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  1. Honestly if they did a subscription I’d sign up. Cause I would probably grab whatever they press.
  2. Put all three in my cart and when I checked out it only had the 100 and 700 in it. Was able to go back and place a second order for the 200. Honestly like some of the shirts but will wait till I see them in Jersey City this summer.
  3. As much as I would like that to be true I found tonight’s opener, Regulate.
  4. Wouldn’t get rid of those tickets just yet. Glassjaw moved the first 6 datas to October. Maybe you will be available then.
  5. Ironically about two post before you someone mentioned Glassjaw… and they are basically offering you a jewel case. But it’s pick up only cause it’s so fragile.
  6. Got this and Thrice together yesterday in a really solid mailer. I’m glad I ordered both. I had been doing Big Scary Monster subscription for a while and they kept mailing LPs from overseas in a mailer like that. I had to cancel cause it wasn’t worth it and they did nothing about the damage or future shipments.
  7. Poor life decisions. Says I have 53 test press, now have over 100. Why did I buy another 50 test that literally no one needs? In just 6 years. https://deadformat.com/collection/Hookups96
  8. What color was Teenage Bottlerocket? Know there was two one for retail and one for the bundle?
  9. I didn’t miss out. I just couldn’t afford it. And looks like the repress is just as crazy.
  10. The band statement is now gone. Probably regret even posting it now that ‘68 have dropped and the handful of shows left have been canceled.
  11. VC Co-Op 2.0!!! Limited craft beer tours to those who sign up early.
  12. Just got my Amazon order. Ordered on the 7th, shipped from Staten Island and was the black with yellow splatter.
  13. Apparently people are speculating that it matters how many songs a record must have to be worth the value in which Urban Outfitters prices there plastic circles. I mean what it really comes down to is this shiny bright plastic will still hang nicely on your wall regardless of the amount of groves it had. Perhaps your a modest person and only display the spine of the record on your self (much like your book collection) and I’m also pretty sure the groves will not be visible and no one will know you spent $40 for the same song once on each side of the record. So no difference paying that price for 2 or 10 sets a groves per a record.
  14. That is a bummer. Been waiting for my copy to ship and was happy with that color.
  15. The merch guy had a tip jar that said something like if you tip me enough I will have them play deadbolt. Wonder if that lie works for him.
  16. Really wanna grab the tour 7” and this, but really wasn’t planning on going that early.
  17. Vagrant just put up Trio on Black and Senses Fail on Blue.
  18. I’m assuming Alliance is limited to one. But if anyone could grab me a copy I’d gladly pay for it
  19. I love that there is now a $93 dollar set up for sale at Vitus that you can pick up at any show. But wasn’t up when the $199.30 set went up.

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