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  1. Hey-o! These came in last week and they came out pretty neat. There's only about a dozen of the blue/purple variant left.
  2. Even though it's not super popular here just wanted to give a heads up I'm down to about 6 copies of the splatter left.. Once it's sold out, most likely not going to be repressed
  3. Just thought I'd share how a few of the jackets came out, I hope everyone who ordered enjoys them
  4. Damn dude that sucks, haha, but glad they are fixing it. Missed Out seems like good people. The test presses are approved and they sound sooo freaking solid. This is by far the best sounding release I’ve worked on, I seriously can’t wait for people to hear it. ALSO getting low on the stock of purple variant (~20 left) in the CBR web store, only other way to get it after it’s sold out is if the band has any leftover to sell at their shows.
  5. ^Thanks dude! The band's BC is sold out of their allocation of the purple variant, but there are still some in the CBR webstore. Also, the full album was released last week so take a listen if you are so inclined to. I've been teasing the handmade jackets on instagram but I am going to be posting a few of them next week so everyone knows what to expect. I hope people are going be stoked on it!
  6. pre order is up (with mockups for the variants) i am also making custom stencil spray painted LP jackets of the album art, 10 copies total. there’s only a few left after this morning
  7. What's up y'all, I pressed another record. Pre order goes up tomorrow at 10am PST Listen here: https://sawce.bandcamp.com Pre-order here: https://circuitboredrecords.bigcartel.com SAWCE have certainly earned a name for themselves in the DIY Instrumental / Math Rock community. Their commitment to musicality and musicianship over all else translates to an extremely enjoyable listening experience, whether you are into it for guitar wizardry and odd time signatures, or simply impressed by the incredibly accessible grooves. This EP marks the first time SAWCE's music has been made available on the vinyl format. Mastered and pressed on two limited colorways, this release has a VERY special packaging design to top it off. 1st Pressing: Purple & Blue Swirl w/ White Splatter /100 Orange "SAWCE Stain" Inside Clear /150
  8. I bought the one hundred year ocean 7” like a year and half ago and it never shipped. Just realized it too. bummer
  9. ^this entire post.. just no. A marantz 22 series receiver is “coloring” the sound from an analog source MORE than a p.o.s. cheap modern Sony? What?
  10. Wet clean / vacuum all new records and again every so often to maintain + Carbon fiber brush before every listen + Don't forget about your stylus
  11. So either this guy is a professional scam artist, or is batshit insane. Or both. Either way, it's too good to not post. Read from the bottom up. Don't make the same mistake I did and add this guy to your block list, pronto.
  12. The stupid thing is he already left me negative feedback a week ago, so I basically had nothing to lose but I felt like I should try to resolve it with him anyway. It was only after we started messaging that he got aggressive and just now he opened a PayPal claim against me. I'm just going to give him what he wants and leave the negative feedback to warn others. I've been through this with PayPal and they have a tendency to lean in the buyers' favor unless given a good amount of pushback. For a $40 record, it's just not worth it to me. Shitty.