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    throwgncpr reacted to illuminographer in PO Soon: Daughters - Canada Songs Reissue   
    Preorder tomorrow (2/26) at 12pmEST/9amPST on the Daughters US webstore and the Robotic Empire webstore.

    200 - green on green splatter
    700 - orange and white smoke
    ??? - standard black

    source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLuQhAxJf5z/?igshid=1nxiwmcw30uxm
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    throwgncpr reacted to highfives in Clouds Hill x Omar Rodriguez-Lopez & Bands   
    There isn’t an immediate preorder here but, Clouds Hill will now oversee publishing rights to the entire Omar Rodriguez-Lopez solo catalog, DeFacto, Antemasque, and The Mars Volta.  I think this also includes all of the Omar-named groups as well.
    This apparently includes physical reissues, but the first release will be the Mars Volta Tremulant EP on all major streaming services this Friday.
    There’s no word about timeline for physical releases, but you have to assume this has been in the works for a while and could mean we start seeing something soon.  Maybe we can start filling in those TMV gaps and see that Antemasque LP2 with Travis Barker.

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    throwgncpr reacted to AlexH. in The Gloria Record - Start Here - Now Shipping   
    [The words "never will" echo across the endless expanse of time itself as we smash cut to dreamover staring at his monitor, mouth agape]
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    throwgncpr got a reaction from iDealélan in The Juliana Theory - A Dream Away PREORDER - Up now!   
    also, they just added another variant (White w/ Black & Red Splatter) after the petal version sold out. I wonder how many variants they are going to keep tacking on.
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    throwgncpr reacted to dantheriver in The Juliana Theory - A Dream Away PREORDER - Up now!   
    Better Now is at least fairly inoffensive, if it were that other new track I don’t know if the nostalgia for the old tracks would’ve been enough to make me pull the trigger.
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    throwgncpr got a reaction from rrd in The Juliana Theory - A Dream Away PREORDER - Up now!   
    grabbed the petal vinyl. The teaser audio sounded decent. I wish they left "Better Now" off it though...
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    throwgncpr reacted to tipyourbartender in Glassjaw Coloring Book vinyl limited to 120 unique color combos 8/16   
    Just noticed the header on the MD page. Looks like theirs will come in a black gatefold. https://glassjaw.merchdirect.com/
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    throwgncpr reacted to angryalan in Glassjaw Coloring Book vinyl limited to 120 unique color combos 8/16   
    Going to need a bigger turntable.

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    throwgncpr reacted to mindovermatter in Mind Over Matter Records Releases Hype Machine Thread - RIGHT NOW: Sorry...All SOLD OUT   
    Sorry to do this to ya!  It’s been OOP for sooooo long and so many people have been missing out. I’m so happy the band is finally ready for a repress and we can get it back in print. 
    My hope is to keep it in print going forward, so if you’re in it for the long haul, prepare for several more variants!

    Side note:  this new pressing (which includes the “live show” versions from last year) have a brand new vinyl master. I think they sound better than the OG!
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    throwgncpr reacted to Derek™ in PO: THE MARS VOLTA Frances the Mute triple LP   
    Based on the 2 posts above, I’m going to just cut to the discussion and ask... why?  If the presentation is junk, and the sound quality is butt, why even waste the money on a boot?  Is it the epitome of hoarding or consumerism?  Is it being able to feel proud that the album – or some bastardized rendition of it – physically resides on the shelf?  I’ll never understand it.  Vinyl is a nice, albeit spendy medium to enjoy music.  The extra cost and effort to play the music is typically justified by the immersion, the physical presentation, or the enhanced audio – if it’s been properly mastered and not just digitally ripped.  We’re talking about downgrading those things on all fronts, and paying someone $50+ to do so?  What am I missing?
    For the vast majority, boots are boots for a reason.  They miss the entire mark of what vinyl has to offer.  I’m not a purist who insists that OG copies are the only answer (especially if a repress or reissue is available for cheaper), but willingly paying $40+ just to spin a shit version of something you could just as easily stream at better quality... what’s the purpose?
    Arguing that it may never get pressed or repressed?  Okay.  I mean, I guess.  But it’s remarkable how many “impossible” releases I’ve seen come to fruition over the years.  Albums where the masters were (allegedly) lost for years on end, or where the rights were gridlocked in court by the labels.  It just takes time.  I wouldn’t even be surprised to see Frank Ocean’s Blonde reissued someday, despite the insistence it’ll never happen again.
    At the end of the day it’s your money and I’m not going to seethe over the way you spend it.  If your MO is to have something tangible – laughably cheap and sloppy as it may look or sound – to tide you over until a hypothetical repress happens, and scratch whatever weird “physical medium” itch you have... that’s perfectly alright.  I just need to know if anyone else is as lost as I am.
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    throwgncpr reacted to marc32137 in PO Soon: Less Than Jake - Anthem & B is for B Sides   
    The goat should’ve been delivered last week. Fuckin’ USPS. 
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    throwgncpr reacted to craigeduk in Her OST (Arcade Fire & Owen Pallet)   
    Finally Her OST incoming from Milan Records
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    throwgncpr reacted to MyEnemy in Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher - Get Yr Variants Here   
    Can you imagine squeezing a soft serve pile of shit into a sentence? 
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    throwgncpr got a reaction from buddha4281 in HUM - Electra 2000 & YPAA Reissues   
    I would be surprised if they do that again. I'd still love one for Inlet
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    throwgncpr reacted to ZeroNowhere in HUM - Electra 2000 & YPAA Reissues   
    Hi all, First off, the band sincerely appreciates all of the generous support and kind words we've received after releasing Inlet. We're not the best at responding, but it means a lot. So thanks again, from all of us! Over the last few months, we've successfully navigated through some licensing stuff allowing us to re-release updated versions of Electra 2000, and You'd Prefer An Astronaut on vinyl. Our plan involves re-mastering and cutting higher quality pressings of these two records. We'll post another update once we iron out all of the details on release dates, label, etc... Since we've seen some inflated prices on the secondary market for our older records, we wanted to let people know as soon as possible. If folks don't mind waiting a little longer, we'll be able to produce a higher quality pressing that we have control over, and are proud of. We'll also have more copies of our Downward is Heavenward re-issue available in the near future as well. We hope you all are healthy and well, and 2021 turns out to be a little easier for everyone. Take care. -Tim
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    throwgncpr reacted to Derek™ in Mogwai - As The Love Continues   
    Yeah, there is definitely meaning behind their titles, if not solely in an "inside joke" kind of way.  One of the top Youtube comments for the new song is something akin to "the Mogwai Random Song Name Generator strikes again!" but I don't think that's ever been the case.
    It's actually so good.  I think it's my favorite verse-chorus-verse-chorus song they've done, with vocals.  The way the verses are sung makes me think of CODY and I'm all about that.  Really hits me as a summation of their classic sound merged with the newer direction they've been taking.
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    throwgncpr got a reaction from Derek™ in Mogwai - As The Love Continues   
    The new song rules. I love how the first 25 seconds tease some standard Gumbo-core, and then they launch into a Mogwai pop song. Super excited for new Mogwai.
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    throwgncpr reacted to Derek™ in Mogwai - As The Love Continues   
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    throwgncpr got a reaction from OneThreeOneTwo in Official OST and Film Score Thread   
    daaaaammmm, I need that. My wallet is not ready though
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    throwgncpr got a reaction from IndigoHollow in Official OST and Film Score Thread   
    daaaaammmm, I need that. My wallet is not ready though
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    throwgncpr got a reaction from Derek™ in Mogwai - As The Love Continues   
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    throwgncpr reacted to Wasda Deelwifkramer in Thrice Manchester Orchestra Split Question   
    Message the MO drummer.
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    throwgncpr reacted to ajborneman in PO: Stone Temple Pilots - Purple Reissue   
    This record being pressed in any color other than Purple is Blasphemous
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    throwgncpr reacted to dapeebs in PO Soon: ††† (Crosses) - New LP   
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    throwgncpr got a reaction from kjkenney in Smashing Pumpkins   
    ^ this. It's why I still don't own SD. Fuck $50 for this...

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