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  1. Finally just got a cancellation email from Amazon on this one...
  2. FTM sounds great. No complaints. Still extremely happy with my "bootleg" silver MOV copy of deloused, sounds excellent.
  3. Writing for album number 5 https://fb.watch/1DSLSTgYSc/
  4. New song HAARP (B-side from Sines) https://soundcloud.com/jakobtheband/haarp And another demo from the subset of sets/cale:drew era
  5. Well, I finally bought an original pressing of Solace, so knowing my luck, the reissue should appear any day now.
  6. Side 1: 1-468284 A J-1203-A [email protected] -18666- 17792.1(3)... -18666- Side 2: 1-468284 B J-1203-B [email protected] -18666- 17792.2(3)... -18666-
  7. Some more track samples here https://ninjatune.net/release/tycho/simulcast
  8. Discogs usually has information about them, but you can't buy/sell bootlegs there.
  9. So i'm guessing none of these represses will ever happen now? TMS is obviously dead, and Jakob seem to be silent on social media along with their website being dead... Need another label to pick up the rights and get these done
  10. It will be a 4xLP picture disc laser etched on all 8 sides with no actual music on the vinyl. Will come with a download code for a 96kbps MP3 vinyl rip sourced from Maynard's personal Crosby.
  11. Amazon link https://www.amazon.com/Fair-Enough-Minus-Bear/dp/B07FDPF4K3/

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