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  1. I'm surprised a Canadian board member hasn't posted this, but here goes. Matthew Good Band (MGB) went under the US radar nearly entirely, though they were very well known up north. So if you're ouside Canada they would be considered a "hidden gem" I suppose. Matt Good is issuing 5 records that were never released on vinyl, and it's just fantastic to finally have them available for purchase. One LP is from Matt Good's solo career, 3 LPs are from MGB, and the last one is an EP from the MGB years. http://www.matthewgood.org/news/2015/12/7/five-remastered-records-to-be-released-on-vinyl Release Jan 15, 2016. If you've never heard of this band, but like alt-rock, do yourself a favor and youtube some clips. Accessible radio-friendly entries are Hello Time Bomb, Anti-Pop, or Load Me Up, but worth checking out Prime Time Deliverance or Avalanche for his slower side. He's got 20+ years of music so the well is very very deep. Any of my friends who've picked him up have pretty much bought up everything he's written.
  2. Missed the boat on this one by a few hours, but if anyone wants to offload their copy, I'll make an offer. DM!
  3. Local hero in AZ, Jamie Woolford released an album back in January that I missed hearing about until recently. Didn't see the vinyl on this board, so here's the post! If you like indie rock/pop this guy is not to be missed. I tried to find the actual album streaming somewhere easy, but all I have are snippets on Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify. Get a feel -- he produces other bands too, so pay attention to the artist: Soundcloud Demo Reel Anyway there are a few 180g's left, I just got mine and it sounds great. Maybe there are some The Stereo fans out there on this board that will appreciate this release as much as I do. He re-made Julie!
  4. Just asked Dan, and the track/credit sheet was never printed. It was a placeholder in the video showing the burning-in of the screenprint screens. Apparently he'd previously burned-in the cover image without filming it, but wanted to show something being burned-in as part of the process, so he used that clip in the video. In other words, they were never printed, so you're not missing anything that's supposed to be there. Hope this helps!
  5. I don't know what's in the water, but a ton of decent bands are coming out of Asbury Park right now. Here is Chemtrail. Instrumental post-rock, you know the stuff. Tunes: http://www.chemtrailmusic.com/soundslikeghostsdownload.htm - free EP download http://chemtrailmusic.bandcamp.com/ If you dig, toss a few bucks at their kickstarter so they can make some vinyl: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chemtrail/chemtrails-new-full-length-album-on-vinyl-double-l
  6. Heads up, the website says there is only one test press left.
  7. Nah, I'm keeping mine, I already played it. Sounds great! Thanks again for the early notice, and all the hard work to get out this great release. Konstantine is a real treat to have on vinyl finally!
  8. Thanks ETR! I just got mine in the mail. Strange thing, though, my copy that I ordered from the ETR site (White) is actually RED with a little black marbling. Weird? Anyone else?
  9. order confirmations received, took a few page reloads but it worked out. thanks for the head start!
  10. Woof, shipping is EXPENSIVE. Be warned. **update** they added Media Mail, I guess it was a goof in the system.
  11. I'm sure there are a few fans of The Antlers out there. Just a heads up that they started taking pre-orders for a new EP called Undersea. No idea on quantity. From their newsletter: Dearest Everyone- We're thrilled to tell you about our next release, Undersea, a four-song record that will be out July 24th on Anti- and July 30th on Transgressive. You can pre-order Undersea now at www.underseaundersea.com. Here's what we can tell you about it. It begins in the dream of a peaceful flood. Water covers everything and rises. We take a deep breath in and a slow breath out. Everything is changed. Time slows and stretches as a connectedness washes over everything. We’re left treading water, backstroking into the future. Undersea is the feeling of suspension- memories suspended in time and space, energy suspended in the air around us. It’s the serenity of drifting off to sleep or of sinking to the bottom of the ocean. It’s both the comfort of knowing that some questions have no answers, and the torment that we’re never meant to know the truth. We’ve searched for patient, colorful sounds and found a meditative calm, a persistent pulse that leaves room for everything to breathe and expand as a new world takes shape. There is no hurry. xoxo, The Antlers
  12. Not to blow anyone's mind, but I'm listening to Vheissu while I wait to buy it.