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  1. I've always bought the deluxe version of TA's albums and then a regular copy for actual playing. This time I was just going to get the deluxe and save some money... Until that goddamn Revolver variant popped up. That was $30 I didn't need to spend, lol. Love the new song/video, but that might be the poppiest song TA has written to date.
  2. Nope. I just moved and had to update my shipping address and asked about the ETA on it. On 9/21, they said it was delayed because of COVID (obv) and should be shipping this week.
  3. Yep, this thread just reminded me how dumb this forum is sometimes and why I only check it about once a week these days.
  4. Best deal I've ever gotten would have to be original pressings of Ben Folds Five's Whatever and Ever Amen and Autobiography.... I think I spent about $40 each, both in pretty great condition. This was 5+ years before they got repressed. Best sale I've ever made is easy: I sold a copy of the Thrice/Manchester Orchestra split for $250 on Discogs a few years back. That was bonkers. I listed it at that price as a joke, since there's only two songs on the thing, both mediocre covers. When someone actually bit, I followed through on the sale thinking there was no way they were serious about it. Turns out they were.
  5. Exactly. And lots of people have been awaiting these represses for a long time. Now that we've finally got them, people are speculating about future value when they sell them off? That's fucking silly. My kids are probably going to be responsible for selling these off after I'm dead, because I have no plans to sell them.
  6. Lol at anyone who would freak out about their copy not being as limited as they thought anymore. I'm just stoked to finally be able to add these to my collection. People have been screaming for these for years, and now they're complaining? Yeesh.
  7. Fuck yes! I didn't even know this was happening until a couple weeks ago, so pumped!
  8. Ooh, I like that one. Side Question: Is it really a "2nd press" if the album's not even out yet?
  9. I only made it halfway through. "I'm a one-way ticket on a nowhere bus." Get the fuck outta here. I'm officially embarrassed that I ever liked this band, and the 241 in my username is a fucking Reel Big Fish reference!
  10. I'll probably stream this when it comes out, but my expectations are low. This band hit the ground running with those first EPs, but have failed to deliver since then. Maybe they're just better at EPs.
  11. They're nice, but they're not $175 nice. For that kind of money, you could get a 5x5 Kallax and have over $4k that you can blow on records instead of 24 more of these storage cubes.