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  1. Still getting married and need money bump. Willing to sell at very fair prices. I don't care if I lose money, just want them gone.
  2. What a cheap shot by Wheeler at the end. I hate Kessler more than I hate Perry.
  3. Great win by the Wild. Looked the refs were trying to send a message against the Blues and their physicality.
  4. From what I understand he threatened Stone and tried slashing at him in the face off a couple times. It's pretty clear there was intent, because there's no reason to choke up on your stick like that. He deserves at least a game, if not two.
  5. I wanted to pick the Senators in seven so bad, but went with the Habs.
  6. Finally checked out Starry Eyes. I enjoyed it, especially the score. The movie reminded me a lot of a similar film called Contracted.
  7. Not to mention they get every first round pick Brooklyn has for what seems like the next five years.
  8. Bought that deluxe edition of the Babadook the other day with The Guest, which I've heard great things about. Speaking of The Babadook, it goes up on Netflix tomorrow.
  9. Looks like a hybrid of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Velociraptor.
  10. The last few weeks have been awesome with Hemsworth, The Rock, and Keaton.