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  1. Buy it directly from IIOI for $20 https://stormchasersltd.bigcartel.com/product/into-it-over-it-standards-lp-cd
  2. Sold off a good chunk of my collection last year and looking to pick some stuff back up, starting with some records that should be relatively easy to find. I’m not sure why everyone on discogs thinks every slab of vinyl pressed is worth $50 now.. Anyway, here’s what I’m after: -kid a (2x12”) -ok computer (any 2xLP pressing) -hail to the thief -moon shaped pool (any pressing) -in rainbows box set thanks for looking
  3. The Nagaoka would be a good choice after disliking the Ortofon. I went from a 2M blue to an AT-440mla (current equivalent is the VM540) and have never looked back. They are hands down my favorite cartridges I’ve heard in the $200-$300 range. I also own a Denon DL-110 that I’m a fan of as well. A system should sound good on direct or pure direct mode or there’s something to be improved. No EQ should be needed.
  4. While I’m a big fan, I think this blanket statement won’t actually solve OP’s problem. The 2m blue is known as a very bright cart, and has been reviewed as fatiguing to some (myself included) While it’s true the Rotel might be amplifying the problem produced by the cart (no pun intended), a 2m blue paired with a marantz might still be too bright for OP’s preference. I’d personally start with a new cartridge as it’ll be the easiest part of the system to invest in and would most likely solve the problem.
  5. Well, a day after reaching out to District Lines to inquire about both of my orders I never received I got a response that they originally oversold their stock and were waiting to receive more from Hydra Head. Today I got a different message saying a batch of records were damaged which is why they never shipped me mine so they can only offer a refund. Seems weird I would only hear about this a day after reaching out to them, and I haven’t heard or seen anyone else effected beside me. I wish companies would just be honest, say they fucked up (in this case forgot to fulfil my order) and offer something substantive for a solution. Double bummer.
  6. Thanks to this thread, I just realized I never received either of my two orders from District Lines from back in July. Bummer!
  7. Bumpin this dusty thread.. just saw that the band posted a 25% off sale with code SPRINGSALE at the RISC store a couple of days ago. All four Streetlight albums in the bundle come to about $58 including shipping, not too bad
  8. This is one of my favorites from BTBAM.. I picked this up and have had a chance to listen through on speakers and a couple more times with headphones on. To me, the headline to the remaster is that the mids have definitely been scooped and a lot more compression added. Where parts of the album get really busy and were generally difficult to discern some of the more complex compositions, they are now much easier to hear and therefore the album is generally “easier” to listen to, with some more of the subtle instrumentation a lot more apparent now. There are parts of the album I heard with headphones on that I just never noticed before. I still love the old mix, it’s definitely got a bit more bite to it, however if I were pulling an album off the shelf to listen to between the two, I would pick this one.
  9. These came in a couple of days ago and came out pretty awesome for anyone interested. Almost caught up on shipping all pre-orders out!
  10. Haven't really purchased or been into soundtracks lately, but $102ppd for 5 albums and a tote bag (free shipping + free tote promo) aint too shabby.
  11. Just put these up for sale now, use discount code ALLTHREE if you are buying the TP and two variants for 10% off
  12. Would love to, unfortunately no luck with the label they were signed to when the last two LPs were released, so for now I can only stick with the music they released independently

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