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  1. I disagree. The turntable (and cartridge) is the obvious bottleneck of your system. Your amp and speakers are actually decent and the cartridge on your table is considered entry level at best. When you listen to a different source, such as a CD player or an iPod on the same amp and speakers I would wager to say that the quality would be much better than when you listen to your turntable. If you are unhappy with the way other sources sound out of the same speakers as well, I would recommend not to take advice from people on the internet and find a local hifi shop where you can demo some speakers and hear which ones you like for yourself.
  2. Sorry to report but a sub-$100 all-in-one turntable is always going to sound bad, no matter what Advice? 1. Thank whoever gave it to you for the thought 2. Throw it in the trash 3. Seek out something better
  3. Saw them post on instagram an opaque pink variant of this album, anyone have any info on that? Would love that over the others that have been available since pre order
  4. Welcome to the world of collecting figures / statues. Has little to do with Mondo and more to do with the industry. Delays are more expected and accepted than in the world of record collecting. I can tell you a little over a year from preorder to delivery is certainly not absurd. A record gets delayed a couple of months and this board goes up in arms and everyone grabs their pitchforks; meanwhile even the most reputable high end figure producers get delayed months and months on end on a regular basis and it's pretty much accepted as commonplace.
  5. Ordered. I missed the 2nd one (To All The Broads..) but have the others. Hope for a repress on that one. These records are too great to pass up.
  6. Yeah they said the 2x LP will be available for a long while longer. I did the same tonight and ordered the box. Definitely going to regret not picking it up if it's going for 2x-3x as much in a year, which is a distinct possibility.
  7. Sold my B&W CM10s in order to pay off the last of my credit cards a few weeks ago. Picked up a cheap open box pair of DefTech BP-9020 towers just to have something to listen to -- but I'm surprised at how much I really like these speakers after breaking them in. Obvious difference is a substantial trade off of high end for low end on these new speakers, but they honestly sound very nice for music and great for movies/tv. For my plebeian ears, I find them to be quite enjoyable.
  8. So you committed to purchasing an album with your own stipulation that you needed to see it or have contact with the seller before actually making payment (nothing in the Discogs T&C that would claim you are entitled to) and then are upset that he left you appropriate feedback for not paying? I'm mostly playing devil's advocate here, and not condoning the seller's behavior in any way, but I think you have to take some accountability for yourself as well. I wouldn't really consider that account to be worthy of the title "terrible seller"
  9. Since the first LP is on sale for 14.99, I might grab Homey with it from Sumerian since it would basically work out to $25ppd per LP... not great but better than $35 or $40
  10. Holy shit $15 shipping from merchnow. I really want this, but what a fucking bummer.
  11. It's still disassembled sitting on my work bench next to my kitchen table. Work and life priorities took over and it's on the back burner. It'll still happen though... in due time.
  12. Well, at this point it probably isn't. Source: this message board
  13. So judging by The Thing release, we can expect another $75 price tag for the jacket? Was the soundtrack to the babadook that good? I liked the movie but the music didn't seem especially memorable
  14. Not that I care one way or another, but that's exactly what they did. People will get their records regardless, but the CDs are away for them to pay the loan off quicker.
  15. I didn't think there was a turntable design I could have desired any less than this Beatles one, and then you said yellow. Ew.
  16. From an engineering standpoint, I would assume it would be ideal to have the plinth be as dense as possible. For that reason, wouldn't MDF beat out a slab of wood in terms of sound reproduction? Honestly don't care about "ruining" the Beatles plinth or the potential to flip it down the road
  17. Day two was tackling the tonearm. The issue I ran into is it would appear that the wires running out of the bottom are soldered after the tonearm is installed on the plinth, which means there is no way to pull them back through without unsoldering them. Exhibit A Without unsoldering them, you would have to pull that entire box through the plinth due to the RCA connectors not being able to pull out of the box itself due to size. Also, the screws that affix the tonearm to the plinth are the two on either side of the tonearm in this picture, and they were kind of a pain. This is where you need the precision plyers to get them unscrewed (or a really tiny socket wrench, which I don't own) So, it was time to get soldering! It's only necessary to solder 4 out of the six wires because the negative leads are soldering to small rings which will fit through the plinth. Tonearm is off! So this is where I am at right now. Everything has been removed and it is safe to start sanding the finish off. Tomorrow I am meeting up with a buddy who actually has a woodshop who is going to be my consultant on the sanding / re-finishing portion of this project. I will keep updating this thread as it goes along for the couple of people who are potentially interested in it.
  18. Day one was generally disassmeby, which went pretty smooth. All phillips head screws for the most part, and two electric connecters that link the power supply to the "speed box" which in turn connects to the motor. Also needed a set of alan wrenches and a pair of precision needle nose plyers as well. Everything came out very smooth and seems to be pretty straightforward to put back together as well. Here is one of the connectors going into the board that the power supply plugs into. Same type of connector is used coming out of the motor The speedbox that controls power and switching between 33 and 45 rpm (indicated by the blue LED lights) Here everything is off except the tonearm, which understandably proved to be a bit more challenging than anticipated (but still not too bad)
  19. So to not flood the new purchase thread with updates on this, I started its own thread for updates on this endeavor. For those not in the loop, I got a bunch of points for a work anniversary and basically had free money to spend. We had an open box Debut Carbon Espirit SB model which I was able to pick up for pretty cheap, so it came out basically for free with the the points used. Actually, it was missing the anti-skate weight (the reason why it was returned) so I did have to buy one of those for about $15 shipped in order to make it functional. The only problem is it's a Beatles edition turntable that's ugly as hell, so I'm going to end up giving it a new face. I honestly haven't decided what it will ultimately look like although I am thinking either going with a wood veneer or possibly having one of my buddies who is an artist paint something custom on it. Naturally being a $15 overall investment, I won't be too upset if I completely botch this thing so I guess we'll just have to see how it goes! Here is the before:
  20. I appreciate your insight, but I'm not going to work that hard for a $100 cartridge that I am not that fond of to begin with. For not a lot more I can get a cartridge that is worth the proper set up process that has overall more desirable tonal characteristics for me. My comment was more to the fact hat these tables are advertised as pre-set up with this specific cartridge when (in my multiple experiences, anyway) they are not. The fact that a mass of people are happy with the stock set up simply confounds me, is all.
  21. Someone asked in the comments on IG if there will be a discernible difference between the two presses and Waxwork replied "no."
  22. Carbon fiber brushes should have their place in any record collector's routine, but it should not be the one and only thing one uses to clean records. Like Freki mentioned, a carbon brush is really only going to move surface level dust and debris and not get in the grooves to clean or have an effect on the point at which the stylus makes contact with the vinyl... I use my carbon brush only before dropping the needle on an already properly cleaned album to get whatever dust has fallen on the record in between the sleeve and the platter. The best way would be a proper wet cleaning option... I can personally recommend the record doctor V for the money for something entry-level.. there's a thread on here if you search for it that has plenty of other recommendations as well. The older style discwashers are better than nothing but still will leave you with dirt and chemical on your record without a proper way to get that off (vacuum) it will have a sonic effect on your playback
  23. In a stunnng turn of events, my wife (who is typically indifferent to my records/tables/gear) LOVES this table. Beatles is one of her favorite bands and she is damn near heartbroken to know that I want to shed this thing's skin. I may have to hold off on the re-paint of the table just yet. Is this not one of the ugliest designs though? Anyway, I set up just to make sure there are no functionality problems and dear lord the IGD on this ortofon red is absolutely horrific. Worse than I remember. I can't replace it with something (anything) else quick enough. I don't understand how people get these carts to sound good as the three I have owned all have the same problem terrible sibilance and bad tracking. I tried the pre set up configuration, no good. Adjusted it ever so slightly with the supplied protractor, even worse. Used my own (both baerwald) and it's mildly better. I'll let it do its thing, for now.

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