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    brevity reacted to adamrfox in $40 OFFER FOR TSSF - USAD (RED TINT) CASSETTE   
    why do you ALWAYS come into this guys thread and try to hijack it? make your own fucking thread
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    brevity got a reaction from Dashhax in Who wants to join my gang VERSION 2.0   
    I'm Italian, which means mob connections aka backup if shit goes down. I also love me some bath salts, and I'm known to bust a couple of knee caps here and there. I've perfected the art of snapping a man's neck too. Just putting it out there...
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    brevity got a reaction from [[Delete this account]] in PO: Make Do And Mend - Everything You Ever Loved   
    I love these guys. Saw their acoustic set in a coffee shop right before they left to record their new album. So good, a little scared of this record though since they signed to Rise.

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