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  1. The Ratboys cover was released to their Patreon last year. It's really good, but Julia's cover of "Josie" is the cover I wish more people could hear.
  2. I was the last one to order the test press edition and ended up with 1/50. That's my second #1 from the Polyvinyl test press variants, Anna Burch being the other.
  3. What did everyone get with the Black Friday Test Press sale? I bought 2 and ended up with: Casket Girls - True Love Kills the Fairy Tale Gramma's Boyfriend - Perm
  4. So...bigger con: This or the Fueled By Ramen 25th Anniversary subscription?
  5. Yea, it was pure luck. He had said that some of those crossed out would be added Monday, so I checked back every 20 minutes or so on Monday morning and got lucky.
  6. Balance and Composure was just up and now it's gone. Anybody score both? I got The Things... for $80.
  7. At least Bridge Nine gives their test pressings a unique variant look. There are a number of people paying these prices for literally only a plain sleeve and white center label from other labels/bands.
  8. I like the test/white label pressing variant thing they do. I just wish it was always out of 30 and no more than $100.
  9. Anything above 20 seems like a money grab when it comes to test pressings. 100 is a lot. It's just another variant.
  10. It was weird to me because I would've assumed the same, but I swear he mentioned a wife back home...which made me think it was even weirder that he would have this person on the road with him.