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  1. I was so looking forward to getting these and I completely forgot they were going up today. Fuck me
  2. Got the /200 earlier today. New songs are different bit rip
  3. Good band, Great dudes! These guys came up from around where I grew up. So many great memories of seeing these guys all over central IL. I regret selling my copy of Anhedonia years back for like 15 bucks. Would love to own these again but I'm afraid they'd be out of my price range these days. Good luck with the sale though!
  4. Been on there since 06. Don't mind my cringey name on there. I thought it was cool back in the day Haha. Is there a way to change your name on there yet? I remember I looked a few years back but couldn't find a way https://www.last.fm/user/WarpedPunk
  5. I'm selling that super duper extra rare pressing of Science Fiction if anyone is interested. $40 dollars and you can get all the goodies like dried leaves, a pair of Jesse Laceys skidmark stained tighty whiteys, and whatever else is inside it. Full disclosure- The Skidmarked stained tighty whiteys are not guranteed to be in there. I've never opened it so I assume anything could be in it.
  6. All orders have been shipped and tracking numbers provided. Thanks to all who have bought something!
  7. We've both been on here for a while and I've never had a problem with you (and I still don't) but sometimes your responses are so damn long winded, it's nuts haha I don't even know who the OP is because I don't get on here enough anymore but I guess it just rubbed me the wrong way with the way you responded to him right off the bat and then later saying that "it seems really unnatural to you" that he posted the link.