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  1. Seriously. I know the one dude is just trying to counter troll but at this point if we could get the mods to put them both in time out that would be great.
  2. RFC emailed about the variant mixup, there will most certainly not be a corrected pressing: You're receiving this email because you ordered the Run For Cover exclusive variant of American Pleasure Club's new album Fucking Bliss. This is a notice to let you know that the record you'll be getting is slightly different than initially described - the record was first listed as 'Half Dark Blue & Half White,' but actually arrived as more of a baby blue color than a dark blue. The record variant is still limited to 100 copies.
  3. It’s the DreamWorks part that could keep In Reverie out of print for good. If Vagrant had the rights to press it still they surely would have put it out during their 20th anniversary reissue campaign last year. Anyways, not new info but any time some widely available or not particularly sought after STD album gets repressed people will bring up In Reverie.
  4. How quickly can the mods delete the barrage of “BUT WHY YOU MIX IT THIS WAY?!?” comments?
  5. I like this project and ordered a red copy... but more Title Fight next please.
  6. Older band with an older fan base. This is probably a safer bet than trying to force 10 variants down our throats. Didn’t Rise try that with these guys with mixed results?
  7. You got the wrong variant. Early bird pictures are up on social media and they are as advertised.
  8. Fucked around and slept on the clear variant. Shoot.
  9. Or ya know... offer a refund if you can’t deliver.
  10. Oh shit, I also thought it was black. Just put a light on and it sure enough, it’s colored! Sounds pretty great to me as well. Caught some seams splits in transit but whatcha gonna do?
  11. No way I could take any reply from them seriously.
  12. Yea..... sure $30+ for an LP isn’t unheard of but it’s still ridiculous. I don’t regularly support any label that charges prices like this. Plus wasn’t the other He Is Legend thread recently discussing how they ran off with some of their most diehard fan’s money? Fuck that, steal this record if you wanna hear it (I don’t, don’t ask me why I’m here because I’m as confused as anyone else).
  13. Tugger probably complained that the 2LP masterpiece The Canyon deserved a higher price tag.
  14. PV Early Bird looking nice, not as nice as that Dine Alone boy though.
  15. Still a numero press, SRC just happens to have preorders up before any official announcement.
  16. Hey there’s more people in the Flenser sub than there are people interested in vapor wave group buys!
  17. Supposedly there is another variant coming eventually (according to one of Phoebe’s close friends on social media).
  18. The wording is mildly confusing. But I’ll assume the /300 BSM exclusive has 2 LPs that are some mix of green and purple while the /900 via CIR is obviously one green LP and one purple LP.
  19. I definitely don’t like LP2 the way I like Temple of Plenty, but I don’t hate it the way most people seem to. Still hoping the return to TE will be a return to that ToP sound.
  20. Hell yea. /100 is running low according to RFC social media.