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  1. Not sure if it's common knowledge, but Chunksaah has been putting a bunch of pressing info and fun stuff on their Instagram.
  2. last bump before some of this goes to the bay with a bunch of other stuff
  3. Having a baby, need to get rid of some records! I have a TON of stuff to list, but I'm probably gonna section it out for now, starting with some HWM / Ragan stuff. PM me with offers / questions! Hot Water Music - Live In Chicago 7" set (selling as a set) Hot Water Music - Alachua (black vinyl, handmade red cover with black logo) Hot Water Music - Moments Pass (green mix, pink screened cover) Hot Water Music - Where We Belong (grey mix, pink screened cover) Hot Water Music / Rydell - split (1st press, color cover) Hot Water Music / Rydell - split (black, house cover) Hot Water Music - You Can Take The Boy Out Of Bradenton (black, gatefold cover) Hot Water Music - Eating The Filler (black, Toybox) Chuck Ragan - 7" series (selling as a set, hit me up with any questions about vinyl color) Chuck Ragan - Between The Lines (signed cover, #525/600) Chuck Ragan - Rotterdam (pic disc) Chuck Ragan / Muff Potter split Chuck Ragan / The Loved Ones split (black) Chuck Ragan & Nagel - Snapshot (clear) Chuck Ragan & Austin Lucas - split (black) Chuck Ragan & Brian Fallon - Gospel Songs (brown, VC edition) Rumbleseat - Trestles Rumbleseat - Picker Rumbleseat - Saturn In Crosshairs
  4. Baby on the way, gotta get rid of some of these! PM me offers and we'll talk (probably won't be able to respond 'til tomorrow afternoon). Alkaline Trio / Smoking Popes - split (black, no label) Alkaline Trio - Halloween (orange, 2226/3000, Asian Man) Hot Water Music - Moments Pass (2010 screened cover, /200) Hot Water Music - Where We Belong (2010 screened cover, /200) Hot Water Music - Alachua (red/black simple cover) Hot Water Music - Live In Chicago #1-6 (full set) Chuck Ragan / Brian Fallon - split (yellow mix, Side One Dummy) Chuck Ragan / Muff Potter - split (black, 1210/2000, Huck's) Chuck Ragan - Rotterdam (picture disc) Chuck Ragan / Nagel - Snapshot (clear, Ten Four) Chuck Ragan / Austin Lucas - split (black, Hometown Caravan) Chuck Ragan - Between The Lines (black, signed 525/600, Side One Dummy) Chuck Ragan - Live From Rock Island 10" (white, SEALED) Chuck Ragan - Blueprint Sessions (full set)
  5. I tried to stick to only Japanese releases and came back with like 30 Snuffy Smile and Pizza Of Death records I needed, as well as some hard to find Michelle Gun Elephant. Disk Unions were intimidating and incredible.
  6. Might sound silly, but I love having an OG classic like Milo Goes To College or London Calling or Double Nickels and while I'm listening, thinking that someone played this exact record 30 years ago or whatever and possibly had their mind blown.
  7. I'm drunk and sad about the Ramones, mostly interested in OG copies and may be priced out of it, but who knows: Leave Home It's Alive Sub Jungle Too Tough To Die Animal Boy Halfway Brain Drain Acid Eaters Also I've been listening to the Beatniks and I need that 12" EP/LP thing on St. Valentine. Pat Termite tried to sell one at Insub every year for 100 bucks and that's totally silly. Hook it up?
  8. 5/31 - added a whole bunch (in bold) I wanna get some money in my paypal so can buy Dischord and Snuffy Smile records that I'm missing! There is a lot of random stuff here - some of it is good stuff, a lot of it is not or is just plain easy to find. There are a good bunch of the 7"s that I'm looking for like 2-3 bucks a piece for. The only thing I ask is a minimum of $10, because I have a limited supply of mailers. Have a look and let me know what you're interested in, and I'll shoot you a price. 12" The Steve Adamyk Band - s/t (red, Dead Broke version) Against Me! - Is Reinventing Axl Rose (black, 180gram) Against Me! - Total Clarity (orange / white, 2xLP) Against Me! - The Original Cowboy (blue) Against Me! - New Wave (yellow, SEALED) Alkaline Trio - Good Mourning (clear green) At The Drive-In - In/Casino/Out (grey w/ hot pink, SEALED) Be My Doppelganger - No Composure (blue/green) Chinese Telephones - s/t (blue marble) Chinese Telephones / Potential Johns - split (TEST PRESSING) The Copyrights - We Didn't Come Here To Die (picture disc) The Copyrights - North Sentinel Island (green) Elvis Costello - Almost Blue (black) Crooked Fingers - Forfeit/Fortune (sealed) Cute Lepers - Can't Stand Modern Music (blue) Dead To Me - Moscow Penny Ante (green mix) Delay - ...Don't Laugh (black, screened cover) Dum Dum Girls - I Will Be (red w/black, Sub Pop version) Face To Face - Don't Turn Away (purple) Fifth Hour Hero / Gunmoll - split (clear orange) Foo Fighters - Have A Cigar (bootleg) Foxboro Hot Tubs - Stop Drop And Roll! (black) The Gaslight Anthem - Sink Or Swim (white, Gunner Records 2nd Euro press) The Gateway District - Some Days You Get The Thunder (orange) Kepi Ghoulie - American Gothic / Hanging Out (purple / green, sealed) Good Riddance - For God And Country (blue, ding in top right corner of cover) Gordon Gano's Army - s/t (black) In The Red - Volume 1 (white) The Jetty Boys - s/t (2009 summer tour edition, TEST PRESSING) King Khan And The Shrines - The Supreme Genius Of (black, 2xLP) Lagwagon - I Think My Older Brother Used To Listen To Lagwagon (red/black) Latterman - ...We Are Still Alive (red) The Leftovers - On The Move (clear) Lillingtons / Nothing Cool - split (black) Lillingtons - Shit Out Of Luck (black w/ 7") Lillingtons - The Backchannel Broadcast (SEALED) Lost Sounds - s/t (black) The Loved Ones - Keep Your Heart (black, sealed) The Loved Ones - Build & Burn (green) The Loved Ones - Distractions (grey mix) Austin Lucas - Putting The Hammer Down (2007 tour edition, 89/200, screened cover) The Marked Men - Ghosts (clear) Melvins / Fucked Up - split (clear w/ orange specks) Melvins / Die Kreuzen / Necros / Negative Approach (clear) The Methadones - Career Objective (clear orange) Minor Threat - Minor Threat (black, yellow cover) Moral Crux - s/t (red w/ black, reissue w/ cd) The Murder City Devils - s/t (grey) Ninja Gun - Restless Rubes - (Mitch Clem screened Xmas cover, green) Nirvana - In Utero (black 180gram, Back To Black version) Nobunny - Love Visions (red) NOFX - I Heard They Suck Live (black) NOFX - Frisbee (black, no 7") O Pioneers!!! - Black Mambas (grey mix, black-on-black screened cover) O Pioneers!!! - Neon Creeps (orange, 3D screened foldover cover) Paint It Black - New Lexicon (green) Pavement - Live Europaturnun MCMXCVII (orange cover, RSD release) Pavement - Live Europaturnun MCMXCVII (purple cover, came w/ Brighten The Corners pre-order) Personal and the Pizzas - Raw Pie (red) The Playing Favorites - I Remember When I Was Pretty (pink / blue) Propagandhi - Less Talk, More Rock (brown) Chuck Ragan - Feast Or Famine (red w/ black smoke) Chuck Ragan - Gold Country (sealed, clear w/ gold splatter) Chuck Ragan - Los Feliz (grey mix) The Raydios - Now (blue) Scott Reynolds & The Steaming Beast - Adventure Boy (gold / burgundy) Screeching Weasel - First World Manifesto (black, gatefold, /150) The Serious Geniuses - You Can Steal The Riffs... (grey mix) The Shaking Hands - s/t (green, screened cover) Smoke Or Fire - The Speakeasy (orange) Sublime - 40oz. To Freedom (picture disc, orange version, does not sound very good) Teenage Bottlerocket - Live In '06 (red, signed, /35, might be tough to part with!) The Varsity Weirdos - Can't Go Home (blue / white) Ben Weasel - The Brain That Wouldn't Die (red) Ben Weasel - These Ones Are Bitter (black) Ben Weasel - Fidatevi (black) Chris Wollard + The Ship Thieves - s/t (clear, 180gram) The Young Livers - The New Drop Era (purple) 10" Chuck Ragan - Live From Rock Island (white, SEALED) Tiger Army - Ghost Tigers EP (picture disc) 7" Anchor Arms - Milligrams (black) Archers Of Loaf - Web In Front (black) The Bayonettes - Guilty Pleasure (black) Black God - s/t (maroon mix) Black God - II (brown mix) Blitzen Trapper - War Is Placebo (red/white) Boris The Sprinkler - She's Got A Lighter (black) Boris The Sprinkler - 113 Uomo (white) Boris The Sprinkler - I've Been Hittin' On A Russian Robot! (black) Boris The Sprinkler - Drugs & Masturbation (light blue) Boris The Sprinkler - Kill The Ramones (clear) Boris The Sprinkler - (Do You Wanna) Grilled Cheese (black) Boris The Sprinkler - Little Yellow Box (black) Boris The Sprinkler - (She Digs My) New Wave Records (black) Boris The Sprinkler - Male Model (black) Boris The Sprinkler / Parasites (black) Boris The Sprinkler / Meatmen (black) Boris The Sprinkler / The Droids (red) Boris The Sprinkler / Moral Crux (green) Boris The Sprinkler / The Dead Vampires (grey) Boris The Sprinkler / Scooby Don't (black) Boris The Sprinkler / Quencher (black) Bouncing Souls - 20th Anniversary Series Vol. 1 (sealed) Bridge And Tunnel - s/t (yellow mix) Bridge And Tunnel / Young Livers - split (orange mix) Joey Cape / Tony Sly - split (black) Joey Cape / Jon Snodgrass - Who Wants To Get Down? (red) Come - Car (white) Todd Congelliere - People In The Sand (black) County Line Rd - The Birth Of Hank Malloy (black) Creep - No Pain (clear purple) The Crumbs - I Smell A Rat (clear gold) Cute Lepers - You Don't Have To Belong To The Religious Right (red) Cute Lepers - Smart Accessories (sealed) Cute Lepers - So Screwed Up (orange) Cute Lepers - Out Of Order (yellow) Cute Lepers - Terminal Boredom (green) Cute Lepers - Berlin Girls (neon green) Cute Lepers / Disco Lepers - Join The Lepers (black) Deep Sleep - Manic Euphoria (black) Dillinger Four - More Songs About Girlfriends & Bubblegum (blue, 2008 press) The Disappeared - A Realization Of Hope (red w/ blue splatter) Drawn A Blank - Look Alive! (green) Drawn A Blank - Look Alive! (black) Dropkick Murphys / The Business - Mob Mentality (red) The Dukes Of Hillsborough / The Mercury League - split (red) Everything Falls Apart - Tension (black) Fake Problems - Viking Wizard Eyes... (clear w/ red,white,blue splatter) Fear Of Lipstick - Indie Band (black) Fellow Project / Jonesin' split (grey mix) Fifth Hour Hero - You Have Hurt My Business... (pink) Fifth Hour Hero / The Sainte Catherines - split (purple mix) Fifth Hour Hero / No Choice - split (white) Foo Fighters - Generator (black) Frammenti - Corrono Ginocchia Sbucciate (black) The Fresh-O-Matics - s/t (black) Full Of Fancy / The Acid Creeps - split (yellow) Tom Gabel - Anna Is A Stool Pigeon (black) Kepi Ghoulie / Flav Giorgini - split (black) Godorrhoea - Zeitgeist (black) Golden Pelicans - Hard Head (black) The Grandprixx / She's A Guy - split (black) Green Day - Waiting (pink) Green Day - Know Your Enemy (black, 0583) Hardship Post - Slick Talking Jack (black) The Hives - Tick Tick Boom (black) Hot New Mexicans - Wah... (black) Hot Water Music - Live In Chicago #1-6 (full set, would prefer to sell together) Hot Water Music - The Fire, The Steel, The Tread (electric blue) Hot Water Music - Moments Pass (2010 screened cover, /200) Hot Water Music - Where We Belong (2010 screened cover, /200) Hot Water Music - Alachua (red/black simple cover) Hot Water Music / Rydell (1st press, black) Hunter Rose / Billy - split (black) Imadethismistake - The Bonfire Club (black) In Between - So Steady (light blue) In The Red - Volume 1.5 (4x7", red) Infected - Awake In Our Own Graves (green) The Jammy Dodgers / Nervous Dogs - split (Fest 7 Fuck up version, grey mix) Jawbreaker / Samiam - split (black, no sleeve/zine) Johnny O & The Jerks / The Vultures - split (black) Leatherface / Ninja Gun - split (2010 USA tour edition, 207/500) Less Than Jake - Chicago Halloween (black/orange) The Loblaws - Won't Stop! (test pressing, 14/50) The Loblaws / The Sci Fi Nightmares - split (Insub Fest 2009 edition, 7/50) Male Nurses - Wanna Play Doctor? (red) MC5 - Kick Out The Jams (RSD release) Me First And The Gimme Gimmes - Dolly (green) Me First And The Gimme Gimmes - Jerry (yellow) Me First And The Gimme Gimmes - Willie (blue) Me First And The Gimme Gimmes - Kenny (white) Me First And The Gimme Gimmes - Cash (red) The Mugwumps - Do Time (black) Mulligan Stu - Trailer Park Kings (black) Mulligan Stu - Dumb In Love (black) O Pioneers / The Announcement - None Creeps split (red) O Pioneers / Junior Battles - split (dark purple) O Pioneers / By The End Of Tonight - split (black) O Pioneers / Mike Park - split (pink/blue swirl) O Pioneers - This Is How I Feel (black) O Pioneers - O Pioneers (brown) Off With Their Heads - Live At The Atlantic Vol. II (yellow) Only Crime / Outbreak - split (black) Paint It Black - Surrender (red) Pear Of The West / Lefty Loosie - split (black) Plexi - Part Of Me (black) Potential Caskets - Nunns & Heroin (black) Primitive Hands - Split Mind (black) Chuck Ragan - Blueprint Sessions (full set, would prefer to sell together) Chuck Ragan - Rotterdam (picture disc) Chuck Ragan - Between The Lines (black, signed 525/600) Chuck Ragan / Austin Lucas - split (black) Chuck Ragan / Nagel - Snapshot (clear) Chuck Ragan / Loved Ones - split (black) Chuck Ragan / Muff Potter - split (black) Chuck Ragan / Brian Fallon - split (yellow mix) Ramma Lamma - Big Street Time (black) The Rich White Males - We Ain't No Musicians (black) Rock Paper Stupid - Suck Creek (green) The Sainte Catherines / Us Against The World - Pourrito! (black) The Sainte Catherines / Whiskey Sunday - split (black) Science Of Yabra / Old Growth (black) Sharp Objects - Zero Ambition (clear) Shot Baker / Serf Combat - split (clear) Sick Sick Birds - Chemical Trains (black) Sister Ray - The King (black) Sleepwall - Is That Factual? (black) Smalltown / The Crump - split (black) Sprinkler - Peerless (black) Stisism - Punch In The Face (black) Stolen Parts - s/t (tan mix) Sublime - April 29th, 1992 (black, RSD release) Team Stray - Three Songs About Girls (black) Thousandaires - Land Seal Demo (black) Tiger Army - Rose of the Devil's Garden (picture disc) Tranzmitors - Look What You're Doing (black) Tranzmitors - Teenage Tragedy (black) Tranzmitors - You Get Around (red) Tranzmitors - Bigger Houses, Broken Homes (black) Trapdoor Fucking Exit - Devil's Egg (yellow) Tumbledown / Yesterday's Ring - split (half clear blue/half black) Turkish Techno / The Anchor - split (blue mix) Frank Turner - Reasons Not To Be An Idiot (black, 196/300 "Because integrity don't keep you warm and sane", small crease on front cover) Frank Turner / Tim Barry - split (black) The Two Funerals - Tell Yr Story (pink) Unwelcome Guests - The Painter (black) Unwelcome Guests - AOTU Single Series Vol. 30 (black) Unwelcome Guests / Annie Saunders - Colonel Mustard Versus Bluey (black) Vacation Bible School / Bi-Furious (black) Velvet Monkeys - Rock The Nation (black) Vetiver - Wishing Well (blue) Wau y Los Arrrghs! - It's Great! (black) Whiskey Sunday - Sunshine (black) Witches With Dicks - American Railroads (green) Wrister / North Trolls - split (grey mix) The Yardbirds - Goodnight Sweet Josephine (black, RSD release) Your Pest Band - Ground Zero (black) Your Pest Band / Eine Kleine Chinmuzik (black) V/A - Dangerous Intersections Vol. VII (black) V/A - The Forever Compilation (black, Hamilton / Malakhai / With Arms Still Empty / Just For Kicks)