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    dack reacted to Sh100by in The Official 'Vinyl Me, Please' thread.   
    If you joined for Demon Days and need to vent about how your music taste is so narrow you can only enjoy commercialized cartoon music from when you were in High School please quietly evaporate with your memberships. Thanks.
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    dack got a reaction from dnl in PO Now: Saint Motel - Saintmotelevision   
    Saint Motel kind of came out of nowhere with the hit "My Type" in 2014 and they're looking to continue their upbeat indie pop sound on their sophomore effort, Saintmotelevision.
    Pre-orders have launched for the album on their webstore. 
    Webstore exclusive and limited to 1000 splatter vinyl is $19.99 (shipping is $7 and I was charged tax). Comes with digital download of full album at release. 
    There's also some bundles with t-shirts and 3D posters.

    Really digging the first single Move, check it out below:
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    dack got a reaction from Bull Moose in Soon: Yeasayer - Amen and Goodbye - 4/1/16   
    Thanks for the heads-up! Pre-ordered. 
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    dack reacted to ryantark in Soon: Yeasayer - Amen and Goodbye - 4/1/16   
    Gold @ BM $23