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  1. Only recently. Had no idea they existed! Check out out the musical, couldn't recommend it enough.
  2. Ordered one yesterday! Super excited for it, Book of Mormon is the most I've ever enjoyed anything in my life.
  3. Bump to say I'm going to pick a winner of the free copy on the reddit thread in the next ew hours, so comment now!
  4. 8 were handed off to Matt Stone who still has them, but he hasn't been responding to emails since then. So I'm holding out hope I still get them at some point, but I had the rest sent back to me so I can have them up for Black Friday
  5. Link to buy standard copy - http://bananastandrecords.storenvy.com/products/15675771-cannibal-the-musical-ost-vinyl-record-1000 Link to buy test press copy - http://bananastandrecords.storenvy.com/products/18528232-cannibal-the-musical-test-press-20 Reddit giveaway - https://www.reddit.com/r/vinyl/comments/5ew3wr/trey_parkers_cannibal_the_musical_vinyl_giveaway/ We've been sitting on these for a year now with the intention of having them signed by Matt Stone and Trey Parker. We worked with Trey's team to make this release happen, and we were working with them to make the signatures happen. Unfortunately, those plans fell through. What has happened to in the mean time, between traveling from Chicago to Oakland to Las Angeles and back to Oakland, they have acquired a scuff mark here and there. There are all retested and play perfectly. Just consider the marks a sign of a record well traveled.
  6. Bam Box is my favorite monthly box out there at the moment. They're growing pretty fast; I think a few months back the boxes were limited to 2000, now it's 5000.
  7. Anybody get on the SDCC online drops last night? I was able to get everything I wanted, Underwater Batman, Batman Return Dorbz, False God Superman and Doomsday 6"
  8. If they didn't sign KD, they would have resigned Barnes for almost the same price. He would be returning to the looker room 1) as the highest paid player on the team and 2) knowing how hard they tried to replace him. I would still consider the Warriors the favorite, but if chemistry is mentioned, those 2 facts certainly wouldn't have helped it. KD is trying to win a title. The Warriors are (on paper) unstoppable with him. He's moving from the MIdwest to the Bay Area. Heading into the offseason I felt all along that if KD was willing to take the shit he'd take for it, going to the Warriors was an absolute no brainer. And I don't think he should be faulted for doing whats best for him. In 20 years nobody will remember anything other than how many titles he won.
  9. They didn't win a title this season - they got him to win a title. As for the cap, the Warriors can do this because they drafted and extended their 3 best players. This is the reward for their player development and cap management.
  10. Doesn't give me an error any more. But now my voucher that says "good for two tickets" is only working for one ticket.
  11. Trying to get tickets to blink in Mountain View, CA. No note that says the vouchers are sold out, checking out takes me to an error page "we're sorry, we're unable to process your request please try again"