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  1. Here is an imgur album with almost everything that I can find, including a few obscure test presses (Empty Orchestra) and a few CDs (Suburban Legends, Falling Up). My prized possession, though, is my autographed Mae - The Everglow. Other bands in my imgur album: From Indian Lakes Copeland The Elms Anamanaguchi Streetlight Manifesto Anberlin Rodeo Ruby Love Empty Orchestra Dan P. Sycamore Smith COIN Less Than Jake My God, It's Full Of Stars Run River North
  2. Has anyone been to a show yet? I haven't preordered because I wanted to buy a copy in person but not 100% sure if they are selling any vinyl copies on the tour.
  3. Now officially sold out, at 750 copies being pressed.
  4. I know it's a stretch, but if anyone ends up with the demo tapes and wouldn't mind parting with them, I'll pay for that alone.
  5. I know it's a stretch, but if anyone ends up with the demo tapes and wouldn't mind parting with them, I'll pay for that alone.
  6. It only hums on the phono input channel, yes. It also hums when all speakers are turned off and only headphones are plugged in. It also hums regardless of whether music is playing or not, as long as it is on and set to phono the hum is there. I watched TV via the amp earlier today (set to the tuner input) and it was perfectly normal.
  7. Hey folks. I apologize if this is a simple fix but I am not too savvy yet when it comes to things like this. Last night we had a power surge that knocked out power for about 2 minutes. Today I decided to swap out the cartridge on my turntable that has been there for a few years before turning it on. When I flipped over to Phono on my amplifier (Yamaha A-S300) there was a very loud hum that was not present before the power surge and the cartridge swap. I unplugged my turntable (U-Turn Orbit) to narrow the problem down and the hum continued with the table unplugged. I know this doesn't eliminate my potentially-shoddy cartridge swap, because flipping the amp back to Tuner or any other setting eliminates the hum. I've never swapped cartridges before but I installed the new one (Audio-Technica CN5625AL) just like the old one (an Ortofon that came with the table) had been. Any advice on how to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.
  8. Wow, I had no idea there were so many VCers there last night. It was a phenomenal show. Aaron played No One Really Wins acoustically for the VIP crowd, it was pretty great. The encore couldn't have been more perfect, and fuck those people yelling between encore songs.
  9. Yeah, add my voice to the crowd that never thought this would see a release. This is fucking crazy. Top 5 album of all time. I'm in for a bonesplatter.
  10. Just as further validation, my order from Amazon showed up today. It is the blue/orange colored. They look fantastic, but I haven't spun them yet.
  11. That looks like Eagles In Drag. Another 8123 band I believe, but I've never listened to them so I don't know the connection to The Maine.
  12. Apparently Chris Hadfield (the Canadian astronaut whom you probably know from his video of Space Oddity) recorded an album in space and preorders went up today. The vinyl price is absolutely ridiculous, but people might be interested anyway. http://chrishadfield-world.myshopify.com/ 34.99 CAD for the vinyl and 14.00 CAD for shipping. Release: October 9th, 2015.
  13. For what it's worth, I ordered Last Of Us immediately after it went up and just got shipping confirmation. I'd assume more folks will be getting it today, too.