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  1. It’s up early. Just bought it now. Price is $65. Go!
  2. @firefoxussr Don't know a lot about that TT, but just looked it up and think it's 24/96 out of the optical. Sonos only supports 16/44, you you'd have to use the analog out of the Essential to play through Sonos unless the TT has multiple digital out options. The only Sonos product that has optical input is Playbar anyway, which wouldn't really be the right setup imo (though I do listen to a lot of vinyl through my playbar + sub setup).
  3. @docbronze I don't know those details. Just spent about an hour with the team talking about what they're trying to do and demoing the experience in one of our listening rooms.
  4. I work at Sonos and have seen and heard it. It works. So does the Spotify integration. Pretty cool piece of kit. It's on demo now at the Goodland Hotel in Goleta working with Sonos if anyone wants to see it. Believe it or not the hotel has a #vnyl pop-up store inside.
  5. Fridmann uses the Distressor like it's an instrument on its own. I love what he does with some records (Phantom Planet self-titled, very underrated), but I was really worried about this one. All in all, it could have been much worse. He compressed the hell out of it as expected, but apart from the always unnaturally audible snare drum sound (sounds like a trigger?) and some strange "cut straight to silence" protools edits, it's pretty tame for him. Sucks when you pre-order a record in August and don't get it on release day though. Still waiting for mine so I can compare to the digital master.
  6. Side a/b of my VMP copy was very warped and literally jumped 1/2" high out of the groove... C/d was fine. I emailed VMP and they sent me a replacement right away and it's fine. Just a shipping thing for my copy I guess.
  7. Not really vinyl related but for those that are interested, there's a kick ass recording of Ty's first night at Webster hall in New York available over at NYCTaper.com. I was in town traveling for business and bought a craigslist ticket last minute... the crowd was so ridiculously rowdy that Ty stopped the show and had the crowd move the barricades because they were about to break. Awesome night. Anyway, might tide you over until SF is released. http://www.nyctaper.com/2014/09/ty-segall-september-17-2014-webster-hall-flacmp3streaming/
  8. Hotel Books is the name of the new La Dispute EP, right?
  9. Zero vinyl for sale tonight, and no credit cards allowed. Walked away from my last thrice show ever with zero merch...
  10. Been waiting for this repress. Bought the Cuban flag immediately. Sweet.
  11. Figured I'd wait until after the show tomorrow night so I can figure out if I want this shirt or not. Can't wait to see AAL too!
  12. San Diego - m-theory, record city, thirsty moon and Lou's. Just gotta find that mclusky record...
  13. Got one today at the Mission Valley mall in SD on my lunch break. The staff was so nice, put it on hold when I called at open. Couldn't have had a better retail experience. Thanks for doing this Travis, and for putting up with the insanity. The packaging and press color look great. For the next pressing, maybe gold foil on the cover like the deluxe cd package had? Anyway, thanks, and awesome work.
  14. And I forgot: RFTC - all (except paint as a fragrance because that's everywhere)
  15. Qotsa - songs for the deaf & lullabies Stp - purple & tiny music Mars Volta - deloused Weezer - blue & green (and maybe a 2xlp Pinkerton instead of that $60 4x) Mclusky - do Dallas & The difference between you and me is that I'm not on fire Future of the left - travels with myself and another Thrice - illusion of safety Soundgarden - superunknown And I'm good.