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  1. Still waiting on “eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” and “her” to be pressed
  2. I remember when a new MK/SKM album would have me excited for months. I miss those days.
  3. You can have your own opinions on the music, I think the song (as well as the kings mouth album) have been some of their best work since Yoshimi . As far as his personal life goes, you sound like a TMZ level dipshit.
  4. I will still listen to his music but he definitely has serious issues/ might be a trash human being .
  5. I think last year they had 2 different links. 1 for the signed Lps and one for the regular . But yeah hopefully they'll just put a line through it or something .
  6. Thank you for posting ! Its worded strange though, hopefully they let everyone know when the signed copies are sold out .
  7. Those are not the 2xlp 45rpm versions. I questioned them about it and they confirmed they are for the standard 1xlp version.
  8. In desperate need of money, will consider all reasonable offers. All records are in at least VG++ to NM. Dave Matthews- benaroya hall live 02 Dave Matthews Band - Academy Ny 95 Atoms for peace - AMOK- deluxe edition Anthony Green - pixie queen - black with red smoke Matthew good- Avalanche - repress -black- 2 copies available Noel Gallagher- chasing yesterday Brian Eno w Kevin shields - the weight of history - sealed Tom Chaplin- the wave - signed Eric Clapton - Complete Clapton- RSD edition Jeremy enigk - ok bear - pledgemusic reissue Explosions in the sky - the wilderness - 1x light blue marble,1x dark blue w black smoke Inxs- kick - 30th anniversary - 45rpm - red Seu Jorge- live aquatic sessions - 1 x clear with red and yellow smoke, 1x clear- (slightly bent top of cover ) sold Mark kozelek - live at union chapel & sodra teatern- reddish vinyl ,under the light Thrice - TBEITBN - seafoam green tour edition Elliott Smith- either/or expanded edition - cream colored version Sigur ros- kveikur- with bonus 10 inch
  9. https://bleep.com/release/100167-enoshields-the-weight-of-history-only-once-away-my-son
  10. I got loser anthems yesterday from amazon.ca . It's Fantastic. Awaiting the other 2.
  11. Ive been wanting that buckley live at sin e ever since I started collecting . Gladly pay whatever they want for it .
  12. Van Halen 1984 - $14 1984 (Vinyl) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00T3YBQRA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_37TIAbZX8PSEM Got this in last weekend and it sounds amazing.