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  1. And now everyone will complain about the Recordstore.co.uk cancellations:
  2. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Balance-Composure-Slowheart-NEW-RSD-2017-Buy-From-a-REAL-Record-Store-/162490514875?hash=item25d5307dbb:g:JUoAAOSwRUhY~3Cm - $9.99
  3. Sturgill Simpson: Metamodern Sounds in Country Music - $11
  4. Was at their show for their Lula Divinia release and they mentioned they were down to their last 10 copies of Starless. This might be the last chance to pick them up directly from the band: http://shiner.shopsilentempire.com I imagine Lula Divinia should be up in a few weeks after their last CA show.
  5. Discord has the three Lookout era LPs in stock as of this morning: http://www.dischord.com/release/LK268/the-tyranny-of-distance http://www.dischord.com/release/LK290/hearts-of-oak http://www.dischord.com/release/LK310/shake-the-sheets
  6. Mobile page is still loading with content, might be worth watching as well. Stuck wIth just my iPad hitting refresh at the moment.
  7. For all those watching, all three LPs arrived yesterday (you dont think I would have posted until I got my own, right) and I got an email that they are expecting more to show up. Best of luck to everyone.
  8. From Ted's photo it looks like there were many boxes of these. Not sure if they'll be released slowly like they had been over the past 24 hours or if they'll hit the web storefront. I'd watch both pages if you're interested in grabbing a copy of these.
  9. To whomever reads this first, they started posting on discogs again: http://www.discogs.com/seller/steadysounds Tyranny and Shake are both listed again.
  10. FYI, Ted Leo just unearthed a decent amount of still sealed old Ted Leo / Rx Vinyl: https://twitter.com/tedleo/status/441646752140378112 He shipped them all to Steady Sounds records: https://twitter.com/SteadySounds/status/443819097982529536 They haven't posted them on their website yet: http://steadysounds.com/store/vinyla-z?page=41 However a copy of each hit Discogs yesterday. Just thought everyone here should have a heads up that there might be a chance to get Tyranny and Hearts new at face value ($17) vs what you see them on Discogs (though prices have dropped a bit recently).
  11. Warning for others. Preordered and then submitted a support ticket about the shipping costs: Hello, Yes, that is correct. Due to the heavy weight of the double LP, the cost of shipping and handling is a bit higher. Order #: R36653xxxx Thanks, Alison - Customer Service