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  1. It’s been a long time since I’ve regularly visited here, but iirc *any* talk of bootlegs or unofficial releases on this board was met with some pretty staunch outcry and, at times, the conversation would be completely shut down by the mods. At the very least it would almost always spark a debate on the ethics and morality of buying these releases, with the vast majority of users here not being in favor. This seemed to result in those who buy them to be reluctant to share or want to talk about the subject.
  2. Somehow the fact that they are releasing new music (which should be a fairly big deal) was completely overshadowed by the horrible reissue artwork for their old albums. Terrible marketing strategy. also can’t help but love they turned comments off on the Instagram post for what I can only presume was an onslaught of highly entertaining internet criticism.
  3. A belt isn’t going to fix your speed problem. Cheap entry level tables are notorious for spinning at variable speeds. The U turn mentioned is far more likely to get you closer to 33 1/3 RPM
  4. At the very least your stylus is probably dirty. Either that or it’s worn down. Needles are only good for around 1000 hours of playback. LP60 is a starter table, wouldn’t recommend to buy it again. Unless you like replacing your turntable every two years.
  5. Longshot? Probably. But I have a large wad of cash for anyone willing to part with a putting music in its place box. hit me.
  6. My terrible confession: I’ve never listened to NUFAN. Just recently heard an album for the first time. What better way to get into this band than to pick up a 14 album box set?
  7. Depends on what phono stage you get. Some may have an EQ… I would be curious what amp/speakers you are using, if those were of good quality an EQ usually isn’t even needed
  8. Too much direct sunlight can be bad for electronics (mostly cosmetic wear). It can also warp records due to the heat and fade jackets. If you live somewhere where the climate can get warmer and that window is one that has direct sunlight for extended periods of the day, I would find a different spot.
  9. The Cambridge “phono stage” you mentioned is a phono pre amp. As long as your tube amplifier works to get a line level signal from a source then you shouldn’t need anything else. the Duo can handle moving magnet and moving coil cartridges so even if you swapped your cartridge out it’s unlikely you would need anything else.
  10. Thanks! These are a couple of my favorite pieces of audio gear I’ve ever owned, so I figure might as well dress them up.
  11. Awesome elitist gatekeeping dude, reminded me why I stayed away from this board for years. Have a good one.
  12. I’ve only owned the OKNOTOK box and AMSP book, both of which fit in a record shelf *shrug*
  13. Anybody else bothered that the Scarry edition is too tall to fit in an expedit or kallax? Kinda ruins it for me. Where the hell do I keep this thing?
  14. I have an easy one. I'm just looking to pick up some POP PUNK LPs, colored variants preferred. non-censored enema of the state plz. blink-182: Enema Cheshire MTTS TOYPAJ knuckle puck: copacetic while I stay secluded

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