloy Sings Sam Cooke 1 Cupid 2 Summertime 3 That's Where It's At 4 Good Times 5 Bring It on Home to Me SIDE D - Colin Meloy Sings The Kinks 1 Waterloo Sunset 2 Harry Rag 3 The Way Love Used To Be 4 Do You Remember Walter? 5 Days The Decemberists store exclusive on sea glass limited to 1500 is sold out, but an email that went out today said that an indie exclusive in black limited to 500 would be available on 6/27. Link to the sold out version in the store: https://decemberistsshop.com/product/XZLPDC37/colin-meloy-sings-together-exclusive-sea-glass-vinyl?cp=104489_104492
  8. Got an email from Rough Trade earlier today/yesterday that said July 1st.
  9. While I have been bummed about missing the VMP variant, I have to wonder how well this record will do commercially. I can’t help but feel I might be able to pick up the VMP version on Discogs for ~$60 or so in 6 months. 2000 is a lot of copies.
  10. Was planning on buying one myself when it opened up to non members(I let my membership lapse in April, just not worth the cost anymore) but it had already sold out.
  11. Do we think the pink from the DCfC and the indie exclusive are different? They seem like they should be. Galaxy vs. standard pink is my guess.
  12. Usually the end of the quarter. I would guess sometime in June/early July.
  13. Looks like from the news email they sent out, the only promotion they are doing is 10% off at the Nashville, Detroit, London stores with a receipt from a local record store from RSD, which would be the first RSD or BF RSD they haven’t had a release for since becoming a label in 2009 I believe.
  14. I was at the show last night. I try to get a poster at every Jack White related show that I go to, have been doing so for 19 years. This was the first time I didn’t see uptake on an item like this. There was the regular /300 poster that sold for $50, then this which was /200 for $333. I only saw one person with one at the show. I suspect there are many leftover. It also probably didn’t help that they didn’t display them at all, so you couldn’t see what you were getting without asking to have one brought up to visualize.
  15. Don’t worry there. Alchemy box was shipped like a tank. Bubble wrapped inside a thick cardboard pizza style box. Was very very well packed when it arrived for me.
  16. Was hoping there would be a tri-color of “Love is Selfish” sold this past weekend in Nashville and Detroit as I was visiting my folks who live only a few hours away from either place. No luck this time.
  17. It was a St. Paul and the Broken Bones record, “The Alien Coast” on neon green. I don’t recall how much it was exactly. Want to say $13-14.
  18. Didn’t want to start a new thread, but “Reincarnation Rose” is available on a pretty cool splatter here: https://holymountainprinting.com/collections/boris/products/boris-reincarnation-rose-vinyl-record No mention of how many are being pressed.