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  1. Convince them to let me your security guard for the weekend.
  2. There's a robot involved? I don't want anything to do with this movie anymore. It's not really a robot, it's The Destroyer -- which is straight from the comics. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Destroyer_(Thor)
  3. PM and offer or I can try to think of something... Chuck Ragan - The Blueprint Sessions 7-inches set #1 - grey/blue - /150 #2 - blue/grey - /480 #3 - grey/purple - /230 #4 - grey - /230 #5 - grey - /518 #6 - grey - /1089 #7 - grey - /743 Chuck Ragan - Between the Lines 7" (Autographed) - 11/600 Chuck Ragan - Ole Diesel 7" - Beer /450 Chuck Ragan / Austin Lucas 7" - /500 Chuck Ragan / Muff Potter 7" Chuck Ragan - The Blueprint Sessions CD Chuck Ragan - Live at the Troubadour CD Thursday - Counting 5,4,3,2,1 red 7" The Loved Ones - Demo CD Paint it Black - Demo CD 1. This Song is Short Because It's Not Political 2. Less Deicide, More Minor Threat 3. Atticus Finch 4. The Insider Vinnie Caruana - CD-R (I Am the Avalanche, Movielife) When I bought this, he said it was the last copy, has an "I" on the sleeve Midtown - The Sacrifice of Life EP (original version) I'm moving soon and I need to lighten my load. Full list is in my signature if you're looking for something else. Just let me know, thanks!
  4. i liked Thor, but i concur with this. also, Joss Whedon is the best (but all the cool kids have known that since the BtVS days). he has now put out the two best movies of the year, oddly enough both starring chris hemsworth. The battle w/ Destroyer ('the robot') wasn't the final fight though. Thor and Loki going at it on the rainbow bridge was the end and that scene was awesome.
  5. I don't really like Cap, so I had lower expectations.
  6. http://www.audible.com/pd/ref=pd_rhf_p_2?asin=B002UZN60Y I didn't know that the 33 1/3 series had a book on the Beastie Boys so while looking to purchase it this afternoon I stumbled upon this free audiobook version. I didn't think it would be the full version, but sure enough it is! The only 'catch' is that you have to sign up for a free Audible account. The reviews of the book are good, so enjoy! RIP MCA
  7. I found Thor a lot better than IM2. The sequel to Iron Man had some pacing problems and not enough action for long periods of time IMO. But I love them all, so my rankings are all super close.
  8. Iron Man 3 - May 3, 2013 Thor 2 - November 15, 2013 Captain America 2 - April 4, 2014.
  9. Good news on the Fantastic Four if true!
  10. You can find it on youtube, but it's a cam copy. I'll spoil it below... Spoiler The whole gang is sitting around eating shawarma. That's it. But it's great, because it's so simple. Also, Ruffalo can't keep a straight face, it's hilarious. End spoiler
  11. I loved this. Now I'll rank them... The Avengers > Iron Man > Captain America > Thor > Iron Man 2 > The Incredible Hulk I re-watched everything the week before the Avengers and I really enjoyed all of the films. Can't wait for more! Someone mentioned Marvel movies before... The new Spider-Man is coming out, but that's being done by Sony, not Marvel Films. The main reason they're doing another Spider-Man so soon is to keep the rights. Also, FOX owns the rights to X-Men. Does anyone know what's up with the Fantastic Four? It's been awhile since those (awful) movies. I'm hoping that the rights can slip back to Marvel Films. I think they got the Punisher back like this. I believe Edgar Wright will be doing an Ant-Man movie. I'm not that familiar w/ Ant-Man, but a movie from Wright should be a lot of fun! Hopefully it ties in w/ the rest. I hope Ruffalo is the Hulk if they do make another movie -- I'm assuming this has to be a go by how much people love Hulk in the Avengers.
  12. I really don't see how that battlefield medic girl could be anyone BUT Jeyne. Although I'm a little confused as to why they're changing her character around. Who she is makes an impact on the story later down the line. If you change that you end up changing a lot of things... but I guess we're going to end up seeing that a lot with this adaptation. Honestly, I could have done without that added Joffrey scene. I already hate hate hate him and nothing you show me will make me hate him any more (pretty maxed out actually). So why not use the time to show us something with more relevance? Like explaining to the audience (for those who haven't read the books) what is going on with Stannis. I really don't think they've explained his back story very well. Remember, we don't see Robb's point of view, but wasn't he hurt in the battlefield? So this girl will heal him and they'll live happily ever after, heh. As for Joffery, we didn't need that scene, but I guess they wanted to show a little more of how much of a twat he is since they're not really going to strip down the actress that plays Sansa as it happens in the book.
  13. Some folks think the're just saving them for the next season. Theoretically that part of the story line can kind of kick off w/out them, but they're absolutely required for later on.
  14. That girl is cast as Jeyne. Joff part wasn't in the books, but I believe it's briefly hinted that Tyrion sends him some whores. I could be wrong though.
  15. My girlfriend recently did a 30-day detox, basically dropped dairy, caffeine, red meat, alcohol, sugar, etc... from her diet. She's a runner so she always works out as is and we both eat relatively healthy anyways, but the she saw some good results. And has taken a lot from that month and doesn't drink a lot of coffee or eat a lot of cheese anymore. I don't know how she skipped caffeine the most because she's a nurse and frequently works 12-hour night shifts. Really made me question the 2-3 cups of tea I drink on weekday mornings at work. Since she's the chef in the house the detox also effected me, I lost a handful of pounds from the change in diet. I never eat fast food, but I kind of let up on alcohol that month since we weren't going out and boozing. I lost probably 3-5 pounds and my only real exercise is playing hockey. You can change some very small things in your diet that will help big time. Start by cutting out one thing and build from there.
  16. I played the beta w/ friends this weekend and I might have to get this game. I never played a Diablo game before and this was a ton of fun.
  17. I fucking love Yoren. Also, what HBO is doing w/ Theon is amazing. Feel so bad for the bro. Sucks man.
  18. I'd let you know, but there were way too many people in Pittsburgh to bother w/ moving. Dan will hog the stage.
  19. AFFC is quite slow at the beginning, but last 3rd+ rivals the rest. ADWD is pretty solid all around. I think the negative reviews stem from the wait and the splitting up of the characters. If I had to wait 6 years or whatever for that I'd be pissed too. I would never have put the book down for good though, those people are just being boobs. The best description I've read of AFFC and ADWD went like this... AGOT and ACOK setup the game pieces and ASOS knocked everything off of the table. Now AFFC and ADWD are putting everything back together so that the next books can knock them all down again.
  20. Indeed, I've moved on to reading theories and the Dunk and Egg stories.
  21. http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/top....done-with-her / Thread makes some very good observations about Cat. Kind of wish I hadn't read it becuase it's making me enjoy the TV show less and less... Site still doesn't work for me, weird. I'll try again later.

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