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  1. And they don’t even seem to come with bonus stuff anymore. Ouch.
  2. Geez somebody here has to hate the production enough to set you up with a pretty /100 Dine Alone to go with this set.
  3. If you like any Thrice album beyond The Illusion of Safety then you deserve SRC. jkjk nobody deserves SRC and I like some Thrice stuff after TIOS.
  4. I came in from Louisville. Strange Ranger’s van broke down and they barely made the show. Would’ve been cool to meet up!
  5. Yea! At the show now, they just played and were really good. They played Leona, Sunday and Planes in Front of the Sun from the new album as well as Seesaw and a couple other tracks from Daymoon. Anyone who likes Daymoon won’t be disappointed in any of those new tracks, they went in pretty hard on Planes. Tyler Bussey former of TWIABP is playing with them currently and he added a nice flair.
  6. Definitely not a fan of this new “add a new item to the web store every day” trend. That being said, even if the picture disc does wind up with an extra track I’d still rather have the non picture disc version.
  7. Based on the new band bio and the fact that it’s actually an older song (been around since at least 2017, they played it at Audiotree live back then) there’s really no telling what this album will sound like. I don’t blame anyone for being hesitant.
  8. Seems pretty unlikely we’ll get much of that on this one: http://tinyengines.limitedrun.com/bands/strange-ranger
  9. Fixed OP. Orange makes more sense given the Green and Orange text on the cover.