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  1. The vinyl has been up for preorder for a few months. I don’t think hardly anyone here gives a shit about Foxing or side projects after the last few albums so it’s probably fine.
  2. Customer service is paying the price for this insane release model, overwhelmed and fucking shit up as is to be expected when you create a situation like this where your customers feel duped and rightfully request cancellations.
  3. It would be sick if this did NOT become the new business model for records. Thanks Taylor and Blink…
  4. Pretty sick of these guys to announce the lineup without having bands on board yet and then they severely hinder their ability to make money by charging such a high merch percentage that they’d rather not bring shit at all. What a joke.
  5. Ouch day 1 canceled due to high winds.
  6. They played! https://www.brooklynvegan.com/botch-played-their-first-show-in-20-years-in-seattle-video/?utm_campaign=later-linkinbio-brooklynvegan&utm_content=later-30333018&utm_medium=social&utm_source=linkin.bio
  7. If I didn’t get this due to this thread I was gonna be mad. Glad to stop receiving Discogs emails with silly prices on the listings.
  8. It went up back in March, I’m mostly positive they were posting about it then.
  9. They played The Whirling Tiger (FKA The Odeon) on Wednesday and Thursday night!
  10. I would’ve been so bummed had I not seen them play all of FC (plus Miracle and Dionysus Burning) in Louisville earlier this week. Can’t believe they didn’t just let them finish it out though. Friday set the precedent for the main stage running extremely late already.
  11. This makes me really sad. Wish you could’ve seen them. They seem really pleasantly surprised by how well this is going so hopefully this isn’t the last we see of them.