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  1. Anyone else still waiting on these from Smartpunk? I got an e-mail with a shipping notification (no tracking) over a month ago. Still no records. Starting to feel a little worried.
  2. Might be that purple and 180gram black will ship around July 1 and they sold out of the legitimate first pressing and the white will be pressed at a separate scheduled date causing a different ship date for customers.
  3. It's depressing to see a probably mid-30 year old woman try and make out with a cat after getting a little overly excited about a Nicktoons record.
  4. I got mine today as well. The wait was way too long. I don't mind the alternative artwork, but I really like the original. I would have liked the "Mush Slowly And Guac" phrase somewhere on the artwork. I liked the whole Andy Warhole omage of the original. I noticed Cody Payne did the new artwork. The green vinyl coloring is nice looks very avacado-ish.
  5. Got this in yesterday. It turned out pretty nice. Glad to finally be able to cross it off my incoming list. It was second only to Hellogoobye's EP in how long I had been waiting. I got the variant pictured above. No postcards with it, but the postcards are used for art on the inside of the gatefold.
  6. This is a cool album. I picked up a copy. I'll go along with some others in this thread in that I'm also kind of surprised they sold that many records in just a few hours.
  7. The picture above looked like the record is sitting on top of an insert and a jacket. Having gotten mine yet, but I'll let you know if I get one.
  8. I keep seeing this thread bumped so I'll throw one of my favorite 10 inches in here. The Weeds - Roots/Routes beer/bronze 10" press is one of my favorites. Great EP as well.
  9. Right on point. Furthermore the MerchHQ page has been updated multiple times claiming the vinyl experienced a delay and at first it said May was the new ship date and then it said the vinyl was being shipped to them in July. All the while a test press hadn't even been approved and the label/thedillon knew it. Another case of the old hold 'em over forever routine we saw from SRC about The Juliana Theory's Love. I'm sure this will get done and be nice looking. It just sucks the process has went down like this. Also I'm pretty sure TheDillion promoted this for this article naming it the number 4 album to lost your sh*t over: http://www.flippenmusic.com/features/10-vinyl-releases-you-should-be-losing-your-sht-over/ I'm guessing it's him he's stated as being a "popular" member of Vinyl Collective, Steve Aoki‘s personal Tour Manager, and former Allstar Weekend guitarist. If he was a super popular member he'd know that's not the super greatest way to treat people who have been waiting almost 8 months for a pre-order. Not a dig at Dillon but he has to know because he's been around here a while that you have to be pretty sensitive when it comes to these things. People don't mess around about their money. He needs to remember the people that are upset supported his pressing from the get go. He shouldn't do the I'm brushing it off as whatever stuff and puffing up my bro chest at anyone who is critical or upset. Good way to make sure the next article someone writes about him says: very unpopular member of Vinyl Collective.
  10. I got this in from Best Buy and it's the ultra clear with red and blue splatter variant. The variant matches the artwork really nicely. Not Man Overboard's best album but it has some good summer pop/punk songs on it.
  11. I like the song. I'm not a big fan of the album artwork.