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  1. Wow, you guys have some really great stuff. Just sent in an order (after telling myself I wasn't going to buy anymore records this month - HA!).
  2. Was not expecting it to be Sum 41. I'm surprisingly stoked to be able to pick this up. Haven't listened to that album in probably 8 years though, so maybe I should give it another spin before getting too excited.
  3. I like Discogs and use it for my collection cataloging purposes and the occasional purchase, but their biggest hurdle to overcome is how user-unfriendly it is to add/update release information. The fact that you refer to contributing to their site as "simple" yet "confusing and overwhelming" in a single sentence is proof of that fact. The site in general is just kind of clunky and cluttered as well. They're one of the better places to go for pressing/variant/etc info, but until they fix their design issues, they'll never be the definitive source for information. All that said, fuck eBay (though I still occasionally buy there as well).
  4. Yesterday was the most ridiculous mail day I've had in my life. I came home to 10 different packages of orders, backorders, preorders, and auctions that I'd ordered over the last 2 months: 16 LPs (a couple of them 2xLPs), eleven 7", and one 10". Funny thing is one package was shipped to my old address, so it could have been 18 LPs. Edit: OH! I forgot the cherry on top of this awesome, awesome sundae. That Alexisonfire Old Crows/Young Cardinals 2xLP turned out to be a new, unopened copy of the red/white variant (/1020), not the black/black I was expecting it to be. It was only about $22 shipped.
  5. Some friends of mine wanted to name their kickball team Cerebral Ballsy, but it was rejected because it was deemed insensitive or offensive or whatever. That's all. I don't really have anything else to add to this thread. I think I checked these guys out a year ago and immediately forgot about them.
  6. Is this sale still active? I just tried to use the "above10" code and it's telling me it doesn't exist. Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out; "above20" worked for me, so I think your codes in the first post are wrong.
  7. How many rudeboys does it take to screw in a light bulb? Four: One to drop it and three to pickitup pickitup pickitup. Horrible, I know.
  8. Haha, I just got this today and was bummed because I thought they sent me the wrong color (even though black isn't an option). Already emailed them and everything. I should have just checked here first.
  9. Protagonist - "States" 7" - Red/White Splatter ($2.00 x 1) Westbound Train - "Come and Get It" Single - Orange ($2.00 x 1) Bomb The Music Industry! "Everybody That You Love" 7" - transparent yellow & orange haze ($2.00 x 1) The Flatliners - 7" Split w/ The Snips - Half Clear/Half Blue ($2.00 x 1) We Are The Union - "Great Leaps Forward" - Mixed Recycled ($4.00 x 1) The Swellers "Ups and Downsizing" - Rust ($4.00 x 1) The Arteries - "Dead Sea" - Grey/Mint Swirl ($4.00 x 1) Gatorface - "Sick and Stupid" - Green Splatter ($2.00 x 1) Total: $37.90 shipped Not too shabby. If I didn't already own them, Riverboat Gamblers and The Riot Before would definitely have been in there. Those albums are steals right now.
  10. I actually saw what ended up being their last show ever.
  11. I keep meaning to check it on my friend's table, but forgetting. I tried the dime/penny trick (no counterweight) to no avail. I know that someday I'll pick up a much nicer turntable, so I'm not too upset.
  12. Guess I'll bump this. I got the orange version from the newest pressing and the a-side plays fine, but the b-side skips like crazy. Sucks, I really like this album.
  13. Been lurking around here for a few months, time for me to join the fray. I received a record player ~4 months ago for my birthday and have amassed a collection of ~120 records since. Most fun addiction ever! Real name: Tony Favorite Bands: I listen to a wide variety of music, so this would be a pretty epic list. A few all-time and current favorites: Touche Amore, Red City Radio, The Menzingers, La Dispute, The Gaslight Anthem, SHARKS, Anti-Flag, Rx Bandits, Less Than Jake, Against Me!, RVIVR, Latterman, The Slackers, The Aggrolites, Thursday, Cobra Skulls, NOFX, The Blood Brothers, Gatsbys American Dream, Minus The Bear, Blue Scholars...I'll stop there. Hobbies (outside of record collecting): Going to shows, walking around Seattle, watching movies, playing video games, getting into shenanigans, cooking (badly). Random things you want us to know about you: I'm a civil engineer. I love whiskey and hate gin. I swear a lot. I think sandwiches are the greatest food of all time. I have a DVD collection that once included well over 800 films (the result of working in video stores during my college years), but is now less than 500. I've lived in western Washington my whole life, grew up near Olympia, moved to Seattle to attend UW and never left.

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