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  1. Glad I saw this thread pop up, mine stopped scrobbling a while ago and I never re-installed the app. Got it back up and running again. https://www.last.fm/user/tdogg241
  2. Didn't all of that happen after HT cracked down on the crazy sales they used to have on vinyl? I always got the impression that Travis and the vinyl dept kind of flew under HT's radar for a while until they noticed they were losing money there. When HT put a stop to it, Travis seemed to depart very soon after. Anyway, hope he's doing well. He was able to put out some great stuff during his time with HT.
  3. AM! is definitely still a band, and even better, Andrew Seward rejoined about a year ago. They're apparently working on their next full-length right now. That said, I can't get into this "solo" record. I honestly didn't care for Shape Shift With Me either.
  4. I already own a lot of this stuff, and I love it all! That Moonraker album was one of my favorites of 2018, and the Heck Yes, Bobby's Oar, Mable's Marbles, and all the Burn Burn Burn stuff is top-notch stuff for the punx out there. Full Disclosure: I'm friends with the guy who runs the label and a lot of the dudes in these bands. But that doesn't change the fact that this is a stellar deal on some great music!
  5. Hell, even I have a Google Alert setup for my name and several variations thereof, and I'm a nobody.
  6. So, I'm a dipshit. I accidentally preordered this album a total of three times! Marijuana is a helluva drug. I may be looking to unload two of those copies on here if none of my local friends are interested.
  7. I mean, it looks like they're announcing "final" pressings of a couple other records. So... fingers crossed?
  8. As others have noted, if you've got the time and energy to put into it, try to sell the valuable records individually on Discogs and then take the rest to a local record store that deals in classical recordings. If you can't think of such a store, you might consider asking local music teachers. My condolences for your loss.
  9. Yep, they're done putting out new releases. https://noisey.vice.com/en_us/article/bjpxk5/what-happened-to-sideonedummy-records
  10. Woof. I have a hard time thinking of other recent bands that showed so much promise and went to absolute shit so quickly. And that's just the music itself, not to mention the d-baggery of whatshisface.
  11. This tour doesn't come through Seattle or anywhere near the PNW. Therefore, it's not proper!
  12. I mean, you know you don't have to buy every single variant, right? I typically buy one copy of an album - The one I'm going to listen to. Not loving the single on first listen, but I bought the hoodie bundle anyway because this band is a long-time favorite for me and my wife (and she'll love the hoodie). Hopefully a proper tour is in the works.
  13. Exactly! The other three have been quiet during all of this as far as I'm aware. Any/all of them could have announced the death of the band, or that they kicked Jesse out, or that they all decided to move on and start a new project together (or retire from music altogether). They didn't. Also, I can't listen to BN at this point, knowing what we know now. Some of his lyrics make my skin crawl now, and I really can't in good conscience continue to support this band. My wife works with adolescents who are by and large victims of sexual assault/abuse, and what Jesse Lacey has been accused of is far more heinous than any BN apologist realizes. The dude should be in prison, but I guess I can settle for knowing that his legacy is completely trashed. I'm actually trying to sell off all my BN vinyl and donate the proceeds to a non-profit that helps victims of sexual assault/human trafficking. Side story: A now-former friend of mine recently got divorced from his wife (who is very good friends with my wife). The core reason is that he'd cheated on his wife numerous times throughout the course of their marriage. But what came out after that, was that he'd also harassed countless women in the Seattle punk scene and beyond, both online and in person. My wife was one of his many harassment victims, but at the time she and I just shrugged it off as drunken stupidity and thought it was an isolated thing, so we kept it to ourselves. Turns out, that's what everyone else did too. With the information now public, he has been cut off by just about everyone involved in the scene locally and has been blackballed from playing any notable "punk" venue in the US and several places abroad (he's had a couple of mildly successful bands in the past). I feel ashamed for not saying anything sooner and I feel foolish for not seeing this shithead for who he really was. But once it came out that his behavior was more widespread than we could ever have known, I was quick to write him off and publicly warn others about his predatory behavior. I'd feel sympathy for the other members of BN if they gave some indication as to how they felt about this situation, but I suspect that they knew about Jesse's predatory behavior and chose not to say anything publicly, which is appalling. Either way, they've been a little too quiet about the whole thing for my comfort. But to get things back on topic, yeah, fuck Jason Tate! That dude sucks, and changing the website to chorus.fm officially killed my interest in the site (along with a ton of other people, if you look at their traffic numbers before/after the changeover).
  14. Earlier this year. It's easy to have missed it, since these guys have kept pretty quiet since Rooms Of The House.