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  1. daaaaaamn this went fast lol Hey this is post #420!!
  2. It was exciting. My heart was racing though haha. It reminded me of the earthquake that hit here a few years ago, I believe it was January of 2011 (like the first week of the new year). That one shook so much that the TV fell off its entertainment unit. It was a big ass tv. That one, I think, really scared people because the power went out for like 4 hours.
  3. Up here in Arcata we had an earthquake. It happened earlier this month, I think it was a 6.9 I believe. The shaking lasted for a good minute. The big one is coming :/
  4. I got copy yesterday in the mail, I had to look really hard to see the pixilation. Personally, it doesn't look that bad. Sure, you can argue that people pay money for a quality product and people get paid good money to design the jackets but I look at it this way: its not as bad as the Finch WIITB release. That was bad. Compared to this, this looks perfect.
  5. They released Half-Measures on vinyl last year I believe for RSD or BFRSD, a glow-in-the-dark vinyl.
  6. Favorite Album: Enema of the State Favorite Song: What Went Wrong Favorite Variant: 180g White (SRC released this one with a huge booklet, that that was awesome!)
  7. I've had LPs come in the mail from HT with bent corners. When I was in SoCal during the time Meteora came out, I went into the store to pick up a copy for me and another person on here. Super glad I did BECAUSE I was able to see the condition of the outside. I remember a few people who ordered their copy online and had cuts and damage to them.
  8. Gotcha, makes sense. You know what, sure. I've got my emulator for my computer so I'm satisfied. Shoot me with a PM, let's work something out
  9. Why not just download an emulator? Or you just want that feel of the gameboy version? I never thought that these games would be worth so much. I still have mine and I think the box that it came in as well. Emulators are awesome when you are feeling nostalgic, you can play any pokemon game or any other gameboy game you enjoy now and from back in the day.
  10. damn, I totally had them both and sold them a few days ago. Oh well, one day this will be repressed again
  11. Can't wait to get this in the mail. It takes some time for my orders to get to me when I purchase through HT but sometimes it comes quick and others, slow as all hell. I bet this is going to look pretty though, another one down!
  12. Thats totally true ^^^^ silly me haha I'll just hold out then. Changing the title now. Thanks for the heads up!
  13. "smoke two joints in the morning, I smoke two joints at night. I smoke two joints in the afternoon, it makes me feel all right"
  14. It most certainly is. I, like many others here, are full of them lol. Just got this in the mail today, looks pretty sweet! and I got a Michael Jordan Pog with my order. I should go through my Pog collection....
  15. Well I would rather trade it rather than selling it. Selling it would have its monetary benefits but trading, I feel, is more fun. But if I had to sell it, I would sell it for the same price as this variant. So that way I wouldn't lose anything lol.
  16. I too am hoping that Ground Dweller gets pressed, I hope they repress Unimagine. Super bummed that I waited, I wanted to get the vinyl with canvas painting but didn't want to drop the $30 + shipping for that package.

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