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  1. got my white with black swirl today, pretty gnarly surface noise throughout the entirety of side A. bummer
  2. yanquiuxo

    PO: Kubbi - Taiga

    These are in hand and shipping now :-)
  3. That setup would be functional, not speaking to anything as far as sound quality goes... but the sound from the turntable would definitely come out of those speakers with the setup you are describing
  4. Getting out of the soundtrack game. Gonna let most of these go below cost just to get rid of em. Iron Giant (metal case) $75 Hot Fuzz (Winchester ale) $20 Twin Peaks (brown) $20 2001 Space odyssey (black) $15 Blue Sunshine (transparent blue) $15 The Visitor (sunburst) $14 Black Sunday (Seahawks color) $15 Here comes the devil (red with black) $13 Starry Eyes (I have both gold and silver versions) - $14 each Walking Dead Vol2 picture disc $10 Breaking Bad vol 1 meth blue color $15 Breaking Bad vol 2 hazmat yellow $15 Termintor 2 Judgement Day (Milan colored blue and red) $20
  5. yanquiuxo

    PO: Kubbi - Taiga

    Pre order is up now, /100 variant is about 20% sold through
  6. Probably pick up an extra M97xe some point soon, thanks for the heads
  7. This band used to be one of my favorites. Very sad they have really watered down all aspects that made them good. I could get behind a few tracks on Perch Patchwork but Beware and Be Grateful was just plain no good. Gonna take a hard pass on this one.
  8. Pre-order for this is going up tomorrow. Most of you have probably never heard of this artist, but he's an awesome 8-bit / chiptune musician. The music is quite good, and the color variant is going to rule. http://circuitboredrecords.bigcartel.com LISTEN HERE: http://kubbimusic.com/album/taiga
  9. Just found out I get a pretty substantial discount on Sumiko and Pro-Ject products through my work, so I picked up a Tube Box S Thinking of getting a Blue Point No. 2 unless one of you guys can give me a reason not to
  10. I rank my list in order of what will have the biggest tonal impact to least tonal impact, in my opinion 1. Speakers 2. Cartridge 3. Turntable 4. Amp 5. Pre-amp
  11. yanquiuxo

    Do you have a vinyl only instagram?

    http://www.instagram.com/records_and_toys http://www.instagram.com/circuitboredrecords
  12. For those who haven't seen this, I'm doing a test press giveaway
  13. yanquiuxo

    Tera Melos - Trash Generator (Aug 25th)

    Someone mentioned that Super Fx is a completely different song on the LP than on the other versions. I wouldn’t know because I don’t own this LP due to the fact that I don’t like it all that much. Sad, because they have always been one of my favorite bands