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  1. Damn! I was hoping you’d have the extra outtakes disc. That really sucks. Luna basically said there’s no way to get a replacement since they are sold out of the red. Was thinking of emailing xl directly but never did.
  2. I’ll get back to you on this, haven’t had the chance to listen proper to both discs the whole way through
  3. Got my copy of the red 3xlp from Luna. Instead of the outtakes/demos LP, got an extra LP of Kid A. Said there’s no way to get a replacement disc. Pretty bummed. If anyone got 2 copies of the bonus disc and is missing a red Kid A disc, let me know.
  4. She is selling 8 tracks of this album 😂😂 I have never seen that before
  5. I think it is so fucking funny this dude is supporting an outspoken liberal artist (Ryan Adams) while also using Biden’s sexual assault accusations as a knock against liberalism while again also supporting someone with sexual abuse allegations against him (Ryan Adams). Brilliant.
  6. I honestly respect the hell out of you for this. Some of those bands music has meant too much to me to have been able to disown it. But we must actively challenge and call out these people.
  7. You can pretty much single out every classic rock band for sexual misconduct on one level or another. That’s what I hate about everyone singling out RA is, the music industry has been mostly free of the #metoo era criticisms even though it has been rife with sexual misconduct forever. Bowie raped 2 15 year olds, I’m assuming you aren’t listening to his music anymore? Led Zeppelin of course was well known to sleep with underage girls etc. im not saying it’s right. It’s in fact very fucked up. But the music has always been separate to me. It’s meant something to me separate from who the artists are as individual people, if that makes sense?
  8. I refer everyone to nick caves brilliant response about separating art from the artist. https://www.theredhandfiles.com/views-on-morrissey/
  9. Anyone buy the deluxe edition when it came out? How does the record sound? I wish it would get a proper 2xlp pressing
  10. While I agree it doesn’t hit you as hard as some National tracks so far but I definitely get “about today” Feelings from these songs and I’m into it.
  11. I know, I was thinking This is basically a fucking campfire sing along Dashboard album
  12. Had to grab the signed art card. Hopefully it’s the standard 12x12 . Been hoping for something signed by them for awhile .
  13. Will the “spun ost” stuff be getting a release as well ?
  14. Go fight in the fucking DMs. Tired of reading this childish shit in this thread.

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