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  1. I think everyone should quit. You can play all these songs on your iPhone now.
  2. I believe closed casket stuff is midnight eastern. I dunno shit about nuclear blast practices.
  3. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CYMslArJFil/?utm_medium=copy_link
  4. Seems close enough to how it turned out unless the base was meant to be blue and the pinwheels pink. Product page is updated. https://shop.thehardtimes.net/products/quicksand-distant-populations-limited-edition-hot-pink-cyan-blue-pinwheel-lp-only-500-made?_pos=5&_sid=83a6f3fcb&_ss=r
  5. I don’t remember what it looked like before but something didn’t pan out with that hard times/whatever other stores variant. They sent an email asking to reply if you didn’t want the changed variant. Still looks fine to me.
  6. They should make more music. Stairway to Mar-a-Lago rips. Need some more.
  7. I gotta check it out. Especially after the nothing gig on Friday got canceled at showtime.
  8. Every record can be a piece of art. It’s a pretty big deal.
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/CXjSOX7phct/?utm_medium=copy_link just the two shows previously mentioned with alk3 in CA and Moneen in MA.
  10. I’ll get nerdy and pay extra for the BSM version of some of their Polyvinyl collabs but $20 is already really pushing it for a 10” so no way I could fork over $40+. Got the green joint.
  11. It’s absolutely insane. I didn’t even know lobster still existed… and figure they might not anymore after this. if it’s a yellowcard album not called ocean avenue does it really need a reissue pressing this massive?
  12. https://www.friendclubrecords.com/products/715112-one-hundred-year-ocean-you-could-be-a-cop-split-12?fbclid=IwAR13kvzxb31Ntmk9-dLtzcDYivHday0wTVt_c6DSiI9C79vu7jqz8Ru4iU8 One track kinda stings but I’ll take it. The you could be a cop song is 13 min so hopefully OHYO is beefy too.
  13. The album dropped a day early via the fader and I played it a few times, shit’s sick. Ovlov4L
  14. Dropped in the middle of the night at $50 a pop…
  15. I agree with you… but I kinda like it still. Hoping for some weirder shit on whatever comes next but I can throw on dumb ass shit like this from time to time and have fun.
  16. I paid too much to snag it from the UK store. I gotta turn on drug church social notifications I keep whiffing using the board.

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