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  1. Fuck yes! I didn't even know this was happening until a couple weeks ago, so pumped!
  2. Ooh, I like that one. Side Question: Is it really a "2nd press" if the album's not even out yet?
  3. I only made it halfway through. "I'm a one-way ticket on a nowhere bus." Get the fuck outta here. I'm officially embarrassed that I ever liked this band, and the 241 in my username is a fucking Reel Big Fish reference!
  4. I'll probably stream this when it comes out, but my expectations are low. This band hit the ground running with those first EPs, but have failed to deliver since then. Maybe they're just better at EPs.
  5. They're nice, but they're not $175 nice. For that kind of money, you could get a 5x5 Kallax and have over $4k that you can blow on records instead of 24 more of these storage cubes.
  6. I'm in the same boat. Actually, I haven't really loved any of his albums since EKMB, and I think I only listened to BMK once all the way through. His past few albums have had a handful of great songs, but a whole lot of forgettable filler. I'll still give this new one a listen, but the days of me preordering a Frank Turner album are behind me, I think.
  7. Gosh, I'm really tempted by that boxset, but the completist in me can't pull the trigger because I don't know if they'll put out more volumes with each new album.
  8. It was such a music fad in the mid-00s, and the only reason I paid attention to Head Automatica, Men Women & Children, or Cobra Starship was because they were offshoots of bands I enjoyed. It was cheesy shit that put a smile on my face, but that's all it ever was. There's not even nostalgia for it. For me, anyways. It's like hearing "Barbie Girl" now. I used to bump that jam all the time back in the day, with only a slight sliver of irony. I hear that song now, and it makes my skin absolutely crawl.
  9. Yup! I bought this when HT pressed it a few years back. Got halfway through Side A before I had to stop listening. This is definitely one of those bands that had their time and place for me, and that time has absolutely passed. Ended up making some decent money off of it though.
  10. Glad I saw this thread pop up, mine stopped scrobbling a while ago and I never re-installed the app. Got it back up and running again. https://www.last.fm/user/tdogg241
  11. Didn't all of that happen after HT cracked down on the crazy sales they used to have on vinyl? I always got the impression that Travis and the vinyl dept kind of flew under HT's radar for a while until they noticed they were losing money there. When HT put a stop to it, Travis seemed to depart very soon after. Anyway, hope he's doing well. He was able to put out some great stuff during his time with HT.
  12. AM! is definitely still a band, and even better, Andrew Seward rejoined about a year ago. They're apparently working on their next full-length right now. That said, I can't get into this "solo" record. I honestly didn't care for Shape Shift With Me either.