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  1. I switched to brave on iOS recently (long time PC user) and it’s night and day vs using safari.
  2. https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/russian-circles Lil release article and tour dates too. https://sargenthouse.com/home/blog/russian-circles-announce-new-lp-gnosis
  3. ETR should’ve released it anyways but the “tribute” version with his buddies playing all the songs instead of the originals.
  4. Ashtray Red https://www.turntablelab.com/products/duster-together-red-colored-vinyl-vinyl-lp-turntable-lab-exclusive?goal=0_8b218d7604-d116eaf553-28593301&mc_cid=d116eaf553&mc_eid=92a2ef51c1 hurry up and buy all these before I double dip.
  5. Ohhh. If BM is canceling orders they may have been notified that these releases aren’t announced yet and instructed to take down. I can’t imagine there won’t be some sort of official announcement for these from the band/label.
  6. Tour only 7” “for now”. Assuming since this tour isn’t very extensive they will sell it online after.
  7. I got a shipping notification but it went to the junk folder.
  8. I wanna know if the shoes he couldn’t tie were Etnies.
  9. It ruled. Still very weird and Eggersy for such a big budget movie but certainly much more accessible to a broader audience. Heading out to see Men tonight.
  10. Dave might have enough stroke to delay the physical album but not the physical movie since they worked with Universal on that.
  11. Too bad the movie somehow looks significantly worse than the original
  12. They’ve been posting finished product photos and confirmed they came in early, right?
  13. This will probably be 4 standard black lps stuffed in a non gatefold all black jacket so while the tool shit is stupidly priced you can’t really compare them.
  14. I haven’t done any side by side comparisons but in terms of the added 4 tracks… I can’t imagine they would sway your opinion much.
  15. https://tennissystem.bandcamp.com/album/autophobia-expanded?from=fanpub_fnb Copies of the RSD expanded edition up for $20 plus shipping. Wish I hadn’t paid the RSD markup price. Oh well.
  16. I got the white one. Cell signal in Colorado Springs was tooooo slow for the ugly one.
  17. They’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember so it’s not surprising. I wanna know more about what piebald has to do with it!

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