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  1. http://www.cc.com/video-clips/33m31h/the-daily-show-with-jon-stewart-the-clash
  2. Not vinyl, but this is way too cool not to share. Idk where I would be without R5 and The Church. A lot of my fondest memories come from that place and diving off that carpet. https://www.vans.com/customizer.era-classic.html?recipe=a989d797f24901cdb2bf2f49b5e51719&icn=FTB_r5&utm_source=Union+Transfer&utm_campaign=780c7ad4a4-UT:+Weekly+Eblast+05.5.20_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_9b53a139c3-780c7ad4a4-
  3. I saw them open for Folly and they killed it. That album is so good.
  4. There should be more posted soon. I got a gold copy from their anniversary show in Brooklyn this past weekend. There were some gold records left and box or two another variant too at the end of the show. The record itself is supposedly remastered and sounds great!
  5. 250 Clear w/ red, silver, white & black splatter (Pre-order Exclusive) 500 Silver https://follynj.net/products/651456-insanity-later
  6. They were originally called December's Tragic Drive, a lyric from "Seven."
  7. I check this thread every time there is a new post in anticipation of their new album.
  8. FINALLY... https://tsunamibomb.bandcamp.com/album/the-definitive-act White Vinyl /500
  9. The new American Steel single is up! http://www.fatwreck.com/record/detail/335
  10. If not a grounding issue, do you have the heat on? This causes a lot more static and a humidifier could help out. A carbon fiber brush helps too.

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