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  1. Limited too one just posted they are selling a ton of Victory test today. I wonder if they got them from the person who bought the auction.
  2. Two years in a row I bought test pressing from them on Black Friday and waited months to get them. These were for records that were already pressed and shipped. So clearly they had the test pressing in hand. I just checked my email and I was still emailing them in March about when they would ship and finally got them. This year I cut my losses and gave up on collecting test from them, as the prices had also gotten higher.
  3. Welcome To The Family test pressing up in the store. $300 for non damaged pizza box, $250 for damaged pizza box. $22 shipping.
  4. So I got a book and some records to go with my plastic box, rings, and oddly punched out center holes.
  5. The image I got from Revolver had a record where the center label says “Coloring Book Side 01”, so here is to hoping Our Color Green is on the other side.
  6. That was my thought after seeing the dates at the end. It wasn’t great having to collect my plastic box after the show last time. 😂
  7. Still have a full set of all the original pressings from Vinyl Collective for these three records. And the original boxset in both color ways (that included Gutter and not Big Dirty). Got test pressings of the Gutter, Last Night and Big Dirty. Never did find one for Hot Damn! that box set when it came out was how I found this place a million years ago.
  8. Pretty sure they know exactly what they are doing. And just trying to distance themselves publicly. I know when Chad got sick there were post with him and Steve together. So I’m sure they have some sort of agreement with the scrubbing of him and he’s aware.
  9. I know someone that worked on one of the layouts and that was the exact notes “take Steve out of it”.
  10. My Mark copy that I ordered just over a year ago just shipped.
  11. Totally forgot that I order a NOFX 10x10 boxset of demos and acoustics for songs I’ve never heard back in December. But turns out I did, and it’s shipping now.
  12. He went pretty MIA after all this. Doesn’t respond, not that I have tried reaching out in a while. He does occasionally still like something I post on social media.
  13. Bummed I missed the 100 set, but was able to grab the 300 set. That 100 of The World According looks pretty awesome.
  14. Still looking for a finch test pressing if anyone is selling.
  15. The Startling Line has started to ship. Seems everything is slowly shipping out in the order they were posted for sale. So could be a while till they get to the Movielife since it was last. Also put it out there, I’m looking for Movielife and Finch test pressings.
  16. I also got The Starting Line, but was hoping for The Movielife or Finch.
  17. Thanks for the tip, picked this up for half price. That said, as someone who used to have a full complete Thursday collection as well as some test pressing, I am glad I held of on this until it was 50% off.
  18. Just got a shipping notification that my boxset has shipped. Guess I will see what test pressing I got in the next few days.
  19. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CrjmntOomBw/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Get Hurt > Positive Charge. Will check out the full song tomorrow.
  20. Would be kinda cool if they recorded all their final shows and released them. Collectors would go nuts. But if they do an NYC date I would go, and buy the records.
  21. Finch - What It Is To Burn coming out on Parting Gift Records. Just posted the test pressing playing to there instagram story.
  22. https://1234gorecords.shop/products/pre-order-afi-sing-the-sorrow-2xlp-black-red-pinwheel?fbclid=IwAR1PQE0_9wcTWtfojhzzwSQIJ41DLrRDbLBDNjYt0zFFAYcZ_RisIapUeh0
  23. Right. They will be like “sorry we aren’t a band anymore and never got around to this.”
  24. So I this the record they recorded while having the patron running for a while?

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