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  1. I like his music. "Mockingbird" is a platinum level song, but these pre-order items are out of control.
  2. Polyvinyl variant /300 https://www.polyvinylrecords.com/product/massey_fucking_hall
  3. Surprised there is no Test Press version limited to 100.
  4. Album kind of reminds me of his Cordova days and more of a progression on that sound than a Beach Slang album. That being said, I was into Cordova and I can dig this.
  5. Nice! Thanks for the update. That's the variant I ordered as well. I must've overlooked that email.
  6. Anybody know what's up with this/received theirs? I got confirmation back on October 25th but nothing since.
  7. Looking to complete my variant collection with this! Any help would be appreciated!
  8. Got mine today along with a random test press (Audio Karate - Space Camp) for being a subscriber. Great mail day.
  9. Song is really good. This band is way underrated!
  10. There are 11 of those Alvvays test presses available. I'll be curious to see if that number shrinks by much @ $250.
  11. Not to mention you'd have a case that the owner of that Instagram account is committing extortion with those threats.
  12. There has been one for The Get Up Kids, Jay Som, Vivian Girls, and Chris Farren.
  13. Wow, totally missed out on Alvvays. That was a score. I checked around noon yesterday and was able to get test pressings of Rainer Maria's A Better Version of Me (Original Pressing) and Tancred's Out of the Garden. Super happy with those.
  14. In for the test pressing bundle. I was hoping Polyvinyl would continue offering these!