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  1. Direct Hit! seems like it should be up any day now. I've been obsessively checking Fat's site to see if it's up, and I'll be pissed if I miss out on the limited pressing.
  2. Fixed. And I would totally buy that one, never got into Harmony No Harmony.
  3. Listened to this a few times over the weekend. "Get Better" is obviously the best track (as I expected), but overall I think it's better than Tape Deck Heart. Glad I didn't spring $30 for the vinyl though, as I don't see this having a ton of lasting value.
  4. Ugh, so pissed. I just got my sleeve the other day, and despite having "DO NOT BEND" stickers all over it, my mail carrier just crammed the thing in my mailbox. From all the reading I've done, they aren't gonna do shit for me.
  5. I've finally reached a point where I'm just going to wait for these guys to put out a comp of all their 7" stuff. Love this band to death, but keeping up with their output is getting too spendy for me.
  6. FUCK! This is so good!!! I've loved everything RVIVR and Iron Chic have done (Bridge & Tunnel not so much), but this is basically Latterman. And that makes me happy.
  7. Hmm, not totally sold on that first song, but I'll definitely check out anything else they post. Side note: Is Strike Anywhere even a thing anymore? They played Fest last year, but I think it was basically Thomas with a backing band. Never saw any sort of official breakup/hiatus announcement.
  8. Well that pisses me off. I preordered the white/pink way back when, and B9 neglected to send it out to me. When I contacted them about my order, they said they were out of the white/pink but could send me the blue/orange. Super lame. Not that I'm ever going to sell it, because it's an incredible album, I just don't appreciate the dishonesty.
  9. Same here. I actually thought they may have just sent me the plain orange by mistake. Ah well.
  10. Up for preorder at SRC for the low, low price of $21.99: http://www.shopradiocast.com/products/Goldfinger-%252d-Hang%252dUps-LP.html 180 Gram Black (LTD 250) 180 Gram Translucent Red (LTD 500) 180 Gram Red w/ Black Smoke (LTD 500)
  11. The thing with Frank Turner's albums is that there's always a couple of incredible songs, several totally forgettable songs, and 1-2 complete turds. He's really inconsistent, but someday he's going to have the best greatest hits album of all time. Also, $30 for the vinyl? Looks like I'll be sticking to digital with this one.
  12. It's a placeholder link to a Word document that says "Thank you for your order! Your Digital Download of SPRAYNARD - MABLE will be sent on or before 07.10.2015."
  13. Same here. I plan to clean mine thoroughly before I spin it. Just pulling it out of the inner sleeve sounded like I fucked it up. Yeesh.
  14. I don't have a strong opinion one way or the other. If I already have a first press, I won't pick up a repress unless it's somehow better. If I'm looking for something and there's a first press available as well as a reissue in the works, I'll go for the reissue because there's no telling what shape that first press might be in if buying from another person.
  15. You do know what the S in SRP stands for, right? Suggested Retail Price. There was nothing stopping Interpunk from selling these records at these prices when they got them originally, but that's not a great business model. They would have sat on a lot more product than what they've listed here over the years, and likely would have gone out of business long ago. Thing is, most of this stuff has been out (and out of print) for years and years, and the band has already gotten their money from the distributor who sold it to Interpunk loooooong ago. So does Interpunk stick to the old SRP from a decade ago, which is undoubtedly going to be FAR less than what any new record sells for today? Do they account for inflation? Or do they just list it for the going market price for that particular record? To me, the last one is the one that makes the most sense. If they'd listed it at anything less, all of this shit would have been bought up by flippers and on eBay already, which I'm sure most of you guys would still whine about. I think their wording about stashing these records away was clumsy for sure. I think they stumbled upon these when doing a little spring cleaning. Whatever the case, I'm not buying any of this stuff at the prices listed (though that Hives record is tempting), but this isn't going to stop me from shopping at Interpunk in the future. If this is the last straw for you, more power to you.
  16. Out May 26 on Spinefarm Records. Preorders here, tons of bundles available. New video for the first track, "Fabled World," here. Merchnow and Anti-Flag's site list only an opaque pink with die-cut gatefold, limited to 1,400 copies. TRACK LISTING 1. Fabled World 2. The Great Divide 3. Brandenburg Gate 4. Sky Is Falling 5. Walk Away 6. Song For Your Enemy 7. Set Yourself On Fire 8. All of The Poison, All of The Pain 9. Break Something 10. Without End 11. Believer 12. To Hell With Boredom 13. Low Expectations 14. The Debate Is Over (if you want it)
  17. Snagged! Ok, rad bands need to stop posting preorders today! I'm supposed to be saving for my honeymoon!
  18. Snagged! YouTube link to new song, for those like me who have problems with Soundcloud at work...
  19. Didn't see anyone post this yet. Success just signed to Red Scare and are putting out a new album in April (vinyl coming in May). I'm beyond stoked for this album! Great band, great dudes. Vinyl preorder up at Interpunk: http://www.interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item=225970& CD preorder at Red Scares store: http://redscare.storenvy.com/collections/9915-all-products/products/12224841-success-radio-recovery-cd-cccp-187-2 01. Believe In 02. 22nd St. 03. Revolution Schmevolution 04. Mr. Know It All 05. Nowhere Kids 06. Lives That We Deserve 07. Head For The Hills 08. Flowers 09. The Impossible Truth 10. Resignation
  20. STOKED! More info and cover art from the Facebooks...
  21. Bah, I want that Gimmes record, but I already have it on black and I'm holding off on buying any more of their records in hopes of a boxset one day.
  22. Wow, that lavendar looks might nice. Almost wish I'd gotten that instead of the black (which appears to be sold out now). Does the cover art look a little blurry to anyone else? Like they just took the CD cover and blew it up. Kinda lame, but I'm stoked to have this, and am keeping my fingers crossed Hang-Ups is in the pipeline.

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