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  1. I have not received anything but I heard a second hand account from a friend who told me that it's apparently unlistenable. Best off just waiting for a proper vinyl release I think.
  2. Oh my god, the classic "I was trolling you the whole time, loser". And "snowflake" just rounds out the vocabulary. I guess you'd rather stay in the safe space (I'm learning your terminology) of other people who think I'm an idiot than actually engage critically with what I've said. You're an idiot.
  3. Actually I edited that line out because it does mean a lot to me. "Triggered" is one of those words, though, huh? I wrote what I wrote because I think it's important. Same as Derek.
  4. Ok, I changed my mind. I have some free time and I don't want your thesis to go to waste. 1) Your post I originally called "gross" in the BN thread was disgusting. A woman accuses an artist you like of being an abusive pedophile, and your instinct is to "play devil's advocate" by sharing with us that she has problems with depression and anxiety. Stop trying to frame it like it's some service you did in the interest of conversation. You kept saying her character was in question. It was not. Not until you brought it up. Jesse Lacey's character was in question. You brought that shit up becau
  5. I typed out a short response to this but it's really not worth engaging with you anymore. I told you, I'm done wasting my time.
  6. I don't even think Brand New fans care about this lol. I don't even care about this at this point. I'm gonna quote myself:
  7. Well you're not wrong. I do always assume the worst. And I know it's a waste of my time to talk to you guys about this shit because we're never going to agree. So, whatever. Peace. Enjoy your records.
  8. "White night", "SJW", "politically correct". It's all there, lol. I will never understand why people like you are so mad that our culture is finally shifting toward one of accountability. And yes, I've been a member longer than you, but have almost 8k less posts. "Hyper sheltered life on the internet", huh. Surprised you have so much time to spend on here between 4chan and The Red Pill or wherever. And yeah, it's a tumultuous time politically. It's gonna creep into everything. The worst things people used to argue about on here were flippers and limited variants. Those were the days.
  9. I would genuinely like to know how you reached the hyper sheltered conclusion. Was it when I pointed out that your first reaction to accusations of abuse was to point out that the girl in question suffers from depression and anxiety, insinuating that she shouldn't be trusted? Oh right, you were playing "devil's advocate".
  10. Lol, how long have you been waiting to do that? And I meant what I said.

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