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  1. Yeah but do you have this poly? https://warhenrecords.bandcamp.com/album/warhen023-polygondwanaland only 4 left! get these out of my life.
  2. saw her the other night and it was awesome. never heard a note of her music before the show. amazing production.
  3. Well I've sold a bunch, so clearly some people want them. If you aren't into it, that is fine too. This is also the first covers record I've ever done, and I don't really have intentions of doing another, so there is that. And for those of you who'd like to hear some of Saw Black's original songs, here you go: https://warhenrecords.bandcamp.com/album/warhen025-water-tower
  4. Free pint with every order* * - not responsible for melted pint
  5. I produced this Petty Tribute split LP and it starts shipping this week! Eight interpretations of Tom Petty classics -- some hits, some deep cuts -- performed by two of Virginia's best songwriters. Black & White: A Tribute to Tom Petty feat. Saw Black and Sarah White Limited to 200 copies. Stream/Order >> https://warhenrecords.bandcamp.com/album/warhen026-black-white-a-tribute-to-tom-petty
  6. Got a nice sale going through Monday at midnight. 20% off everything in the store with code "LABOR" at checkout. Lots of good stuff to choose from, music of all types - Rock, Alt. Country, Punk, Afrobeat, Power Pop, Psyche, etc etc... Some slammin' deals on there, including some cheap bundle options and a couple SUPER cheap LPs Jump in. Orders ship next week! THANKS! https://warhenrecords.bandcamp.com/
  7. Thanks for the order, heading to the PO tomorrow. Colemine is reissuing that True Loves LP. This fall I think. They did a 7" a month or two ago.
  8. Bump for clever, introspective & thoughtful singer-songwriters. 13 copies left!
  9. Band is insanely good. Seeing your location... just packed up an order for Holly Springs, so I assume that's you. THANKS! Going in the mail Saturday morning.