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  1. Great advise. Thank you, we will head down to the local record store this weekend.
  2. That's okay! There are 150 to go through. Everything from The Beatles to ZZ Top. I will try to have a better eye with the CAT's and see if I can squeeze some funds out for him.
  3. Makes sense since that's where I am. Thank you for the information. Really appreciate it.
  4. Looks like I may have got the CAT wrong. This is not the same record? http://www.popsike.com/ELTON-JOHN-RARE-SEALED-2LP-GOODBYE-YELLOW-BRICK-ROAD-1973-1ST-PRESS-UNIPAK-OOP/251371043588.html
  5. Are you saying the record is in abundance or suggesting we sell there? Are you able to help confirm if this is actually a first press?
  6. Hi guys, You are going to have to forgive my ignorance about this record. I may be wrong, but I do believe this is a first press. The record itself is in great condition and plays well -though is a bit dusty right now. As far as I know this is a valuable record. My friend is in need of funds to help with registration of his vehicle so is is wanting to sell some records. I am going to be posting some pretty awesome stuff over the next week. Most from Fair to Very Good Condition. I would grade this as Good, verging on Very Good condition. The photos I have at the moment are not the best. I just snapped them to help confirm this is the record I think it is. I will clean the vinyl up and post some better photos if I find there is some interest. Pictures of the record - http://imgur.com/a/9DfCa
  7. Hey all, I am trying to track down a warped tour design Front Porch Step shirt. A friend of mine is going through and extremely rough time. I think this would really brighten her day. I will provide a link to the shirt. Friend is a female, so I suppose I would need a YL or XS size? I am willing to pay some good money, even trade a record or two. I have a lathe cut of The World is a Beutiful Place's Gig Life. I know a lot of people are after that? Anyways, any help would be really apreciatted. Thank you LINK TO DESIGN - http://pictures.depop.com/b0/428923/88274373.jpg
  8. If anyone wants to grab an extra EU exclusive. I will trade you a TLLA Clear w/ Black Smoke /100, once the orders are in. I have already placed my order and I just don't have the funds to make another...
  9. I was really looking forward to this. $37 shipped to Australia for a 10" is just unreasonable... I am siding with the people saying this is disrespectful to their fans. I nearly folded and ordered it today, but I have thought about it, and I decided I would let my wallet talk. I will not be purchasing this. I know this will sell either way. I know my opinion means jack shit, but I am writing in the hopes that someone connected to the release will see it. As a huge fan of these dudes, I feel like it is a massive fucking kick in the teeth. If someone connected to the release can post and at least try to justify this price, I may change my mind. I feel alienated now, extremely disappointing... This will surely turn me off any future releases from Secret Band.
  10. Jerry takes a huge amount of inspiration from Tom Waits. I also fucking love it. Got my package today, only the black variant inside Ordered both. Emailed Monotreme, hopefully they will sort it out for me soon. The packaging is amazing, the sleeves looks fantastic. The pins are pretty cool, a couple of nice stickers. Love that it came with a CD too. I don't think anyone is going to be disappointed with this release. The album is killer, have only listen to the DD as of yet. But I am really looking forward to spinning this tonight.
  11. I purchased both. I have been talking to the label and TS about a US preorder. From what I can tell there are no plans for this right now. But in saying that, I can definitely see Trophy Scars putting this on their own store once released. If you want the rarest variant, I wouldn't wait though... I know for a fact a lot of US fans are holding off, so I am afraid this is hurting sales of the album. Considering 500 of the Goodnight Alchemy copies sold out in minutes, you know there has to be demand for this record. If it makes you guys feel any better, I paid $97AUD for both variants shipped. For a Double LP, CD's and extras, I actually don't think this is too bad. Still pricey, but not terrible. I would pay a hell of a lot more for this band though, they really deserve it.
  12. Just like everyone else, very very happy about the price. I was totally willing to do $120 and have to cop a $60 shipping fee. I ended up getting the box, tshirt and the two other LP's for $160 shipped to Australia. So, eight LP's and tshirt for $160, absolute bargain. I feel this is completely fair price and I am more than happy to be paying it.
  13. Yes Fosters is disgusting, No self respecting Australian would drink that stuff.