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  1. There are two main groups here. Once that I have never worn and ones that I have. I like to support artists and generally but a lot of pre-order bundles. Way past time to get rid of a bunch. Unworn shirts ==> $7. Others ==> $5. + $4 Shipping. Also open to offers multiple discounts, etc. Shirts I've never worn Shirts I've worn Special Notes: - Yellow The Fall of Troy shirt is a Medium - The Doors Shirt is Medium - Brown IWABO shirt is Medium - IWAB0 3/4 sleeve baseball tee is autographed (but Large) SPOKEN FOR: - CAPN JAZZ - TFoT Unlikely - TSOAF - TFoT - Yellow Ghosts
  2. I'd be willing to part with an original pressing (Divergent records). I have both the black/white and clear.
  3. Bought directly from Enjoy the Ride when this record was released. Stored properly and in improved inner and outer sleeves. Never played. Mint all around.
  4. I'll have to check on the mint colored Manipulator, but I have the test press if you are interested.