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  1. tdogg241

    The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    Fuck yeah, what an awesome surprise on an otherwise boring day. I bought the shit out of the color version, because I'm an absolute sucker for this band.
  2. Funny thing is, their second album was reportedly written/recorded very hastily as a "fuck you" to their overly obsessed fanbase of Tumblr turds. The band even originally pressed it on a one-sided 12", even though it's only like 15 minutes long (a 10" version was later available outside the US). But they seriously half-assed the cover art, the title is a reference to their disdain for those "fans" who quickly abandoned them, and they almost never play any of the songs from that album live. That's where I think the majority of the backlash comes from. I still like all their albums, but OATIWSGT was generally not well-received.
  3. Goddammit, I slept on this too long. If either of you ends up not being able to go, I'll totally take the tickets off your hands. Also, the venue they're playing (The Showbox) is probably not long for this world. https://komonews.com/news/local/save-the-showbox-rally-demands-seattle-icon-be-nominated-as-landmark Probably my all-time favorite venue. I hope it can be saved, but it seems highly unlikely at the rate this city is losing its character.
  4. I like these guys fine and all, but they're such a weirdo band that it amazes me how many records they're able to sell.
  5. While I inherently agree with you overall, and this video is the type of shit that's usually very easy for me to ignore, Dan Harmon still made this video and thought enough of it to release it out into the world. And this wasn't some dipshit teenager doing something irresponsible to their future, it was a grown-ass man who thought simulated rape of an infant was funny. It's the 21st Century, and the internet doesn't forget unless you've got the serious cash to make things disappear for good. He was likely going to have to answer for this eventually, and that's his cross to bear and he has literally nobody to blame but himself for any backlash he receives, including R&M getting canceled. Now, that being said, people change. He might have thought this shit was funny almost a decade ago but he doesn't now. That's fine, although how he thought it was funny to begin with is a mystery to me. Then again, 10+ years ago I thought dead baby jokes were funny in a shocking way, but I would never dare laugh at that shit now that I've had friends who've had kids. Hell, I still think this is one of the funniest fucking things I've ever read on the internet. I do still love some good gallows humor, as long as the joke is on how fucked up the "comedian" is and not the darkness of the acts themselves. Harmon's apologies for this and his sexual misconduct allegations have been sincere in my opinion, and they point to him having grown as a person since. Same goes for James Gunn. I guess my point is, if we're going to hold celebrities and entertainers accountable for past transgressions, we should also be willing to accept sincere apologies. These guys have done the apology part right, unlike Kevin Spacey whose apology was half-assed at best and inadvertently tied being gay to sexually abusing minors. But apologies don't recuse you from consequences, even long after the fact. Like I said, if Dan Harmon loses his job over this, he's got literally one person to blame: Dan Harmon. Also, context: We have an admitted sex offender (among other heinous crimes) in the White House right now, and we're all just left crossing our fingers that we can replace him in 2 years. Whoa, didn't expect to write that much about things that aren't the vinyl release. To get back on topic, I'd love to pick this up, but I would probably listen to it 1-2 times, and I'm really trying to curtail my spending on vinyl. I'm probably better off getting the download for it.
  6. Wtf, even the CD is $17. I get that this is more 90s nostalgia, but they're really going for authenticity with that CD price.
  7. tdogg241

    Hot Water Music vinyl

    No Idea is usually pretty good about keeping things in stock. I imagine they'll have new pressings of what you're looking for soon. HWM is basically a never-ending piggybank for the label.
  8. But when that 15 minutes is solid gold, it doesn't matter. I'm in!
  9. Up for preorder at SRC now too.
  10. Dang, I like that a lot. I'd be all over this if I didn't have a copy already.
  11. The fact that these won't require special turntables is a good move, but I still think this idea will crash and burn very quickly.
  12. I love the lyrics, the message, and the subtext of the video that somehow our fucking idiot president got elected on the idea that America wasn't great and winning on the votes of people who are far more pro-USA than me. By voting for Trump, all these dipshits were implying that they didn't like where the country was heading, but really they just didn't like that we had our first black president who was going to be followed by our first woman president. Soapbox nonsense done with, this song is very blah. Any energy these songs might have had has been overproduced out of them. This album has now been downgraded from "yay, new Frank Turner on vinyl" to "ok, maybe I'll still buy the digital" to "welp, guess I'm going to wait for a full album stream before I spend money on what is shaping up to be a huge disappointment."
  13. tdogg241

    PO now: Spanish Love Songs - Schmaltz

    Heh, I recommended this band to a couple of friends and when I asked them what they thought, they said "Oh, you mean that new Menzingers record? Yeah, it's pretty good!" One of my friends said that if I'd just played SLS for him without telling him what band it was, he would have totally thought it was a new Menzingers album. I mean hey, there's far worse bands to emulate! And this album is definitely a contender for AOTY.
  14. Stoked on this, meant to post it the other day when I saw the PO go up. I thought for sure they were gonna call it a day after the last album came out and they barely toured on it. No single out yet, but here's an article on it... https://newnoisemagazine.com/elway-announce-new-album-for-the-sake-of-the-bit/
  15. Woof, I do not care for that new song at all.