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  1. Thanks for the order, heading to the PO tomorrow. Colemine is reissuing that True Loves LP. This fall I think. They did a 7" a month or two ago.
  2. Bump for clever, introspective & thoughtful singer-songwriters. 13 copies left!
  3. Band is insanely good. Seeing your location... just packed up an order for Holly Springs, so I assume that's you. THANKS! Going in the mail Saturday morning.
  4. This one belongs in here... Butcher Brown - AfroKuti: A Tribute To Fela Available NOW! Stream & Purchase here > https://warhenrecords.bandcamp.com/album/warhen031-afrokuti-a-tribute-to-fela
  5. Very thrilled to announce that the newest WarHen Records release is Butcher Brown - AfroKuti: A Tribute To Fela Limited to 300 copies on black wax. DL code included. Orders are shipping NOW. Stream & purchase here >> https://warhenrecords.bandcamp.com/album/warhen031-afrokuti-a-tribute-to-fela Written, recorded & produced by DJ Harrison in Richmond VA. This record has the ultimate warm weather vibe. For fans of Fela (duh), Pat Thomas, Ebo Taylor, African music in general, funk, jazz, etc... Band hits it hard.
  6. David Shultz & The Skyline - Rain in to the Sea First time on vinyl to celebrate it's 10th anniversary. Remastered. Limited to 100 copies. Artwork & Layout: Travis Robertson (Spacebomb Records) For fans of Josh Ritter (record was produced by Sam Kassirer who has played with/produced records for Ritter), Joe Pug and other singer/songwriters of that ilk. Stream & order here. LPs show up next week, packages ship with haste! https://warhenrecords.bandcamp.com/album/warhen032-rain-in-to-the-sea
  7. Haven't kept up with this thread. Anyone know if the Alice Clark LP is available anywhere for a reasonable price?
  8. This is now available and online stock is going quick! Only 12 copies left. Orders fly in a couple days. Give it a listen. https://warhenrecords.bandcamp.com/album/warhen030-county-blue