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  1. Right. They will be like “sorry we aren’t a band anymore and never got around to this.”
  2. So I this the record they recorded while having the patron running for a while?
  3. Keith was on this weeks episode of Chris Demakes A Podcast talking about the writing of Planet Shit.
  4. Yeah I liked Single and First Ditch, but can’t get into Double. Seems like they were right to cut most of these songs when they wanted to put them all out at once.
  5. I bought and canceled that when I found out more. But I also like more DTR albums then FBR. Also that was all pressed on one color, but this seems like each release will be on multiple.
  6. Idk average 12 inch being around $30 now, your basically getting 6 records with the test pressing so that alone would be $180. Then you got the box, pin, poster, bag. Feel like it’s easily going to be over $200, maybe $250.
  7. And that’s going to be expensive. And shipping a ton of times if you want the individual releases.
  8. To bad the mock ups look a little better then how they turned out. I wonder why they didn’t just photograph the actual records since they are obviously already in hand.
  9. No way low end I was thinking would be $150. 5 10 inch, a box, a pin, and what looks like a book. It’s going to be expensive. So disappointed. Why make them all drive thru colors and not individually match the albums?
  10. So wait it’s a box set? But you can only buy one EP a month? Also way to start with something that’s already been pressed. And I’m assuming this is all 10inch. Which is what vagrant is also currently going with.
  11. Looks like these may be in hand an ready to ship! You can also buy a test press for $80 at Lost In Ohio. In honor of its 15th anniversary, Lost in Ohio is pleased to announce a deluxe vinyl reissue of The New Amsterdams’ landmark 2007 album Killed or Cured. The brown & white double vinyl release is housed in a stunning gatefold jacket with refreshed artwork from original designer Matt Doyle and remastered for vinyl by Michael Fossenkemper. Vinyl is shipping Friday, October 14. Click here to pre-order!
  12. Bummed I missed the 400 while I was on an interview, but if I get the job maybe I’ll treat myself to it second hand. 😂
  13. Miss those days of Virgil putting up bundles during the pre order. $20 for both color ways. Vinyl Collective Item #82138062 BOYS NIGHT OUT "Make Yourself Sick" LP set of both colors Price: $20.00 Quantity: 1 Inventory SKU: SH77-1set Date: 9/16/2008 8:26:28 PM Then got the test pressing from him for $40. Vinyl Collective Item #82159061 BOYS NIGHT OUT make yourself LP TEST PRESS #/10 Price: $40.00 Quantity: 1 Inventory SKU: SH77-1TP Date: 12/4/2008 8:12:53 AM
  14. 34 minutes after purchasing and they already hit me back with my tracking number. Thanks for posting this.
  15. I have both the others you are talking about. This one seems just like the Lagwagon boxset they did a while back.
  16. Just got my boxset. Was a little worried the box seem a little loose where it the tape came across. Packed pretty nice inside. Foam corners all all four corners with big bubble wrap around the box. Box itself was in a plastic bag. Once opened there is more foam making so the records don’t slide around. Currently working so couldn’t open all the records (which are sealed). Only wish so far would be that there would have been some print on the side of the box instead of just the front.
  17. 30 copies for sale at tonight’s show. I won’t get there at doors, so no shot for me. Also wondering about the surprise opener since they added a third band before them.
  18. So who’s replacing Thrice tomorrow at the Vagrant show?
  19. Anyone go to the show yesterday? Wondering about merch.
  20. Honestly if they did a subscription I’d sign up. Cause I would probably grab whatever they press.
  21. Put all three in my cart and when I checked out it only had the 100 and 700 in it. Was able to go back and place a second order for the 200. Honestly like some of the shirts but will wait till I see them in Jersey City this summer.

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