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  1. we tried to license this two years ago and got pretty far but ended up hitting dead ends. securing licenses from japan is not the easiest thing in the world!
  2. Please help me pay for my new tattoo!! All of these are well looked after and have lived on my shelf in a poly sleeve. Shipping will be media mail w/ bubble wrap unless agreed upon otherwise. I am more than happy to send photos of whatever you want to see just please send me a PM and then we can connect over e-mail or text! Shipping is $5 (mailers and bubble wrap aren't cheap folks!) Not looking to trade as I have no more white whales. 7” The Format - Swans (Black) - $18 10” Nothing But Thieves - Graveyard Whistling - $75 Propaganda - I’d Rather Be Flag Burning - Blue/Red - $75 12” Ayalew Mesfin - Hasabe - My Worries - $10 Betty Davis - Betty Davis - VMP Club Edition - $10 Cliff Martinez - Drive (OST) - Gold - $30 Finch - What It Is To Burn - Turquoise (VC Jacket + Original Jacket) - $70 Fiona Apple - Tidal - VMP Club Edition - $30 Frank Ocean - Blond (Black Friday) - $300 J. Cole - Forest Hills Drive (Live) - Black/Red Vinyl - $150 Josie and The Pussycats - Mondo Pressing (SEALED) - $25 Kendrick Lamar - DAMN. (Signed) - Red Vinyl - $100 Less Than Jake - GNV FLA - Blue Screen Printed + Signed - $45 Mitski - Be The Cowboy - VMP Club Edition - $15 Moby - Play - VMP Club Edition - $25 Moses Sumney - Aromanticism - VMP Club Edition - $15 Phantom Planet - Raise The Dead - Blue - $75 Phoebe Bridgers - Stranger In The Alps - Lavender - $60 Pokemon - Red & Blue - Bootleg (Red/White) - $100 Power Rangers - The OG Soundtrack - Splatter Vinyl - $25 PWR BTTM - Ugly Cherries - $1 PWR BTTM - Pageant - $1 Silvertones - Silver bullets - VMP Club Edition- $15 Taking Back Sunday - Where You Want To Be - Blue Vinyl - $30 You, Me, And Everyone We Know - So Young, So Insane - (White/Red color in color) - $15 Box Sets: The Maine - Lovely Little Lonely - $150 SOLD The Academy Is… Santi - Clear/Magenta Split (Sealed) - $35 Yellowcard - The Collection 2002 - 2011 Collection - $300 Brand New - Science Fiction - White Vinyl - $35 (SEALED) Thrice - Alchemy Index - $80 3OH!3 - Want - Blue - $25 Blink-182 - California (Deluxe) - Blue, Pink, Green, and Yellow - $100 Simple Plan - Not Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls - Signed - Red - $25
  3. The bet was for one year if you do look up a few POSTs (lol omg) How is that hypocritical? I also hate Taylor swift but think she is a total superstar in my eyes.
  4. This guy getting all butt hurt calling me a Texas girl Hahaha. You take a friendly bet and turn it into an insult. What an asshole You can act all pretentious and shit if you want but I don’t even listen to hip hop and if I do it’s j Cole or digable planets. I love how you just jump to conclusions assuming I’m a post malone fan because I think he’s a superstar. I couldnt care less about him I just think you’re completely delusional if you think post Malone is going to be irrelevant in 2 years. I set a reminder on my calendar and will come back in a year asking for your Venmo account to request my winnings and you better man up and pay! also I’ve worked in the music industry for 12 years now and have seen a lot. It’s MUCH harder to go platinum now than it used to be. That’s why you don’t hear about ALBUMS going platinum very often. Singles sure all time but we’re talking about him selling 5 million albums in an age where people don’t buy music anymore.
  5. You know how easy it was to go platinum back then and how hard it is now? this is gonna be fun
  6. wow some super insensitive hyper-critical people in here that obviously have never had an encounter with someone who is bi-polar and having a mega breakdown. If that letter is what he had to do to cope with his mental issues then good for him.
  7. So you wanna make a bet or not? I think he's the next Drake. Edit: Keep in mind that "Stoney" went triple platinum and "Beerbongs and Bentlys" has already gone double platinum. Neither of the Earl Sweatshirt albums have even gone gold.
  8. I'll make you a $100 bet that Post will still be relevant in a year.
  9. I asked myself if I really need another copy of this album and answered to myself "No. No I do not".
  10. I mean I have one copy but itd be nice to have a backup haha, rico has two i think. we don't keep many personal copies
  11. price tag is definitely reflecting hollywood... They want $10/unit for licensing!!
  12. Field Day Records was trying to release this with Fastball on board but Hollywood Records was gouging the fuck out of us for the license so we had to pass. Glad they are able to make this happen because I love this record! That $32 price tag though... ouch. That's what we didn't want.
  13. We haven't set a release date... we don't like delays creating long pre-orders, getting hopes up, etc.
  14. We just got approval on the new artwork today and the tests also arrived today so it’s trucking right along nicely. We had to make new artwork because the original was made for CD sand englarged it looked awful. The hi quality scans didn’t look good either so we had to start from scratch.
  15. damn wish i got that gold but stoked on black w/ gold splatter
  16. I lucked out and ordered a copy of FH from some random store in Australia like a year ago. I was skeptical at first but then it showed up at my front door! $70 shipped! couldnt complain.
  17. New album means new thread! THE MAINE ANNOUNCE NEW FULL-LENGTH ACOUSTIC ALBUM LESS NOISE: A COLLECTION OF SONGS BY A BAND CALLED THE MAINE OUT JUNE 22nd Our songs start out as delicate and naked, hiding behind nothing but an acoustic guitar. What you usually hear on your side of the speakers is an evolved, more noisy version of those same beginnings. Because we can and because we want to at 8123 studios, we decided to hand pick two songs from each of our full length albums and peel back some volume to deliver you songs you've heard, just with less noise. We hope you enjoy however which way you do! -The Maine - 180 Gram Americana Vinyl limited to 1,000 copies https://shop.81twentythree.com/collections/themaine/products/less-noise-americana-vinyl - 180 Gram Sea Glass Vinyl Limited to 500 copies https://shop.81twentythree.com/collections/themaine/products/less-noise-sea-glass-vinyl Less Noise: A collection of songs from a band called The Maine 1. Into Your Arms 2. We’ll All Be 3. Don’t Stop Now 4. Saving Grace 5. Some Days 6. Thinking Of You 7. Blood Red 8. Forever Halloween 9. Am I Pretty? 10. Diet Soda Society 11. Bad Behavior 12. How Do You Feel?

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